"Tch, late again," mumbled Romano as he checked his watch. He sat outside at a café, where he and his 'lover' (he's just going to pretend he didn't just say that in his head), Gilbert, had decided to meet up for a small date. Nobody knew they were in an intimate relationship. Gilbert didn't mind, Romano did though. He didn't want to be judged by the others, so he made Gilbert promise not to tell a soul.

Romano nervously glanced around to see if he recognized anyone.

"Sorry I'm late cute boy, I brought you some flowers!" smiled Gilbert as he approached Romano's table with a bouquet of white lilies, tied around a see-thru plastic wrapping and a blue ribbon. He then noticed Romano's angry face.

"For your table at home, of course!" yelled Gilbert at the people staring at him as he handed Romano the bouquet. As he smiled at all the strangers and took a seat, he leaned in close.

"I thought you'd like them with a tied ribbon that matches how I look," he smiled. Romano's expression didn't change, just the color of his face.

"Selfish jerk."

"Cute boy."

"Late as hell!"

"You want to see me badly, I understand."

Romano turned redder; he glanced to the side as a waitress walked up to the two.

"A pizza for my lovely friend here and a stack of pancakes for me, Olivia!" exclaimed Gilbert before the waitress could say anything. She nodded, wrote it down and smiled as she turned around. Gilbert brushed his blue uniform as Romano placed the bouquet on the table.

"So three months already huh? Since that fateful, wonderful appearance I do say so myself!" smiled Gilbert. Romano nodded as he nervously clenched on his khaki uniform pants.

"So, what did you want to talk about?"

"I wanted to ask you if . . . . if your angry with me," said the brunette nervously as he glanced at a surprised Gilbert's face.

"Angry?" asked Gilbert like he did not know what the meaning of the word was.

"Because . . . . nobody knows about us . . . being together . . . ," muttered Romano shyly as he looked away from Gilbert's face. Gilbert's confused frown turned into a smile as he laughed a little.

"What's so funny? I'm being serious here! Aren't you . . . frustrated that nobody knows about us? Don't you feel angry for me not letting us let others know about our existing relationship? It's almost as bad as denying it!" yelled Romano annoyed at Gilbert's laughter.

"That's it? Boy, you had me worried there!"

"I'm serious Gilbert! I've been-!"

"Worrying? That's what I find so cute!" laughed Gilbert even more as the waitress came back with their food.

"You worry too much, when I said I was okay with it, I really was. I don't mind keeping it a secret, it's kind of fun actually. Plus, I respect that you're very shy about it, since the lifestyle is so new to you. Maybe in time you'll get comfortable with the idea of holding hands in public, or kissing in a movie theater, or making out in a dark alley, or-"

"S-shut up! !" growled Romano as he grabbed a pancake and shoved it in Gilbert's mouth. Gilbert smiled at the waitress, who just gave them a nervous smile in return. As the two started eating, Romano stopped and glanced up at his date, whom was busy shoving his face with syrup and pizza.

"Hey . . . . . Gilbert," mumbled Romano as he bashfully looked on his plate as he ate.

"Yeah?" replied Gilbert with a stuffed mouth.

"Would you . . . . um . . . . do you . . . . want to . . . . later?"

"Sure," grinned Gilbert, knowing what Romano was trying to ask.

"Antonio won't be home all week. He's on important business."

"Romano, I don't care if he's sleeping in the same room as we'd be, nothing is going to stop me from fucking you when I want to," grinned Gilbert. Romano felt his heart skip at that and started to eat fast.

"Shut up! Can you hear yourself right now? You sound stupid! I can't believe I'm hearing this! You're crazy!" rambled on Romano nervously as he felt his face redden more and more to the point where he could feel his throat burning with excitement.

"I'm delighted to be crazy for you. I can feel my mouth water just thinking how good you will feel in my hands."

"G-GILBERT!" hissed Romano in an angry whisper.

"Heh, your ears are red now too."

"R-really now?" muttered Romano.


