By eight o'clock that night all three demigods were already in bed. Driving cross country for seven hours straight took a lot out of you. Almost getting killed made you even more exhausted. Once Travis and Katie had managed to drag Nico all the way to the small and rather unsanitary motel they realized they no longer had much money since Katie's pack, where she had kept most of their money, had been stolen. They were pretty much broke so they purchased only one small room.

Once in their tiny motel room they finally managed to wake Nico up. The son of Hades immediately tried to attack Travis who had to lock himself in the bathroom. (No, they were not responsible for the dent on the bathroom door the size of Nico's fist.) Once Katie managed to calm Nico down they explained to Travis what had happened. Following this there was a long period of awkward silence before Katie force fed Nico more nectar and made him go to bed. She slept next to him and left Travis to sleep on the floor. Katie fell asleep the second her head hit the pillow despite all that was on her mind.

Katie was standing alone in a dark room. The only visible item there was a gold door. She opened it a little and peered through the crack. Travis Stoll was standing there wearing a suit and tie; grinning. He winked at her and music began to play. It was a familiar tune and Katie was rather fond of it. Then, to her surprise, Travis began singing.

Highway run

Into the midnight sun

Wheels go round and round

You're on my mind

What the heck was going on? Travis couldn't sing! She'd heard him sing at the campfire dozens of times and knew how off key and obnoxious he was. He suddenly had a voice akin to a child of Apollo's. She had a strange feeling she had seen this moment before somewhere. Without even realizing she was doing it she threw the door open and entered the room. Travis was staring at her in pure awe. As if she'd been doing it all her life, she opened her mouth to sing the next line.

Restless hearts

Sleep alone tonight

Sending all my love along the wire

Really? She was an even worse singer than Travis and suddenly she has the voice of some Broadway goddess. Travis was looking at her with a passionate expression that she didn't think could ever be on the face of mischievous Travis Stoll. They spun around and their arms brushed against each other's.

They say that the road ain't no place to start a family

Right down the line that's been you and me

And loving a music man ain't always what it's supposed to be

For some reason Katie was really enjoying herself. The music filled her with excitement and pure adrenaline. She was so close to Travis that she could feel his breath on her face.

Oh boy you stand by me

I'm forever yours


Their hands intertwined and they both leaned in. Katie shut her eyes but before their lips touched the music abruptly stopped.

"Katherine, you need to stop watching so much of that Glee show. It ruins your mind."

Katie opened her eyes and found that her new surroundings were much clearer than before. She was standing in a corn field and her mother, the goddess of agriculture, was looking at her appraisingly.

"M-mother?" she stuttered.

Demeter tisked disapprovingly. "I hope this isn't the way you greet every Olympian you meet. It will get you killed. You should eat more cereal."

"I'm sorry mother," Katie said quickly, trying to hide how flustered she was. Perhaps she had watched too much glee lately. "I guess I just had a very weird dream. I'm honored to see you." She gave a slight bow.

Demeter nodded slightly. "If you eat more cereal and watch less TV perhaps your dreams will consist of more important things, like corn," she answered, gesturing to the fields around her. "And you should be honored to see me. You have no idea how much work it took to be able to talk to you. My bossy brother still insists on us not talking to our children." She rolled her eyes.

Katie tried to pretend she was happy to see her mother. In reality, she wasn't too pleased. Demeter would never win the number one mother award. She had a step-mother at home that she loved very much and she would have much rather seen her than the goddess of agriculture. "What brings you here?"

Demeter sighed. "I have no time for small talk, Katherine. I'm here to get you out of your foolish quest."

Katie frowned. " Why would you…?"

"Don't interrupt your mother! You almost got killed today! That Stoll boy and the son of my disgusting son-in-law are terrible company."

"Mother, if we don't save Conner nobody…"

"I told you not to interrupt me!" Demeter shouted. "I know that boy has been captured. I know about the terrible danger he is in. But, Katherine, demigods are going to die. In times like these it is inevitable. If you die trying to save him you will just waste your own life for nothing! And your chances are not great, not great at all."

Katie cringed. It was a great confidence boost when even your own mother didn't believe in you. Demeter's eyes were glowing furiously and although Katie was sure that her mother wouldn't hurt her it was still frightening. She almost wanted to heed her mother's request. However, she had to finish what she'd started, even if it led to her death. She'd promised to help save Conner and that's what she would do.

"Mother, I know the risks but I can't just leave my friends."

Demeter's eyes glowed brighter and Katie averted her own eyes, just in case. "You wouldn't be so stubborn if your father had just fed you more cereal," she mumbled. "Katherine, you must…" She cut off mid sentence and looked at the sky. "What the…?" The scene dissolved again.

