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Story partly inspired to write this by: Queen of the Damned Soundtrack

Summary: People can only bend so far before they break. When the people she loves finally succeed in breaking Hinata, she moves away. When she comes back, Will the people of Konoha be able to survive the monster they have created?

You know what they say...

The Brighter the Light, the Darker the Shadow

Hinata bounced on her heels outside the Uzamaki house. Well, more like estate as the Uzamaki's were wealthy and never afraid to show it. They were more understated than most families that averaged what Minato did every year, but clearly wealthy none the less.

She had no idea why she was so excited. Maybe because Minato was more of a challenge. He wasn't like Tadao. He wasn't looking for someone to save him. She couldn't push him to join her with powerful illusions. He was also far too powerful for them to physically intimidate. There was less than a 60% chance they could beat him even when working together if he was focused on destroying them.

Minato also wasn't like Hiashi. He had no preconceptions of Hinata and her personality and abilities. He had never paid her much attention before. He only knew her as she was now. So, he would be prepared and they would not be able to surprise him.

So, they had to attack him quietly. Subtle threats behind polite words, threats to his son and his livelihood. However, Minato Uzamaki was known as a dangerous man for a reason. He wouldn't stand for outright threats against his son, doing so would cause him to lash out at them.

This meeting was just to test him out and see how he responded to different methods. One of their tests was a simple good cop, bad cop scenario with Hinata as the bad cop.

Hinata would be cold, ruthless, have grudging respect for and a biting disposition towards Minato, while being outright insulting to the teens that tormented her for years if they crossed paths.

Shino would be calm, emotionless, and scarily efficient. Seemingly far more reasonable in comparison to Hinata's attitude.

The object of her musings laid a strong hand on her shoulder, bringing Hinata out of her thoughts. She turned to him with a smile in her eyes but a straight face so no one looking on could see the positive emotions she showed in Shino's presence.

"Sorry, Shino. I'm just excited. I have no idea why I'm still in such a great mood today. This is going to make my job even harder. I might be actually amused by something and how will my persona be effected by me laughing outright?"

Shino allowed himself a slight upturn of his lips but was prevented from answering by footsteps coming towards the doors. They hardened their faces. Shino's becoming still and motionless while a disgusted sneer twisted Hinata's features.

A servant answered the door. "Mr. Uzamaki is expecting you. If you'll follow me?"

They glanced around the home as they were led to Minato's primary office space. Like the outside design of the house, the interior had a clear but understated wealth about it.

Pictures of the man they came to visit and his much hated offspring dotted the house. Hinata noticed the lack of a female presence in the photos and a mysterious smiled fleetly upturned her lips.

As they neared office, Hinata became more hopeful that maybe something more could come of this meeting. Blackmail was an effective form of intimidation if Minato would not join willingly. She would keep the idea up her sleeve.

Shino and Hinata both smirked when they were brought to a closed office door. The servant left and Shino knocked, then they waited patiently. They would let him have this illusion of control if it made him happy. Behind the door, they could hear paper rustling and the quiet muttering of multiple people.

The door opened and the Jiang fortune inheritors were met face to face with the oft-despised children of some of the most powerful people in China, who were being led out by Minato.

The teens immediately glared at Hinata, barely sparing Shino a glance. "What are you doing here, you worthless bitch," Kiba growled out only to be smacked in the back of the head by Minato.

"What have I told you about that disrespectful language boy," the blonde chastised. Turning to the girl, he apologized. "I'm so sorry for his attitude."

Hinata nodded coolly. "Please just tell your son to put a muzzle on his dog before I do it for him."

The aforementioned teens bristled in anger. How dare she!

Minato, seeing the warning signs, pushed the kids out of his office. "Okay guys, I'll send for you later. You go have fun doing whatever it is you crazy kids do these days!" He ignored their protesting about his being left alone with the girl they hated and closed the door on them.

"Please take a seat. Sorry about that." The man laughed nervously and scratched the back of his head in an embarrassed move Hinata had once found endearing on his son.

"No problem. We understand." Shino replied.

Going back to his side of his rather expansive desk, Minato asked, "Now, what can I help you with?"

Leaning forward with intense eyes, Hinata asked the question they had eagerly come searching for the answer to.

"I'm going to be blunt, we have no time for word games with time as short as it is. What can you tell me about Akio Jiang's death? Please, make it good. We're aware that you have some information concerning the topic?"

Leaning back in his comfortable leather chair, the man smirked, " Maybe. However, information comes with a cost."

Hinata gave a peremptory smirk, knowing this was her moment to let a little of her knowledge show before she let Shino take over the negotiations. Dragging an elegant finger in patterns on the desk, she dropped her head, allowing the curtain of dark locks to shadow her expression, and exchanged a mischievous glance with Shino.

Peeking at Minato, Hinata allowed an darkly innocent expression to cross her face as she said, " You tell us what we want to know, and I won't slip and speak of some information you would like to keep buried."

Minato's eyes darkened. " What are you speaking of?"

Hinata gave a stygian smile, dark and foreboding. Getting up, she drifted to a shelf of pictures, the odd smile never leaving her face. Looking back with wide innocent eyes at the man whose eyes never left her, she said with obvious insincerity," What a handsome family you and your son make. Yet there seems to be something missing? A spot that's never filled. Why is that? I vaguely remember a beautiful redheaded woman. Whatever happened to her?"

Minato stood up, eyes almost black with rage as he had an inkling of just what secret she knew. He opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by Shino.

"Hinata, enough!"

Hinata pouted but obediently sat down and stopped baiting Minato, giving the illusion that if needed, Shino could control and limit her actions.

It would be a useful tool for further negotiations.

Shino inclined his head. " I apologize for her threatening manner but this is a very serious matter we are investigating."

Shino watched dispassionately as Minato sat back down slowly, slowly being calmed by Shino's calm apologies, " Like I was saying before, information comes with a price.

The young man would only raise an eyebrow. " Of course, I expect nothing less."

Sighing, Hinata settled in for a long and boring wait. Oh well, she could use the time to think of more quick and non time consuming ways to fuck with people's minds.

A light smirk flitted across her face as she thought, " Especially those Royal bastards. Just wait. They won't know what hit them."

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