The main story of Knights of Hyoutei has some time jumps in them and many chances for small side stories within and after the main arc. This is one possible story that took place.

Shishido, new to the world of love, is looking to get some experience in the swordplay that goes on in the bedroom. (Yuushi/Shishido - for educational purposes only. The main story is still very much Shishido/Ohtori. ^_~) Originally published in 2011 as a separate story but is being re-archived as a chapter of the main story.

Yuushi sat at his table in the pub feeling quite smug. His pupil, Shishido, seemed to be doing quite well for himself. Shishido was off near the bar chatting up some young and pretty thing Yuushi had introduced him to earlier in the evening. Yuushi knew for a fact that said young thing was suitably experienced and would be able to teach Shishido things he and his brothers only talked and dreamed about back at the training hall.

Looking back at his pint, Yuushi took a hardy swig and was about to go hunting for his own entertainment for the night when a hardy smack resounded through out the pub. Yuushi felt a knot of dread in his stomach as he looked up and across the room.

Sure enough Shishido was standing there baffled and rubbing his red cheek. The men and women around him were laughing and patting him on the back in some sort of consolation. It took several moments before Shishido was able to extract himself and slink back to the table he had been sharing with Yuushi.

"Your plan was stupid. I did exactly what you said and look what happened," Shishido said gesturing wildly to the spot he had stood at when he was slapped. And slapped hard by the look of his cheek.

"Are you sure you did everything exactly as I told you?" Yuushi wasn't sure how it could have failed. Shishido was dressed in the Knights livery and did cut a surprisingly handsome figure in it despite probably needing another year to finish completely filling out his shoulders. And if he had said the things that Yuushi had coached him on then there shouldn't have been a problem there either. And from what Yuushi had spied he hadn't unduly groped the poor woman. His technique had never once failed him so to have Shishido be slapped so quickly was a mystery.

"I uh... may have gone off script a little," Shishido admitted now rubbing his cheek and fidgeting like he might after a scolding back at the training hall.

"Ah." Well that explained the mystery at any rate. But what had Shishido said to get that reaction? Yuushi was dying to know just how had their young Lothario gone so astray so quickly. "So what did you say?"


"People don't get slapped for nothing."

"I just complimented her. You said girls like compliments," Shishido protested obviously trying to shift the blame for his failed attempt at flirting.

Yuushi nodded, he did say girls liked compliments but he dreaded to think about what type of compliment Shishido thought would be good for a girl. Did he tell her she had nice tits? Yuushi didn't think that would be a problem since had done so and gotten no complaint. Admittedly they were naked in bed at the time. But still...

"I told her that she had strong looking arms and I bet she could take on more than one of us at a time," Shishido said. He was looking at Yuushi with questioning eyes, obviously trying to figure out what he did wrong.

"Oh," Yuushi started, "most girls don't like to be called manly. And you may have given her the idea that you wanted to take her with another guy." Yuushi watched it register on Shishido's face and then the smaller knight moaned and dropped his head to the table.

"I didn't even realise," Shishido muttered into the wood of the table. Yuushi had to lean forward to hear him over the noise of the pub. "I'm going to die a virgin."

Yuushi chuckled and gave Shishido a friendly pat on the head. "I won't let that happen. Come on, you know what they say, if you fall off the horse you get back in the saddle."

Shishido raised his head and shot Yuushi a dirty look, "I can't get back in the saddle if I've never been in it to begin with. This is like getting kicked by a horse before you even touch it." Shishido's head dropped back onto the table.

"Well, how picky are you about the horse?"

Shishido's head raised again. "What do you mean? You know someone more loose than her?" Shishido asked nodding his head toward the girl that had slapped him. She was already working on another Knight.

"Yes, actually," Yuushi answered. He'd gotten very familiar with many different types of women and men during his time in the capitol. "But I was talking about gender."

"You're suggesting I go for a guy?"

"If you want."

"Why? So I can get a black eye when they punch me for saying something insulting? Pass."

"What if I promise you won't get punched; That I know a sure thing." Yuushi leaned in close to Shishido giving him his best leer and wondering if Shishido would notice.

Shishido hesitated but then gave a small nod. "Fine, what the hell. But if I get punched I'm punching you in revenge."

"Great. Then let's go."

"What, the guy's not here?" Shishido asked clearly looking around for someone. Yuushi wondered just what type of guy Shishido was looking for.

"Actually he is, but he's leaving so you need to too," Yuushi pointed out standing up and heading toward the door.