Katie landed with a thud in a frighteningly familiar location. A few feet ahead lay the limp body of Connor Stoll. She just wanted to escape from this nightmare or do something but just as before, she found she couldn't move. Connor looked worse than before. His skin was so pale that for a moment Katie thought he was dead.

One of the storm spirits came up behind him and looked down at the poor son of Hermes. "Can't we just kill him now, my lady? He won't last much longer like this and it would be such a waste if he died on his own."

Katie internally jumped when she realized Campe had been behind her the whole time. "You fool, I told you to be patient!" The storm spirit shrunk back. "Now be quiet, we have another guest." The storm spirit looked around hopefully and Campe focused her attention on the daughter of Demeter.

"Child, child, you have come far but you still have so far to go," she sneered. "You best hurry up. Five days left… that is if he even lasts that long." Campe's smile grew as all of the snakes around her hissed. She walked slowly towards Katie and the serpents snapped their jaws. When she was only inches away she stopped and looked down at the daughter of Demeter. "Best hurry, little girl."

Katie shot up from bed. She was coated in sweat.

"Glad to see you're up," Nico greeted. He was sitting at the end of the bed watching the blurry TV.

"Glad to see you're okay," Katie answered casually.

Nico raised an eyebrow. "Are you?"

Katie half smiled. "Well, I probably wouldn't be if you hadn't been there yesterday."

Nico shrugged. "That guy bit off more than he could chew. I saw that coming but I just tried to convince myself that Travis could be right… for once."

Katie snickered. "Like that will ever happen."

"Maybe I should apologize for attempting to punch him yesterday. It wasn't really his fault we almost got killed by a psychotic trucker."

"But it was partially his fault."

Nico smirked. "Yeah, partially." They both shared a knowing smile.

"So, where is that Son of Hermes anyway?" Katie asked.

"He went out twenty minutes ago to find food. Hopefully this ends better than last time." Katie glanced at the small clock on the nightstand. It read 9 am.

"How long have you guys been up?" she asked Nico.

"I've been up for a while. You've been moaning and crying for the past four hours or so," the son of Hades replied. His tone was conversational.

Katie blushed. "Yeah, it wasn't too good of a night."

"Any good news?" Nico asked dryly.

Katie shook her head. "None at all."

"Anything that could possibly help us?"

Katie frowned. "I don't think so."

"Then I don't want to know." Katie laughed at Nico's blunt expression.

"I don't blame you. Why doesn't Travis just eat what he bought last night?"

Nico rolled his eyes. "I think he feels guilty for what happened and is trying to make it up to us by getting us a nice breakfast."

"I hope he doesn't waste the few remaining dollars we have…" Katie mumbled.

"Don't worry, there's nothing out here besides a Burger King and an old bar," Nico told her matter-of-factly.

Katie rolled her eyes. They both heard a loud thud and turned toward the door. Travis ran inside. In one hand he had a Burger King bag and in the other he held a chicken.

"Hey guys," Travis greeted. "I bought breakfast." He excitedly opened the Burger King bag and handed them each some French toast sticks and an egg sandwich that probably had like a thousand calories.

"Travis, why do you have a chicken?" Nico asked.

"I was hoping you wouldn't ask," Travis muttered.

Katie snickered. "Most people don't just bring back chickens with breakfast, Travis. Unless, you wanted to make eggs or something."

Travis rolled his eyes. "Look, first of all, it's a rooster not a chicken. They're a sacred animal of my dad. This one was following me around and wouldn't leave so I picked it up and brought it along."

"Makes perfect sense," Katie answered sarcastically.

"What if it was sent by my father to help us?" Travis asked. "We do need a ride… again."

"This time, Nico's in charge of finding it," Katie told him.

"Hey! My rooster might have one."

"Let's just eat breakfast!" Nico interrupted as he bit into his sandwich. Travis's rooster let out a loud 'cock-a-doodle-doo' in agreement.

"That will wake up the whole hotel," Katie muttered between bites.

"So… Katie, you okay, you were, like, freaking out in your sleep," Travis asked after a while. He said it in a mocking voice but she sensed a bit of concern.

"Yeah, it was just… a dream," she answered and looked the other way to avoid his gaze. He didn't question her further.

They were just about finished with their breakfast when Travis's rooster flew into the air and start rapidly pecking at the door.

"What's wrong, Sully?" Travis asked the chicken, as if it could respond.

"Sully?" Nico asked, incredulous.

Travis nodded. "Yeah, he needed a name. "

"But Sully? Really, Travis, you could name him something that actually gives him some dignity," Katie replied.

"Like, what?"

"Guys, we have to go right now," Nico's urgent words interrupted Katie and Travis's impending argument. The son of Hades had just opened the window and standing outside mere feet away stood three huge Laestrygonian Giants.

