Three years after the original series, Oliver Davis returns to Japan to reopen SPR. Immediately the old crew comes together, all except his old assistant Mai.

In those three year, Mai has become the world famous supernatural mystery writer, Marie Tsuzuki. Her three novels The Afterschool Hexer, The Doll's House, and The Bloody Labyrinth have sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide. She's just finishing her world book tour…

Chapter 1:

Mai Taniyama stepped onto the her flight at LAX and quietly made her way to her seat in first class. She placed her computer bag under the seat in front of her and pulled out a book. She lay the book in her lap and reflected on how much had changed in the last three years.

When Naru left to take his brother's body back to England the rest of SPR, well excluding Lin, had been upset. The narrsicist had left Mai without a source of income to sustain her apartment, so Mai turned to the only thing she had left, the stories of her times at SPR. So, Mai took some time off of school and started writing. Of course, the names and settings were changed but the basic events were there.

After six months of living on what little she had saved, Mai submitted the manuscript to a publisher. Of course, being an unsolicited manuscript it had been rejected, but she had not given up. Mai kept submitting her manuscript until somebody finally said yes. Her first novel, The Afterschool Hexer had been an overnight success in Japan, and her pseudonym, Marie Tsuzki, had allowed her to keep going to school.

Once the novel hit the bestseller list, her publisher started receiving mail from the old members of SPR asking if Marie knew Mai. Every time Mai saw one of those letters she longed to write to them, but between book signings and school; she no longer had the time.

Mai was pulled out of her reminiscing by two men sitting in the seats across the aisle from her window seat. One was unusually tall with hair falling over his right eye. The other dressed completely in black with dark hair that seemed almost navy in the dim light of the plane. Both had books out, the tall one busy scribbling away while the other had his nose stuck in a book. Mai tried to surpress a laugh, the two men across from her reminded her so much of Naru and Lin.

It was then that Mai was suddenly grateful for the expensive dye job and colored contacts she wore. If those two were Lin and Naru, they would have recognized her normal appearance immediately. Mai sighed audibly and opened her book. It was Oliver Davis's newest treatise on poltergeists. She smiled at the thought that she was reading her boss's work, but it was research for her novels after all.

Over the top of her book, Mai snuck a glance at the men across the aisle. A smirk leaked onto once she realized the Naru look alike was reading one of her novels. The man seemed focused on the novel. So focused in fact , that if the plane took a nose dive, Mai doubted he would notice. She leaned over the armrest trying to get at least ones attention, "Would you like me to autograph that for you?"

The man looked up from his reading at Mai with hard eyes and a scowl. "Why would I want your autograph Ms.," he asked. "I wrote the novel your reading," she said in a fake condescending voice. The man flipped the novel over and examined the photo on the back. "Ms. Maria Tsuzuki, it's a pleasure to meet you," he said in a falsely warm tone, "you simply must tell me where you get your ideas." He handed the novel to her. Mai examined the novel before digging in her bag for a pen. The man was reading The Afterschool Hexer, and it was obvious from the crease marks on the spine that it wasn't the first time he'd read it.

"Is there anyone in particular I should make this out to," Mai asked, "and would you like my English or Japanese signature?" The man looked pensive for a moment, "Oliver, and English please." Mai smiled at the man autographing the novel and handing it back to its owner.

With that the plane took off, and Mai returned to her book. Oliver had used some of the work he had done as Kazuya Shibuya in this particular paper, sighting the incidents in her old school house as evidence that poltergeists are mainly of human origin. Mai continued to read until her eyelids dropped and she fell asleep.

Oliver Davis, a.k.a Kazuya Shibuya, has not having one of the best days. He had woken up that morning at his parent's estate in England, driven with Lin to Heatrow, boarded a flight to the U.S, had a three hour layover at Dulles International Airport, then boarded another flight across the country. Now he was on his third flight of the day, bound for Japan. After two years of working with the Society of Paranormal Research, his father, Professor Davis, had suggested that Noll return to Japan.

Naturally Noll wasn't completely adverse to having his own business again. Working for his father grew old, and grading papers written by idiots didn't help. Lin had volunteered to come with him this time, rather than forcing himself on Noll. Oliver welcomed his old mentor's help and thus the pair made their plans.

Noll had slept much of the first plane ride. It was during the layover at Dulles, that Noll found something that piqued his interest. In one of the bookstores Oliver had found a set of three mystery novels set in Japan. As he read the teasers on the backs of each book, Oliver realized that the novels were based on cases his SPR team had solved. Noll quickly bought the three books.

On the flight between Dulles and L.A, Oliver read all three of the novels. Lin looked over at his former charge with a raised eyebrow. Oliver almost never read fiction, let alone fiction that dealt with things he evaluated scientifically. Between take off at Dulles and boarding their plane at LAX Noll must have read each one two or three times.

Now as they were boarding the flight to Tokyo, Noll couldn't help but notice the woman sitting across the aisle from them. She reminded him of Mai, though her hair and eye colors were different. In the woman's lap a thin book. As Noll took his seat he noticed that the book was his most recent offering on poltergeists. He shook it off as a coincidence and returned to reading the novels.

After five minutes of silence, the woman leaned over the aisle asking, "Would you like me to autograph that for you?" Oliver looked over the edge of his novel at the young woman, "Why would I want your autograph Ms?" The woman looked taken aback by his harshness, but it didn't faze the young ghost hunter.

"I wrote the novel you're reading," she said sounding a little condescending. Noll flipped the novel over in his hands carefully to maintain his place with a finger. The picture on the back of the novel, did bear a resemblance to the woman. "Ms. Maria Tsuzuki, it's a pleasure to met you," he said using the name that was printed on the novel. He seriously doubted that was her real name, "you simply must tell me where you get your ideas."

Oliver handed the novel to her across the aisle. "Is there anyone in particular I should make this out to," Maria asked, "and would you like my English or Japanese signature?" Oliver thought e for a moment about how much he wanted to reveal, "Oliver, and English please." Maira smiled at him autographing the novel and handing it back to him.

Maria, or whoever she was returned to forgotten book in her lap, giving Oliver a chance to look at the signature in his novel. Something about the signature was off. The way the letters were formed implied that the writer had learned English as a second language. Normally that would not have seemed off to anyone, as the biographical blurb on Maria Tsuzuki said outright that she was Japanese. But, a name like Maria, implied western influence. Oliver stood to reason that the author should be half European at least.

It was a puzzle. One that Oliver Davis was intent on solving.

The plane reached Tokyo late that evening. The passengers disembarked walking in different directions. Mai looked over her shoulder as she walked toward the train stop at the two men, who were heading toward the rental car kiosks. She smirked to herself continuing to walk towards the passenger pick-up where a car would be waiting to take her home.

However, Mai's thoughts were not on the two men, but the surprise she had in store for them. "one week," she whispered to herself before disappearing into the crowd.

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