I've only read one story for in the case if Caroline Forbes got pregnant with Tyler Lockwood's baby and that story was fantastic so I wanted to try it but not as a one shot I want continuous chapter in the lives of pregnant prissy girl Caroline and her obnoxious football playing werewolf changing boyfriend whose hot lol. But anyway I hope you enjoy the story leave reviews, the more the merrier and I will make more chapters ASAP but I've got school so we'll see. I stood at the Lockwood mansion thinking off all the things Tyler would do to me.

Would he yell, of course? He might even throw stuff.

Maybe he'll even hit me… no he wouldn't hurt me in any way.

I better knock before I get even more theories.

I softly knocked on the door with the tip of my knuckle hoping no one would hear and I would have an excuse to tell him tomorrow for not answering his door.

But he did and thank god his mom wasn't home.

"Hey babe you're kind of early I said 9:00 its 8:15" he said looking at his watch.

I looked him into his eyes his sweet innocent eyes.

The eyes I looked into every full moon as he transformed into a wolf.

I couldn't do this, but I had to, but I could break-up with him and run-away.

No I had to tell him so I just spit it out.

"Tyler I'm late" I said looking at the hardwood shined floors of the mansion.

" No, we're early, the game doesn't start till 10:00 come inside" he said grabbing my arm to pull me inside.

I shoved it off he wasn't understanding I had to make it clearer without giving the point.

"Ty the condom broke" I said as I felt my eyes fill up with tears. I looked at him and he had no emotion like he still didn't understand the words coming out of my mouth or words at all.

"But you still can't get pregnant I'm a werewolf I can't impregnate you it just doesn't work like that" he said as if he was making a point as his voice slowly raised.

"Tyler shhh! Calm down lets go inside" I said pulling myself together I could tell I was going to have to be the grown-up this time.

We walked in the house and sat down on the couch next to each other and sat in silence then he turned to me a took a little glance at my stomach and winced then he looked into my eyes

. "How many weeks?" he said in a low voice with no feelings as if he couldn't care.

"I don't know Ty we never really use a condom" I said thinking of the last time we did and I think it was our first time me and him did it.

We only used one for safety precautions we never thought anything like this would happen.

He buried his face in his hands as he put his head between his knees and took deep breaths and he ran his fingers through his hair.

"So are we going to keep it" He said numbly standing up. Did he really just ask me that I thought to myself?

"Well I'm not giving it up for adoption if that's what you mean" I said standing up defending my child our child that we had made together and now he didn't want to take responsibility.

"That's not what I meant, I meant abortion" he said correcting him but feeling bad after what he'd just said.

I looked at him in shock and horror then we turned around to see his mom standing there with her mouth open.

"Tell me you didn't Tyler" she said looking at him with worry and disappointment as the lines on her fore head crinkled.

He stood with shame as he began to feel guilty and one tear trickled down his cheek but he quickly rubbed it off.

Now I felt really bad for him.

"Tyler Tiberius Lockwood answers me" she yelling and I jumped a little to the loud voice coming out of this little lady.

He turned away once again as more tears flowed out but he pushed them away and answered his mom like told.

"We didn't know this would happen, we weren't thinking" he said trying to explain to his mom and make her understand but he couldn't make her understand without telling her he was a werewolf.

I had to speak up for the sake of my boyfriend " it's my fault I wasn't on birth control" I said lying I had been on birth control every day until Tyler told me I didn't need it because there was no way in hell I could get pregnant .

"You shut-up, And Caroline does your mother, the sheriff knows" she said emphasizing on sheriff.

I looked at the floorboards and kept quiet like I should have.