A/N: This is the conclusion to a trilogy that started out as a one-shot that has spiraled into all this. At least, I think it's the conclusion. For now it is. We have Three Days Grace to thank for this lovely little trilogy. :)

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Luke Skywalker gazed upon the sixteen-year-old sleeping in his arms. It had been years since Ben had asked to share a bed with his parents. Luke hadn't realized how much he missed having his son sleep with him for comfort, hadn't realized how much he missed being able to provide that comfort that comfort, until Ben had fallen asleep at his side. Luke knew that Ben had more than enough to worry about. Abeloth coming back and creating insane Jedi, Daala's crackdown on the Jedi, and falling for a Sith girl were at the top of the list. It filled Luke's heart with the fear of a father for his son's well-being to look back at the pain Ben had endured, and to look forward and guess at how much more pain Ben would have to go through only made Luke worry even more. He sighed quietly. He would do anything short of murder to ensure that Ben would have a bright, happy future, with or without Vestara. It didn't matter to him whether or not Vestara remained in his son's life. As long as Ben wasn't drawn to the Dark Side by her, Vestara could stay. After all, Luke himself had married a former Emperor's Hand, who had tried to kill him multiple times throughout his life. Leia, Ben's aunt, married a former smuggler. Ben's cousin Jaina was engaged to the Imperial Head-of-State. The Skywalker-Solo clan did not have a history of having normal spouses. Luke had no right to say who Ben was and wasn't allowed to love. He just hoped that Ben wouldn't fall in too deep.

Alas, that was the fear of a father.

A/N: Well, here it is. I think this will be the final in my little trilogy. Hope you enjoyed!