The battle against Windclan

Squirrelflight's pov

"Attack!" Growls and screeches ripped the air as Thunderclan warriors' fled from their den, fur bristling and unsheathing their claws.

Windclan warriors' streamed into the camp.

Squirrelflight leaped on a black cat. It was either Nightcloud or Breezepelt.

Squirrelflight knew now…It was Nightcloud.

A pale gray figure streaked toward her, and slammed into Nightcloud, then the figure turned on Squirrelfight. "your mine now".

Nightcloud fell to the ground screeching. Squirrelflight felt a body slam into hers.

Squirrelflight heard a low growl in her ear. "You will pay, Squirrelflight." a voice growled.

"What are you doing!' Firestar roared. Onestar came in front of the highrock.

"We are warriors! We will not sit and beg Thunderclan to help us like they are the best clan in the forest." Onestar hissed.

Firestar sat still as a rock. "So you attack my camp!" He roared again, and leapt on Onestar.

Onestar screeched as Firestar landed on him biting his shoulder.

Onestar turned over and raked his claws over Firestar's shoulder.

Firestar yowled and smacked Onestar over the head with an unsheathed paw.

Onestar fell over, blood pouring down his face.

In the background the fighting had started again.

Sandstorm tussled with a brown Windclan warrior.

Leafpool leaped on Nightcloud hissing and spitting.

Breezepelt ran over to Jayfeather biting him. Jayfeather yowled and raked his claws across Breezepelt's side making Breezepelt screech in anger and pain.

Jayfeather and Breezepelt rolled behind the highrock screeching and shrieking.

Crowfeather fought in corner with Hollyleaf, while Lionblaze ran through the crowd of cats leaping on Windclan warriors' making them flee from the camp.

Ashfur leapt on Antpelt, who was trying to kill Squirrelflight, hissing in fury.

Sleek bodies streamed into camp, jumping on Windclan warriors

. Following them was Brambleclaw.

"Windclan retreat!" Onestar's yowl hung in the air as Windclan warriors' started to stream out of camp.

Onestar narrowed his eyes at Firestar. "This isn't over!" He mewed.

Firestar glared at him. "If you want a war then we shall have one but you will cause unnecessary death and blood spill." Firestar growled. "Just like you did tonight! This battle was un provoked and you knew it!

" Onestar 's eyes widened. "You know why." He whispered and firestar nodded, a sad look in his eyes.

"It doesn't have to be like this, Tallstar made you leader so you wouldn't do this." Firestar told him

Onestar growled. "I know I know….. but the clans are rivals and always will be!" Firestar nodded.

"But this battle was not needed!" Firestar snarled.

Onestar narrowed his eyes and stalked through the entrance. "Watch your tail Firestar." Onestar called over his shoulder.

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