Waiting for the End

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Chapter 1

Edward Anthony Cullen stood across the noisey room of a local dance club staring intently at his drop-dead gorgeous wife. Isabella Marie Cullen had on a little black dress trimmed with white silk, and knowing his wife, more than likely had nothing else on except her six inch stilettos. Her long, brown hair fell just below her shoulders and as she laughed, he watched her push it out of her eyes. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever had the chance to encounter. Using every bit of restraint he could summon, he stood planted to the floor, refusing to let himself make a scene. This shouldn't be a surprise to him, yet it still made his blood boil. He was seeing red. Who wouldn't when their wife was running her hands through the hair some tanned, blonde fucker who was currently putting his hands all over his wife's beautiful welcoming body? Finally gathering enough power to walk away, he turned and strode right back out the door.

"Hey, man! Wait up, you just got here!" Edward heard his brother, Emmett, calling from across the parking lot. Not wanting to deal with him, Edward took a deep breath and decided he really didn't have a choice. Knowing his older brother, Emmett would just follow him home like a lost puppy, making sure when he got there that he got the whole story. Once he reached his sleek, black Vanquish, he leaned against it and waited for Emmett to catch up.

"What the fuck is wrong with you? You were the one that wanted to come here and..."

"She's here. Bella's here. So is some dickhead whose in there grinding into her and grabbing her ass. Sorry if I don't want to stay for that little show."

Emmett was quiet for a moment, something that rarely happened with his twenty seven year old, 6'3 brother. After his moment of recovery, Emmett shook his head and rolled his eyes. Edward knew what was coming next, the same thing that ALWAYS came next. "You two seriously just need to let each other go. There is nothing more that can be said about this sick relationship you two are in. I'm serious. Look at you, Edward! You two are killing each other!"

This time it was Edwards turn for silence. He knew they were toxic for each other. In all honesty, he knew the reason for that was him. He broke his vows to her, more than once, he deserved every ounce of turmoil he was receiving and he fucking knew it. "Em, I'm going home. I'm sorry I called you and took you away from Rose. Go home. Tell her I said hi."

Reaching for the door handle, he was surprised when Emmett's large hand came down and grabbed his arm. "Uh-uh, nooo way. You are coming with me. You're not going back to mom and dad's so you can sit and pout on a Saturday night. You called because you wanted to go out and that's exactly what we're going to do. Leave your car here, I'll drive. You won't have the ability when this night is over."

That last sentence Emmett said should have been the hint as to what would happen that night but he was right, again. Nodding his head, he gave a small smirk. "Think we should call Jazz?"

Emmett returned Edwards smirk with one of his own, "Fuck yes, Rose is out with Alice. Jasper's trying to finish up the baby's room. I'll give him a call."

"To girls and all their crazy bullshit!" Emmett slurred as he raised his double shot of Cuervo and attempted to clink Edward and Jasper's glasses. Edward was laughing too hard to drink his own after watching Emmett spill half of his on the table. It was two hours after Edward had seen his wife hanging on some younger guy and the eight or nine shots he had already slammed down were definitely in effect. Finally taking a deep breath, Edward lifted his glass up and said, "To us, the stupid fuckers who put up with their crazy shit!" Jasper just shook his head and laughed.

Edward had known Jasper Whitlock since freshman year in college. Jasper came from the South but chose to go to college in Seattle after receiving a few scholarships. They had survived the freshman dorms together as roomates and eventually moved up in the world to live in campus apartments for the other three years. He could remember his first impressions of Jasper. Southern accent, curly blonde hair, blue eyes, about his height but a little slimmer—he seemed a bit uptight and Edward wondered what he'd gotten himself into. He had wanted to live at school for the main reason that Bella was doing the same, a few states away. Everything felt emptier without her and he wanted to find some distractions.

After their parents had left that first day, the guys did what most normal college students do, they unpacked their still wrapped books, dumped them onto their desks, grabbed their fake I.d's and headed out to party. As soon as Edward had mentioned it, Jasper had surprised him by pulling out his own fake id. He knew they would get along beautifully. The two rarely disagreed on much of anything, the only time their relationship was on the rocks was after Jasper met his little sister, Alice—who was now seven months pregnant with her and Jasper's first child. Bella had brought Alice, who was pretty much her best friend, to their dorm the second weekend. What a great weekend that had been...

"Why the fuck are you staring at me?" Jasper questioned, jokingly, bringing Edward back to the situation at hand.

"Don't flatter yourself, Jazz. I'm just trying to figure out what the hell my little sister sees in you." Edward smirked.

"I'm good in bed." Jasper stated back, sipping his captain and coke nonchalantly.

Edward flipped him off, knowing Jasper was using the one thing that got under his skin the most. Turning to Emmett, he realized he was texting someone—though he and Jasper both knew who that someone was. "Emmett, Ally is picking us up in an hour. You can go that long without talking to Rose."

