Elena leaned her back against the shoe lockers. The Shinichi look-alike had left her there and told her good luck before he scrambled down the hall. She looked around again, the plain walls and corridor providing no new visual information. It had been ten minutes, but she still felt the need to catch her breath and calm down. Her head was pounding and her thoughts were spinning.

Within a rather small amount of time she had managed to take the antidote meant for Kudo-kun which was 60% more likely to kill her than him, ran away with no planned course of action, got shot, was picked up by a stranger, went shopping with said stranger and ran into Kudo-kun and his girlfriend, collapsed, almost was seen half undressed, got dragged all the way across a city to a school in which she did not recognize nor attended and now did not know where to go or what to do. She sighed loudly and put her hand to her forehead. Elena didn't appreciate feeling so dependent on a stranger. The only one to blame for this whole mess was herself.

Once again, she scanned the hall, hoping that for some reason or another Hakuba Saguru would just come walking along and save her from this situation. But how could he? He was part of the situation anyway, and any minute she was going to change back into a child. She'd have to manage to disappear from his life after disrupting it for a few days. Disappear. Somehow that idea didn't set well with her. She didn't want to disappear. She didn't want to be separated from him. She frowned. This feeling was one she had experienced only once before. Maybe I just feel safer around detectives. Elena thought to herself, sighing once more.

"You're loud." Elena jumped a little, startled by the cold voice that had spoken not far from her. A girl with raven-colored hair walked up to her, finishing patting her skirt with a handkerchief. Elena shivered, feeling a dark aura from the girl. This aura, however, was not from the Black Organization. Still, Elena was wary. The girl crossed her arms, straightened her back, and smirked. "Who are you? I've never come across you before. As boring as other females are, there's something interesting about you."

"Shouldn't you introduce yourself before asking for another's name?" Elena asked, her tone flat. The raven-haired girl smirked.

"Ohohohoho. You do have quite the attitude, don't you? I will admit, it is only proper that I give you my name first. Koizumi Akako."

"Gray Elena." Elena replied. Akako's face and attitude became serious.

"You're lying to me. I don't appreciate that." Elena's hand twitched. How would she know something like that? She then smirked.

"You think you know everything? Are you going to attack me over something as simple as my name?" Akako's eyes continued to bear into her.

"Lucifer tells me that your name is different. He seems to have come in contact with you plenty of times. I suppose that makes us alike in some respect. I can't blame you for lying. However, if I were you, I'd run soon. If you don't want to drag your new friend into your problems." Elena gave her a look, pretending to be convinced that she was crazy. Akako turned and walked back down the hall. "You really should listen to me."

Elena waited until she could no longer see the other girl, then began making her way out of the school and past the gates. How did that girl know? She has to be insane, butSuddenly the familiar pain tore through her body. I've got to hide somewhereShe began to run down the street, looking for any place that could hide her away. As the burning sensation consumed her, she found a small alleyway. Elena dove into it just as her legs gave out and she crashed into the ground. This time, before she could even scream, she lost consciousness.

Conan paced back and forth, glancing over at the child lying in the bed every few seconds.

"We should really get her to a doctor." Agasa-hakase said, worry evident in his voice. Conan frowned.

"I wish we could, but no normal doctor will be able to handle this without asking questions."

"It's just a bad cold, right?" Agasa asked, looking over at the girl. Conan flinched. He had failed to mention the possibility that Haibara had taken the temporary antidote.

"Hopefully." Conan said, sitting down just to stand back up and begin pacing within a few seconds. "Why did she have to go off into a completely different city?" He asked aloud, angry. Agasa sat a cup of tea down on the coffee table near where Conan had seated himself earlier.

"It's a good thing she had her badge on her." Agasa said, still watching the girl.

"Yeah. I think it activated when she fell." Conan sat down and picked up the cup, took a sip, and sat it down. Once again, he stood up and began pacing. "Hakase, can I borrow your computer?" Agasa nodded.

"Sure… but why?" Conan just silently walked off into the other room. After opening the web browser, Conan began searching to find any location on Hakuba. If that had been Haibara, then perhaps this guy knew what had happened. "Ekoda High School? We passed that on the way. And the uniform…" After looking up some more information, Conan closed the window and walked back into the room with Agasa-hakase and Haibara.

"Already done?" Agasa asked. Conan nodded.

"I might have found some information, but it's near the place we found Haibara. I'll have to go tonight." Agasa nodded.

"I'll let Ran-kun know you're sleeping over." Agasa sighed. He didn't like lying to Ran so easily, but he'd been doing it so much to cover for Conan that it seemed to become easier and easier.

Hakuba pulled open the door the moment he heard the doorbell. His face fell the moment he realized that there was no strawberry blond girl standing there, but instead a small Japanese child. "Conan-kun, what brings you to my house?" Conan smiled.

"Just a visit!" Hakuba let him in.

"A visit about what?" Conan seated himself in one of the chairs, and Hakuba did the same.

"Your girlfriend." Hakuba flinched.