Shishido's head whipped to the door and Yuushi gave a chuckle. "Come on. I thought you trusted me to teach you the ways of seduction."

"Yeah, I did, before I got slapped."

"You went off script. Not my fault."

Shishido gave a nod and reluctantly followed. Yuushi lead him back to the guard barracks at an easy pace keeping up an idle chat about training and Shishido's new duties. He had always wondered about Shishido's preferences, most of the knights explored their curiosity of the same gender while still at the training hall. But he'd never heard of anyone doing anything with Shishido, not even a quick fumble in the shower rooms. But then, Shishido had always given off a surprisingly innocent air under the arrogance. It didn't help that Shishido had also seemed surprisingly vague about any sexual desires. So it was admittedly a bit of a shock to hear him talking about a man from the White Order earlier.

His original plan had been to set him up with a girl and let Shishido discover the joys of sex on his own. But since Shishido had managed to strike out in record speed that left Yuushi creating plan B: Seducing Shishido on his own. He could teach Shishido many of the skills he'd need for women or men and give him the confidence that only came from really good sex. And it certainly would be no hardship.

He gave Shishido a grin as he held open the door to the barracks.

"So this guy is a knight? Who is he? Don't the other guys gossip?" Shishido asked looking around even though the halls were deserted at this time of the night.

"Gossip is only words, Shishido. And we all have more important things to worry about than who is warming whom at night," Yuushi said and was pleased when Shishido gave a reluctant nod to his logic.

He led them down the hall and stopped in front of his own door, "And here we are," He said with a flourish before opening the door and gesturing for Shishido to answer.

Shishido looked over at Yuushi and then back inside the room, Yuushi could practically see the gears turning over in his mind. "But this is your room," Shishido said not moving from his spot in the hall.

"It is," Yuushi confirmed.

"You're the sure bet?"

"I am."

"Should I be worried that you want in my pants so badly?" Shishido asked before finally entering the room and moving to lean against a dresser, one of the only parts of the room not taken up by one of the two beds.

"Of course not. This is exactly what I promised you. A no strings attached night of education. But since you failed so miserably at the bar I've had to taken your training into my own very capable and talented hands." Yuushi closed and locked the door behind him, not concerned about his roommate, he knew the code by now. He walked beside his bed and removed his sword and scabbard, leaning it against the nightstand between the two beds.

"If your training was better I wouldn't have failed," Shishido protested.

"Then I promise to be much more thorough," Yuushi said and waved Shishido over to join him.

Shishido slowly straightened and walked the few steps until he was in front of Yuushi.

"You won't need your sword for this," Yuushi said reaching for the sword belt's clasp, "Well, not that one anyway."

Shishido groaned at the bad pun come pick up line but Yuushi didn't mind since Shishido's hands joined his at the belt to help ease the sword off his hip. He placed Shishido's shorter and more slender weapon next to his own and then turned back to face his friend.

"What's the most you've done Shishido?"

"What do you mean?" Shishido asked and that, Yuushi thought, answered his question quite clearly.

"I know you're a virgin but have you experimented with anyone? Kissed any of the boys back at the training hall?" Yuushi moved in closer and rested his hands on Shishido's arms.

At first, it looked like Shishido wasn't going to answer, his face turning an interesting pink colour. When Shishido's lips parted, Yuushi had to strain to hear the quiet "Nothing."

"Don't worry, I'll be gentle." Yuushi both teased and reassured. He got rolling eyes for his effort.

"I'm not some maiden, Yuushi. I can take whatever you're dishing."

Yuushi didn't doubt it, but he still wanted to make it good, make it memorable and most importantly, teach Shishido some very useful skills he could use over and over again to win the hearts of any of his future bedmates. Especially if that random White Order member turned out to be more than a passing interest.

"Shishido, I'm hear to teach you the skills you need to be a Cassanova. I cannot do that with a wham bam thank you maam technique. So I will be gentle and I will teach you the joys and torments of foreplay as well," Yuushi said with a smirk before leaning in to press lips gently against Shishido's. iHis first kiss/i Yuushi thought to himself and kept the contact simple, allowing Shishido time to get used to someone in his space like this.

Shishido stiffened at first, which Yuushi had suspected he might. However he hadn't been expecting Shishido to suddenly try to take over the kiss and bash their noses and mouths together in a painful way.