Emmett, being Emmett, just shrugged his shoulders and went back to his phone. Shaking his head, he was just about to make a joke about his whipped brother but suddenly felt someone's arms wrap around his abs. For a moment he let himself think that maybe it was Bella. "Hey, baby," Tanya breathed seductively into this ear. Jasper and Emmett- who had quit messing with this damn phone- were staring behind him with strange expressions.

Edward tensed, kicking himself for thinking that it could have been his wife, for WANTING it to be his wife. He turned to see none other than the blonde bombshell, Tanya fucking Denali. She was the main reason for most of his marital problems. As he came face to face with her, he was still sitting, and she put her hands on his knees. Rubbing up and down his thighs, he shifted so that he could adjust himself, trying not to stare too much at the over abundance of cleavage that was there for all to see.

He could almost feel Emmett and Jasper glaring at him behind his back. They both hated Tanya—hell, his whole family hated her. They loved Bella almost as much as he did, ALMOST. Thinking about Bella made that guilty feeling he was so good at pushing down come right back to the surface. With a deep sigh, he took Tanya's hands and brought them to rest at her sides. "Tanya, no. Come on, you've got to let this go."

"Why?" she asked annoyed, "It's not like your little wifey isn't at the next bar over with her tongue down some others guy's throat. Why should she get to have all the fun?"

"You saw her too, huh?" Edward ask, sounding more defeated than he wanted to feel.

"Yep," Tanya replied, popping the 'p'.

"Edward, everyone saw her," she said quietly, as if trying to let him down easy. "Bella Swan is not good for you, sweetie. I can be more than her. I can give you what you want. Right now."

"She's still Bella Cullen. Please, just go," Edward turned to face his two friends, only to find they had walked away and were now back up at the bar. He heard Tanya sigh while she reached for his abs again, this time, pressing herself into his back and kissing the side of his neck. It had been weeks since he'd been with anyone and blood instantly began to go South. He couldn't remember how long it took or who was even still around. In what felt like seconds he was returning the kiss and Tanya was pulling him towards the door.

"My place?" she whispered in a husky voice. Standing up definitely helped him to feel the alcohol. His last thought as he kissed her neck, making his way to her car, was how well Bella felt against him. The idea immediately made him hard.

The next morning...err...afternoon, Edward woke up to a high pitched beeping sound. Did Bella forget to turn off her cell phone's alarm again? He wondered, still half asleep. Rolling over to wake her up, he came face to face with the blonde responsible for about ninety percent of the problems in his life. Fuck. Was all he could think when he thought back to what happened the night before. "Sorry if my phone woke you up," she said, trying to snuggle into him.

Prying himself away from her, he sat up and rubbed his face with his palms, "What time is it?"

"Like12:30 or something. I don't know, come back to bed."

"12:30? Shit," he muttered, standing up and throwing his boxers, jeans, and wrinkled shirt on.

"Where are you going?" Tanya asked, obviously annoyed.

"To my parents, it's my mom's birthday and we're supposed to be having a big lunch together. I should have left an hour ago. No, Tanya, I shouldn't have been here at all."

"Oh, come on!" Tanya cried, pulling the white blankets up around her as she sat up, "She doesn't love you anymore! When are you going to get that? You are going to stand here and beat yourself up for sleeping with me when she's probably fucking that guy she was with last night as we speak!"

"Where's my phone?" he asked ignoring her.

"I don't know! I wasn't exactly concerned with where you were dropping everything last night. I was a little preoccupied!" Now it was her turn to stand up, facing him with her palms up in a 'what-the-hell' stance. It would have been so much more believable that she was angry with him had she not been standing there completely naked.

"Alright, well, I really have to go," he turned and walked out of the bedroom towards the front door, noticing his cell phone he flipped it open and noticed he had so many messages the alert was up that his inbox was almost completely full. There were three from Emmett, two from Jasper, TEN from Alice...what the fuck? Worried something may have happened with Alice and the baby, a thought that made him sick, he didn't bother to read her texts. Jasper answered on the first ring.

"Where the fuck are you?" Jasper practically spat at him over the phone.

"Is Alice okay? Please, God, tell me it's not the bab..."

"Alice is right here, what are you talking about?" Jasper went from being livid to being confused in a matter of milliseconds, which in turn confused the shit out of Edward even more.


"What? I don't get it."

"Jasper, what the fuck is going on?" Edward finally ask, cutting to the chase.

"Did you not read any of the fifty thousand text we've been sending you all night?" Now, Edward could tell Jasper was just getting more annoyed by the minute.

"Are my mom and dad, okay? Fuck, Jazz, just tell me what the hell is going on!"

"No, dumbass, it's not them! Bella, remember her? Your wife? She's in the hospital. You need to get here like seriously fucking now!"

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