"Yeah, I think Nico and the chicken are right, let's get out of here," Katie agreed. The three kids and one rooster raced out of the hotel as quickly as they could. They ran along the road, attempting to escape from the monsters but they had no such luck. One of the Laestygonians noticed and seemed to point it out to his buddies because soon they were all chasing after the three demigods.

"Well, I guess we'll have to fight," Travis shouted. They all turned around and took fighting stances. Nico drew his Stygian Iron sword, Katie's gardening spade transformed into her blade, and Travis pulled out his rifle that was loaded with Celestial Bronze bullets.

The three giants attacked head on. Travis managed to shoot one right in the forehead and it dissolved quickly into dust. However, he was so proud of his lucky shot that he didn't react fast enough when the second giant tackled him to the ground. Katie grunted and chopped off the giant's head with her own sword. It dissolved too.

"Thanks for that," Travis mumbled.

"Don't mention it," Katie replied.

Nico was locked in combat with the third giant. He would never admit it but he was still drained from his escapade the day before and his moves were sluggish. He couldn't summon any warriors because he would surely pass out again.

Katie and Travis ran to join to help but Nico, even when he was tired, was still a very skilled fighter and managed to slice the final enemy in half.

"Great job, guys, that was awesome!" Travis announced, pumping his fist.

"Umm… Travis, we have a problem," Katie said and pointed to where a pile of dust had once been. The dust was quickly reforming into the giant, which didn't seem too pleased about being killed.

"Crap," Nico muttered.

"Well, this sucks," Travis announced. "Hey, where's Sully?"

Sully the chicken was squawking and clucking like mad.

"What is it, boy?" Travis asked.

"I think it wants us to follow it," Nico answered. He looked almost amused.

"Are you mad? It's a chicken!" Katie screeched. Then she glanced at the already half-formed giant. "Sully, lead the way."

Sully the rooster seemed to understand what Katie was saying or at least she had gone insane enough to believe so. He dashed off in one direction at a speed so fast that the trio found it difficult to keep up. It was probably a weird sight; three teenagers running down a highway, chasing a rooster.

"Our packs!" Katie exclaimed. They rooster had finally stopped behind a secluded tree near the road. Sitting in the tree's early morning shade was both her and Nico's packs and a Harley motorcycle.

Nico grinned. "Thanks, chicken." Sully clucked, looking pleased.

"And look, we even have a ride," Travis exclaimed, referring to the huge motorcycle.

"What? We're not stealing that, Travis," Katie reprimanded.

"Isn't it obvious? My dad sent it! And he sent a rooster to lead us here!" Katie looked unconvinced. "How else would our packs be here?"

Katie bit her lip. "Even so, these things are death traps. We don't even have helmets."

"I hate to break it to you, Katie, but right now our options are either ride on a motorcycle and possibly die or get eaten by a Laestrygonian Giant," Nico offered. He had already pulled his pack on and was mounting the motorcycle.

Katie sighed. "Why couldn't they have just given a car?" She mumbled. However, she reluctantly grabbed her pack and hopped on in front of Nico.

"I call driving!" Travis shouted as he jumped onto the front. He turned the key that was conveniently already in the ignition and pushed down the gas. He proceeded to turn them towards the road but hit a root and they all crashed to the ground. "Hmm… Maybe I should get to the road first," he said, thoughtfully.

"Yeah," Katie agreed sarcastically. She got up and dusted herself off. "Have you ever driven one of these before?"

"No, but how hard could it be?"

"Oh gods," Katie mumbled, shaking her head. "Maybe we should just stay for the giants."

"Take your pick," Nico said, pointing towards the Laestrygonians that were heading straight for them. They all looked pretty angry.

Travis quickly grabbed the motorcycle and pulled it out to the street. The three demigods all jumped on. Travis was about to speed off when he noticed poor Sully the rooster who was right in the monster's path. The bird was clucking furiously but completely helpless.

"We can't just leave Sully," he whined. "He helped us."

"Fine, Travis! Grab the chicken! Just hurry!" Katie yelped, slightly hysterical.

Travis nodded and quickly drove the motorcycle back to the side of the road, scooped up his new pet rooster, and pushed down the gas full throttle.

Katie screamed as they took off and Sully gave a 'cock-a-doodle-do' of approval. The three demigods and their new pet rooster flew down the highway, leaving the three giants in their dust.

Chapter seven is finally complete! Seriously, it took a while. I love Sully! And Nico too! Plus, I really like glee, so I couldn't resist. Yes, Katie's dream was a remake of the scene in the season 1 finale but I wanted Katie to have a real dream and I wanted it to feature Travis and I love that song and I love Finn/Rachel so I couldn't resist. Hopefully, you enjoyed this. Thanks to my reviewers. If you have time, send another. Thanks!