"Ow," Yuushi said dryly as he pulled back slightly. Shishido was looking up at him, lust just beginning to cover the nervousness of his eyes. He was certainly eager to please and try things out. But he most definitely needed coaching.

"Close your eyes and relax Shishido, this is meant to be sensual and teasing. Not a fight." Shishido huffed by closed his eyes, his lips puckered up in a ridiculous fashion.

"Very sexy," Yuushi chuckled to himself and then pressed his lips to Shishido's before he could make any reply. Though he did take advantage of the open mouth to gently flick his tongue into Shishido's. He then sucked the plump lower lip into his own mouth and nibbled lightly on it.

Shishido let out a sigh and gripped Yuushi's arms in response. And just when Yuushi was thinking that Shishido may not be completely hopeless, Shishido sucked his lower lip into his mouth and bit. Hard.

Yuushi hissed and pulled back quickly, bringing fingers to his lip only to pull them back at the sting. He looked at the digits and sighed at the blood. "You're supposed to nibble, not try to eat me," Yuushi said. Shishido was most definitely a hopeless case. It was a good thing that girl slapped Shishido so that he wasn't released onto the public in this form. Yuushi couldn't believe the complete lack of sensual skills his friend held. Their binding was tied up with the love element, you'd think some of that would have seeped into Shishido.

"I was just doing what you did," Shishido protested. "You bit my lip."

"Correction I teased it with my teeth. I didn't make you bleed and try to bite it off."

"Now you're just being a lame wimp. It wasn't that bad."

Yuushi held up his fingers that were tinted red.

"Fine... it was a little bad. But if I'm not doing something right, I blame my teacher."

"Well, your teacher thinks that you're a bit of a desperate case and in need of several long and thorough training sessions before your skills can be tested on others," Yuushi said pulling Shishido flush against him.

"Oh really? Want to keep me in your bed that long huh?" Shishido's hands moved to rest on the rise of Yuushi's butt and again Yuushi thought that maybe Shishido had some sort of raw sensuality they could tap into and work with. Even if his stinging lip told him different.

"More like you're so pathetic that I worry if I let you loose after one session that you'll not only leave behind broken hearts but bruised and bleeding bodies too."

Shishido was fortunately too close to punch or kick him though he did scowl. Yuushi thought it was quite cute. His friend would definitely be a heartbreaker once he learned what to do.

"How about tonight I teach you the long honoured tradition of the make out session and tomorrow we can try something more erotic."

"I don't need kiddy steps, Yuushi," Shishido complained but allowed Yuushi to push him onto the bed.

"Of course not. But like I said, I want to be very thorough in your training." Yuushi climbed onto the bed and spread his legs gesturing for Shishido to move closer to him. Still facing him, he pulled Shishido even closer and gestured for him to put his legs over his. "Good, now rest your hands here," He instructed, gesturing to his shoulders before resting his own on Shishido's waist.

"Now, let's see how long we can kiss before you start to squirm," Yuushi challenged.

"Squirm? From this? Not likely."

Yuushi gave a chuckle before leaning in to kiss Shishido. He would quickly prove Shishido wrong, assuming the other man didn't try to break his nose or eat him again.

He was pleased that this time Shishido was more cautious in his kissing and seemed more wiling to follow his lead.

This time when he nibbled on Shishido's lip there was a breathy noise that could have almost have been a moan. Hoping to coax out more noises and to really make his friend squirm he brushed his tongue against Shishido's, teasing it the way he would other parts of his body later. That got Shishido squeezing his shoulders in his strong grip, obviously approving of the move.

Now, for his finishing move. He gave Shishido's tongue a light suck and then tongued the fleshy area above his front teeth. Shishido moved under his hands, moving closer and shifting as he pulled back letting out another of those teasing breathy noises.

"So?" Yuushi asked as he looked at Shishido breathing heavily across from him and looking rather dazed.

"Okay, you win. I am totally on board with thorough," Shishido enthused and quickly leaned back in for more of Yuushi's kisses.

Yuushi, never one to turn away a newly converted student to the sensual pleasures of kissing, especially one so eager to please, sank back into the kiss with pleasure. He still had so many wonderful things to teach his friend before they even began taking off their clothes but after a rough start he was sure it would be well worth it.

Those thoughts in his head, he decided it was time to teach Shishido just how erotic an ear could be.

As another one of those breathy moans sounded and the hands on his shoulders tightened their grip again Yuushi knew, without a doubt, that taking Shishido's sexual training into his own hands had been a very wise move indeed.

The End.