"T-that's nice," smiled Romano, letting Gilbert's comments slip past him. He didn't feel that he should get very angry at him for saying things he actually enjoyed hearing. Gilbert smiled at him as the two quietly ate the rest of their meal, holding hands under the table.

"Ah! Aahh!" whimpered Romano as Gilbert slammed him against a downstairs hallway wall. The two's wet kissing could be heard as it echoed loudly in the dark living room in the home where Romano lived with Antonio.

"Are you –slick- turned on yet?" asked Gilbert as he slid his tongue out of Romano's mouth for a small break.

Romano sheepishly looked away as he took a deep breath. He was so glad it was night, and Gilbert had miraculously decided to leave the lights in the house off. He didn't want Gilbert to make fun of how red his face is, but he also wanted Gilbert to know how red he was making him go. Giving into pride or your lover, what a tough call. Again, Romano will ignore he just referred to Gilbert as his 'lover'. He still wasn't used to thinking of him that way.

"Excuse me of forcing myself onto you first chance we got in this place, I just couldn't wait anymore. You make it so hard not to grope you in public," laughed Gilbert softly as he slid his hands under Romano's khaki uniform coat and satin red buttoned shirt.

"S-shut up!" Romano mumbled as he placed his hands on Gilbert's arms in a panicked manner.

"I don't understand. Here I am about to take you and yet you deny my full out honesty? You are so weird," he whispered as he slid his hands to the front of Romano's pants.

"Ah! G-Gilbert! Ahh!"

"Are you afraid of me making fun of you, boy?"

Romano bit his lip, trying to hold in the noises he so desperately wanted to make, knowing it would arouse Gilbert. He felt so weird; the thought of Gilbert being aroused made him aroused.

"I want to hear you, why won't you let me hear you?" asked the man smiling as he started caressing Romano's nether regions.

"N-no, s-stop!" huffed the brunette as he felt himself jolt up. He placed his hands on Gilbert's.

"Let's go to your bed," said Gilbert as he whispered into Romano's ear.

"W-why n-not h-he- . . . re?" uttered Romano nervously as he could feel Gilbert's hands stroking his cock.

Gilbert slowly pulled himself away from Romano as he stood up and stretched, Romano slowly sat as still as possible, not wanting to move from the position Gilbert will continue off from.

"I don't want you to get cold and dirty," said the albino in a low voice as he hooked his arms under Romano's trembling legs and hunched over back by his neck. Gilbert pulled Romano up bridal style as he placed Romano's head right under his chin.

"You're welcome to do as you please, I am yours you know," laughed Gilbert as he slowly started walking down the long, wide hallway in the pitch dark. Normally Romano would be terrified of even the thought of staring into a dark pitch hallway, but he distracted himself by making a rubbing movement on Gilbert's chest, and looking up at the white of his eyes, almost gleaming with the little light that came thru the windows from the night stars and moon.

"Hmph, you feel so damn good in my arms, you know that? So warm and soft. It's like warm honey was poured onto me," said Gilbert as he started climbing some steps, terribly confident he wouldn't fall over.

"W-weirdo," muttered Romano blushing embarrassed for him.

"It makes my mouth water," he said in response.

"Hey, this is dangerous! We could fall!" exclaimed Romano not daring to see how high he was from the floor compared to how high he felt he was being held.

"And if we do, it will be backwards and I will be the only one to get hurt," smiled Gilbert.

"You selfish jerk! You masochist!" yelled Romano, "don't you care how sad I'll be if that happens? !"

"Don't you care how happy I'll be your unharmed?" countered Gilbert.

" . . . . ," Romano quietly sulked to himself feeling defeat in the argument. As they got to the top of the steps, the young Italian felt himself being set down. Gilbert walked along the dark hallway, opening random doors, peeking in them to see which was best to his liking. Romano felt his small heart race, just looking at Gilbert made him horny.

"N-not in Antonio's," muttered Romano as he held himself from the cold. He looked up, Gilbert's smile and mischievous eyes almost glowing in the pitch dark. Gilbert opened the door to a room the whole way, motioning for Romano to get inside.