"Why would you want to know about her?" He asked, smiling awkwardly. Conan glared.

"How long have you known her?" Hakuba continued his efforts at a smile.

"How long? Long enough, I suppose. Do you want romantic advice? I assure you that you are a mite too young for that." Conan rolled his eyes.

"I know that you weren't really dating her." Conan waited, hoping that his deduction was correct. Hakuba paused, and then let his smile drop.

"Do you know who she is?" Hakuba's voice had become soft and somewhat concerned. This made Conan aggravated.

"Yes, somewhat. I need to know what occurred when she was with you." Hakuba looked at Conan with suspicion.

"Do you know where she is?"

"She's safe for now. Tell me what occurred." Hakuba carefully detailed out how he had brought her home after she had gotten shot and their meeting with Conan, Ran, and Sonoko.

"A friend of mine told me that she had come to my school to thank me and that she had to leave. When I ran out to talk to her, she was nowhere to be found. Do you think I could talk to her? I have some of her things that I'd like to give back to her." Conan felt anger flare up inside of him.

"No, I think she'd rather not see you. Considering she was deathly sick and you refused to take her to a hospital. What did you do? Give her some measly pain medicine? She could have died. Now she's lying in a bed barely holding on to life. You think I'm going to let you see her?" Hakuba stared.

"What do you mean? Is she going to be alright?" Conan stood up, trying to contain his anger.

"I don't know yet. Thank you for your information. I'll see myself out." Conan walked out the door, fuming. Even though it would have been even more dangerous for the guy to take her to the hospital, why didn't he? Conan knew his anger was irrational; after all, he was refusing to take her to the hospital as well. But did this person who had hardly seen her and hardly talked to her have any right to be so concerned? Why did he care so much? Why did she stay with that guy?

"Shinichi! I'm so glad you're back, she's awake!" Agasa said the minute Conan entered. It had been a day and a half before he returned and really wanted to just sleep. Haibara being awake, however, was much more important. He rushed into her room, followed by Agasa.

"Haibara!" Conan's happiness deflated a bit when he saw her. Her breathing was labored and sweat covered her face. Her face was sunken in and her eyes were barely open. They looked dull and it disturbed Conan a bit to have them look at him. A half-smirk made its way onto Haibara's face. Before she could say anything, she began coughing. It took her a moment to finish, and began breathing rapidly to catch her breath.

"Haibara… do you need me to take you to the hospital?" Her half-smirk returned and she shook her head.

"Just a cold." She managed between breaths. Conan smiled and nodded.

"Alright… just make sure you get plenty of rest." Conan walked out, once again followed by Agasa. Neither of them talked until they reached the living room.

"Has she eaten anything?" Conan asked, concerned. Agasa shook his head.

"She'll eat a few bites, and then says that she's tired and just sleeps. She keeps looking worse and worse…" Conan sighed.

"Let's give her a bit longer and see what happens. If she gets too sick we can always take her to see a doctor." Agasa nodded.

"Hello, Mouri Detective Agency, how may I help you?" Ran answered the phone at her dad's office, as he was out doing something (something she hoped was actually productive).

"Is this Ran-san?"

"Yes, this is. Who is this?" Ran asked, knowing that the voice was familiar but she just couldn't place it.

"This is Hakuba Saguru. Do you know where Conan-kun's light-haired friend is staying? I heard she was sick and I wanted to bring her something." Ran blinked.

"Ai-chan? Well she's staying at Agasa-hakase's. I can give you the number and address if you want." After a moment of silence, Hakuba responded.

"That would be great."

The doorbell rang and Agasa-hakase answered. In front of him stood a tall, dignified young man carrying flowers and a bag of some sort. He smiled.

"Is this the Agasa residence is?" Agasa smiled.

"Yes, it is. Would you like to come in?" Hakuba's smile widened.

"Thank you." He walked inside and traded out his shoes. "I'm coming to visit the girl who's sick." Hakuba had a feeling that Elena Gray was not the name she went by here, considering Ran-san had called her Ai-chan. Agasa-hakase nodded.

"So you've come to visit Ai-kun, then? Would you like some tea?" Hakuba shook his head.

"I don't mean to be impolite, but if it is possible, I'd like to visit her right away." Agasa raised his eyebrow.

"Right, I'll take you to her room then." Agasa couldn't help but wonder who this person was and how he knew about Ai-kun. But seeing as he was very friendly, he didn't want to turn him away. The professor led the British teenager to her room and entered. "Ai-kun, someone is here to see you." She didn't respond. Agasa turned to Hakuba.

"It seems that she's asleep right now." Hakuba nodded.

"That's alright, I can sit by her bed until she wakes up, then." Agasa shrugged.

"If you need anything, I'll be in the kitchen making soup." Hakuba bowed slightly and entered the room. He walked toward the bed, but stopped, shocked by what he saw.

