This a fanfic I am unsure about. I don't pretend to be a good writer but I can promise that this will at least have better grammar and less OCCness than my last PJO fic. Or at least I hope so. This is tratie, they are my recent obsession. This story also lines up with The Lost Hero. So yeah.

Katie Gardener found herself in a strange place. The air was hazy and unfamiliar. It felt almost like she wasn't really there but at the same time she felt completely present. She took in her surroundings. She seemed to be on the top of some building. The stars were hard to see in the sky because of what appeared to be city lights. As far as Katie could tell, she was alone. A car horn beeped in the distance and then everything fell totally silent.

Katie began to panic. She attempted to move but her limbs didn't respond. She attempted to speak but she had no voice. She was just there, frozen in place. But why was she there? It made no sense. However, being a demigod rarely made sense. She tried to calm herself down. There was a reason she was there and she would have to figure it out. It was days like these that she wished her father had never fallen for the goddess of agriculture.

However, she didn't have too long to feel sorry for herself. A dracaena was approaching, sliding along. She was followed by two storm spirits. They were laughing and dragging along something. As they drew nearer Katie realized that it was a person, a person that seemed very familiar. Her heart plummeted in fear as she realized the seriousness of the situation. Connor Stoll was dangling between the two storm spirits, looking only half conscious.

Katie wanted to draw her sword or at least summon some nasty weeds to help Connor but she remained frozen in place. She was there only to observe, not to act.

"Here will do," said the dracaena. Her voice was so high and shrill that it made Katie internally cringe.

"You got it, boss," the left storm spirit said. They dropped Connor on the ground with thump. He groaned.

"Oh, boss, the mistress is gonna be so happy with us!" the other storm spirit chimed.

"Don't get ahead of yourself, you worthless spirit," the dracaena sneered. "If I wouldn't have been there to save your two miserable hides he would have gotten away. You should be thanking me."

"Yes, Lady Campe," they replied obediently. She smiled viciously at the sound of her name.

"Well, at least we have succeeded. What do we have here?" she prodded. She approached Connor and her snake feet examined him, hissing.

Katie was in peril. She wanted so badly to do something, to help somehow. She may have pretended to hate the Stolls back at camp but in reality they were friends, or at least extremely close rivals. Besides, she'd hardly wish this upon her worst enemy.

Campe smiled. "A son of Hermesss…," she hissed. "How wonderful."

"Now give us information, kid, before we run you through with this sword of yours," the second storm spirit threatened. He twirled Conner's Celestial Bronze sword around in his finger tips, looking like he was trying not to laugh.

The dracaena steeped in front of him. "Now, now, Kevin, patience, patience…" she whispered. Then she turned to Conner. "Now, child, there will be no need to harm you if you… cooperate." The malicious smile on her face said otherwise.

"Can't we just kill him?" asked the other storm spirit, in irritation.

"Phineas, shut up or I will throw you back to Tartarus!" Campe shouted. The storm spirit, Phineas, sighed and stepped back.

"Now, child, tell us what the Olympians are planning. How do they plan to defeat our most powerful, glorious mistress? I have heard of a war ship. Is there truth in this?"

At first Katie wasn't sure if Conner would be able to respond. There was a nasty slash running up one side of his chest and a cut above his eye that was still bleeding. He seemed unable to move. Only his eyes showed signs that he was alive. They were glaring at Campe with an intense hatred. "I won't tell you anything! I'm a son of Hermes, not some noobish coward," he told her adding his legendary smirk. Despite these brave words his voice was very weak. There was no way he'd be able to get away.

Campe shrieked. "Fool! Do as I say."

"You're not my mother," Connor jeered, rolling his eyes.

"How dare you speak to our lady like that!" Kevin shouted. He lunged at the son of Hermes.

"Stop!" screamed Campe. "We did not spend all this time kidnapping a demigod only for you to kill him. I do not think he will cooperate…. But he may still be of use." The snakes that were her feet hissed in agreement.

Then, to Katie's surprise, Campe turned to her. "You have one week. After seven days I'll allow these storm spirits to do what they wish with this pitiful son of Hermes. One week, demigod, one week."

Katie watched in horror as the dracaena snapped her finger and Connor's body went completely limp. Campe began to laugh, cold, humorless laughter as the vision disappeared.

"Connor!" Katie screamed, falling out of her bed. She was relieved to hear that she had her voice back.

"K-Katie, you okay?" asked her roommate, Jessica, through a yawn.

Katie didn't answer, she honestly wasn't sure. All she knew was that she had to get to camp, and fast. She had already tied her light brown hair back in a messy ponytail and thrown on a worn pair of jeans and her favorite t-shirt. She began tossing anything important into her bag. In her pocket she had her sword, which disguised itself as a gardening spade. Charles Beckendorf, son of Hephaestus, had made it for her when she was thirteen.

"Katie, its five a.m., it was just a nightmare. Go back to bed," Jessica grumbled. "You need to rest, finals are next week."

The daughter of Demeter sighed. It was true, finals were next week and she needed to study, badly. She had spent all year studying at the University of Virginia and it would really suck to throw away all her good grades. But she couldn't just leave Connor. This was life or death. Nothing, not even her future, was more important. She couldn't attempt to explain any of this to her roommate. Jessica was a great friend but she was also a mortal and Katie knew she'd never truly be able to understand.

"Look, Jess, I've got to go, now. It's a family emergency."

"A family emergency you found out about in your sleep?" Jessica asked, skeptically.

"Look, I know it doesn't make much sense but I have to go right now. Cover for me, please. I'll try to be back for finals."

"Are you sure this can't wait until summer break, Katie?"

Taking a deep, shaky breath she nodded. "Yeah, I'm positive." Connor will be dead by then.

Jessica looked at her friend, concerned, for a moment. "Okay… I'll make up some excuse. But Katie, be careful, you're really freaking me out."

"I'll try my best, Jess," she answered. With that she through the door of their dorm open and set off for Camp Halfblood.

Well that was the end of chapter one. A little more angsty than I was going for but I guess that had to happen. I know this seems kind of Connor/Katie but give it time, this will be Tratie all the way. I love Connor though. I feel bad for making him the damsel in distress. Oh well, he can be a hero some other time. Next chapter will be about our favorite child of Hades. :) Review, please. Tell me grammatical errors and I will fix them. Thanks!