The WMM Who Went To Port Mystic X, Magical Doremi Truth Or Dare!

A/N: This Will Be The Intro, No Truths Or Dares, Yet!

The WMM: Well Here We Are.

Dorie: Where Are We?

Master X: You're In Aaron World.

Toothzilla: Yeah, What Did You Expect After You & You're Friends Beaten All Of Us!

Reanne: It Was Your Fault That You Started That Fight!

Mirabelle: Yeah You Idiots.

The Zombie King: You Will Pay For Saying That, BUT Me, Master X, & Toothzilla Are Heading On Vacation!

The WMM: I Completely Forgot About That, Where Are You Guys Heading.

Master X: To Inkster Mystic, It's Lovely This Time Of Year!

The WMM: Goodbye!

Master X, Toothzilla, & The Zombie King: GOODBYE!

(My Gang Leaves Through A Portal To Inkster Mystic).

The WMM: Now I Need New Co-Hosts, PORTAL GO!

(Out Of The Portal Comes The WMM's Good Friends, Ojamajo Boy 178, & Wherever Girl)

Wherever Girl: So This Is Aaron World?

The WMM: Yes It Is.

Ojamajo Boy 178: It's Great To See You Again!

The WMM: Same Here Ojamajo Boy 178, Same Here!

The WMM: Now The Fun Can Start With Truth Or Dare!

The Five Magical Doremi Cast Members: NOOOOOOO!

A/N: That's The End Of The Intro, Send In Truths Or Dares, Read & Review, This Is Viewer Participation, So If You Want In Just Write A Review, Remember Spaces Are Limited To Seven Spots, So Review Now!