In the bed was a little girl around age eight, barely breathing. She looked malnourished and was covered in sweat. Hakuba walked closer, and realized that unless if Elena-san had a mini version of herself walking around, this must be her. But how? He sat down next to her and placed her bag down. That's when the contents made sense. If somehow, she were really a child, then it would make sense that she had children's clothes with her. Her weak voice interrupted his train of thought.

"Hakuba-san…" She shivered. Hakuba stared. It had to be her, since she knew his name. He didn't respond. She managed a weak smile. "Hakuba-san… why do you keep haunting my dreams? There's no way you'd ever be here… Yet you continue to show up. If I could… forget you like you… surely have forgotten me… You'd hate me… Saguru… you'd hate me if you knew… that I lied to you…" She coughed and closed her eyes, convinced that she was just seeing things. Then he spoke.

"What do you mean?" Her eyes shot back open, fear gripping her.

"You… you're not…" Hakuba gently pushed her hair from her face.

"I'm right here. I brought you your bag and some flowers." Haibara stared.

"It's… it's not possible…" She whispered, shivering now uncontrollably. He smiled gently.

"I really don't know what to think, considering you're really a child. But I'm here anyway, so you should get better. It doesn't look like you're doing too well. Your grandpa is making some soup. It'd do you good to eat it." Haibara smiled a bit.

"I'm not actually a child. I'm actually an adult. And he's not my grandpa." She said. Hakuba laughed.

"I think I like that idea a bit more." Haibara looked at him curiously.

"What do you mean?" He grinned a bit cheekily.

"I'd rather have been attracted to a woman who's really a woman than to a woman who's really a child." Haibara laughed for a second before coughing. Suddenly, the door burst open.

"Haibara!" Conan was standing at the door, a wild look in his eyes. It may have been classified as panic. He glared at Hakuba. "What do you think you're doing?" Hakuba smiled weakly.

"I'm just visiting…" Conan continued to glare.

"Get out. No one gave you permission to mess with Haibara, so get out." Hakuba frowned. Haibara grabbed Hakuba's hand. Conan flinched.

"He's fine. Leave him be." Haibara said, her tone cold. Conan shot one last glare at Hakuba before leaving the room.

"I'm feeling tired… Can you stay… until I fall asleep?" Hakuba nodded.

A few weeks later, Haibara was back to health. She had convinced Conan and Hakuba to come to Agasa-hakase's, and they were all sitting in the living room.

"Hakuba-san, I know this is a bit blunt, but I've called you here to let you know that after today, you should cut all ties with us." Haibara stated, sipping a cup of tea. Conan nodded in agreement. Hakuba frowned.

"Well, I've come in the search of information. Such as, why would you be able to shrink into a child form?" Haibara shook her head.

"You'll have to forget all of that. If you don't… it'll put you in grave danger. There are very few who know about this. Please, just walk away and forget about all this." Hakuba sat in silence for a moment.

"As you can see, I don't hate you. If I had a problem with you lying about your identity, I would have refused your invitation. I'm willing to understand. So tell me." Conan folded his hands.

"There's no way tha-"

"I'm a murderer." Haibara stated. Conan turned and stared at her, as did Hakuba. Haibara looked the young man directly in the eyes. "Walk away." Hakuba stood up. Haibara bit her lip, containing any emotion. The British teenager walked to the door, then stopped.

"Elena-san. Explain to me. Why?" Haibara looked down at her cup.

"I was born into it." Hakuba then left through the door. Haibara continued staring at her dim reflection in the cup. Conan looked over at her.

"Are you okay?" He asked, putting his hand on her arm. She yanked her arm away.

"Why wouldn't I be?"

"You liked him, didn't you?" Haibara stood up, placed her cup down, and walked out of the room, ignoring his question. She went into her room, got her purse, and went out to distract herself by grocery shopping. She stopped short on the steps from the house.

Hakuba was still standing there.

"Elena-san… I don't hate you. Please, tell me your story." Haibara clenched her fist and began to walk past him. He grabbed her arm, pulled her up, and carried her in his arms. Haibara's face got red.

"Don't treat me like a child! Put me down, right now!" He smiled.

"I'm sorry, miss, but you still haven't told me your story, so I'll be giving you a ride to the nearest park." For a minute, Haibara fought him, trying to get him to let go. But she finally gave in and he smiled.

"So?" She looked away.

"You shouldn't be smiling. Nor should you want to hear this kind of story." Hakuba kept smiling.

"Just tell me." After a moment, Haibara began.

"Elena was my mother's name…"

The end. So this is my final goodbye present to all of you. I am overly aware that it is poorly written and super rushed, but I had only a few hours in which to complete this story as a farewell gift to all of my reviewers and readers. I know that this story is the only English story of its kind and I decided I'd give it an ending. Although the parts are quick and rushed, I hope that it gives at least a little bit of closure and a semi-decent ending to this story that so many have kindly supported. I will no longer be writing fan fictions. I hope you all enjoyed my stories and if you wish to use any of my ideas or continue my stories, you are free to do so. (Just mention that you got your idea here, please!) Thank you all for your support and reviews. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and rest of the year. Bye-bye!