"What did I just tell you, you idot? ! I said not in Antonio's room!" hissed Romano.

"Why not? You can't possibly be worried about the 'evidence' we'd leave here," smiled Gilbert even more.

"You moron, you know why! It's the same darn reason you want me to move out of here!"

"You poor kid," said Gilbert as he stepped towards Romano. He grabbed his arm and pulled him over to the doorway of Antonio's room, which was right next to his own room.

"You poor kid, why can't you get it thru your thick skull I love you?" whispered Gilbert in Romano's ear as he reclined the boy on the doorway. He was able to lead the brunette to the dark bedroom and pushed him roughly on the white bed sheets, throwing himself over the young man.

"It makes me angry," he muttered. Romano looked up at Gilbert confused as his face grew redder and redder.

"What does?" asked Romano as Gilbert hastily opened his shirt, ripping the buttons off of Romano's shirt practically. The two already started breathing hard. Gilbert stopped, looked at Romano crossed, and shoved him back on the bed instead of reclining on his arms. Romano turned his head towards the window that let in the beautiful, romancing moonlight that made Gilbert look more . . . . more hot. Romano swallowed hard as he felt himself getting warmer and warmer the closer Gilbert leaned over him. Gilbert finally took off the brunette's shirt and now started to unbutton his own.

"I don't like it that he gives you expensive gifts and food," growled Gilbert as he slid a hand inside of Romano's pants. Romano shivered at the cold hand.


"I don't like it that he gets to sleep with you one bedroom away every night." Gilbert proceeded to start grabbing Romano's cock with both hands gently.

"No, w-wait! Don't do t-that y-yet . . . ahhhhh!" Romano felt his voice grow weaker and weaker as his sharp moans and the slick, wet sound filled his ears, followed with Gilbert's aggressive breathing. But that only made Romano all the more excited.

"I don't like it that he confessed his love for you in front of everyone! !"

"G-Gilbert! !" Romano huffed as he clawed his hand on Gilbert's back. The older man bit his lip as he felt himself start getting hard up against Romano.

"We're not doing anything!" uttered Romano in a crying way as Gilbert kept caressing his cock. He could feel Gilbert's cold hands being covered in his warm semen. Reclining his head a little onto Gilbert's chest, he growled angrily. Gilbert ceased to stop as he noticed Romano's moans and whimpering cease.

"What?" he asked bluntly in a calm voice.

"You don't trust me," mumbled Romano.

"No no, it's not you."

"Shut up! Yes it is! You don't think I'd be able to defend myself, huh? You think I like holding back our relationship because it makes you nervous about me being around him and he having the thought I 'available'? ! Why won't you get angry with me? WHY! ?"

Gilbert looked at Romano surprised as he sat himself besides him; Romano had started crying.

"Because it's my fault, not yours."

"That doesn't make any sense!" cried out Romano. Gilbert turned the younger boy around and placed his head on his lap, and started to caress his short brown hair.

"Heh, simple really. I can't help but be jealous."

Romano opened his eyes and turned to look at Gilbert surprised.

"I don't like yelling at you. None of it is your fault you're so cute. But really, I'm just . . . . scared is all."

Romano smacked Gilbert in the top of his head. Shocked, Gilbert grunted as he rubbed his aching head.

"YOU IDIOT! I said I'd never let anyone but you have me? Got that? You said I was yours! What bullshit is this about being scared? ! If you're scared, then what does that make me? ! Idiot!"

At this, Gilbert smiled as he pressed Romano's face against his chest.

"Your right, you're so cute when your right."

"SHUT UP! Stop calling me cute!" hissed Romano. Gilbert quieted him down with a long kiss in the mouth.

"Your right. You're just cute all the time."

"Gilbert, I said shut u-!"

"And your even make the sweetest faces," said Gilbert as he started sliding his hands on Romano's sides.

"Tch, s-stop fooling around, he can get here any minute!" uttered Romano trying to suppress a whimper.

"I want him to catch us," smiled Gilbert as the two continued on the whole night.

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