Ok first, this is my first story so please be nice…ill try to stay in character but there are a few changes. For ex. In my opinion tanner should be the school bully and Timmy is still the quiet innocent little boy.
This is mostly Tanner/Timmy just best friends no fluff. This takes place before bad news bears in breaking training..Except they already met Carmon…


Tanner sat there watching the little nerd pick up his books that he, Tanner Boyle, "accidently" knocked out of the little nerd's hands. At this school no one messed with Tanner unless they wanted to either get humiliated or end up in the hospital. His cold icy blue eyes stared in amusement as the nerd got up and ran down the hallway with fear.

The only ones that could actually talk to him were the Bears. He kept in touch with them and constantly hangs out with them since they lost bun won at the championship game. Ogilvie, Rudy, and the other boys just pretty much stuck together after joining the team. Safety in numbers. Kelly and Amanda just recently started dating. They fought almost every day, but in the end they were very good together. Kelly still did bad things just as tanner did bad things. Tanner always had respect for Kelly. Well he lost a tad bit of respect when he let Carmon Ronzonni join the team as the team pitcher "in training." God, he hated Carmon. They always fought with words or with fists. It took a lot to break them up. Then there was Timmy. Tanner had always known Timmy but not personally. Tanner knew everyone and everyone knew him. Timmy was quiet at school and always sat by himself at lunch, never bothering anyone and he basically had no friends. He was also an extreme target for bullies. At first he didn't like Timmy, but as the games went by he kind of like having Timmy around.

Tanner started walking down the street to the park swings it's where he and the bears hung out. "Hey Tanner, took you long enough" Toby said. Ha Yea, I had some stuff to do, nerds to make fun of" Tanner said with a smirk. Then at the corner of his eye, he saw Timmy and Amanda talking. Timmy had an ice pack on his eyes. "Timmy what the hell happened to you?" asked Tanner. "Nothing, same as always" said Timmy. "Who's been messing with you Timmy?" Timmy sighed "Joey and Jimmy" "it's really no big deal, tanner" "I'll be back" Tanner said as he scanned the area for Joey and Jimmy. They were going down. As he started walking to them, he felt the team's eyes on him.

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