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The room was white, silent and very relaxing. Of course, that's how hospital rooms are supposed to seem like. Gilbert's never really liked hospitals. In all of his years of experience they only brought bad news and tragedy. He remembered the time he once visited his younger sibling; he lied sick and going in and out of consciness. The blond looked so tired and delicate with all the bandages around his arms and head. That's to be expected after you come out of a war. But Ludwig hadn't been in a war, not that time. He had suffered a terribly blow to his country after the World Wars and not gotten one break. As a result, one day his deprived body just gave out and he fainted during a drill with his former army soldiers. They rushed him to the hospital and everything. Stuff like that's happened before, Gilbert knew. It's happened to his ex Roderich and to himself a bunch of times around the time period, but, something different had happened on that hospital visit.

"There will be other countries now," mumbled his old has-been boyfriend. Gilbert looked up from his twiddling fingers from the low seat he sat in and at the brunette Austrian speaking to him.

"What? Wh-what's that supposed to mean?"

"Three, maybe four tops. Tiny little countries, but their there. New countries were formed. It's why your brother's so tired. He'll never be his old self again," muttered Roderich turning to the blond sleeping German lying in bed fast asleep. The faint beeping coming from the heart monitor seemed to be in step with Gilbert's own heart. He felt that the noise became much louder and more frequent, or was it his own beating heart? Gilbert blankly stared at the brunette, his jaw shaking. No, there was no way; Ludwig can't possibly have lost territory. That'd mean that he . . . he'd become weaker and more vulnerable. A change to any one of their countries' territory would overwhelm everyone but . . . he never thought it to happen to anyone, his brother especially who had grown so strong in less than a decade and was now reduced to fight to keep stability.


The albino stirred in his sleep. He didn't like hospitals at all. They were sad, depressing and a little scary.


His eyes shot open, the red rings around his pupils shaking with confusion and shock.

Scratch that, very scary.

Gilbert quickly glanced around the room he was in. A hospital; great. And what more, a horrible screech that gave him the most annoying of headaches was sounding pretty darn loud. Don't these doctor jerks now there's important people sleeping here? The Prussian tossed the white blanket over himself off and forced himself to sit up. He twisted his body and snapped his back, his body obviously tired and annoyed at having to lie down for so long. How long has he been out exactly? And why was he in a hospital? No matter, he'll get the hell out of his embarrassing white hospital gown and leave the heck out of here with his brother.

The loud beeping now growing to a fuzzy loud noise in his ears, Gilbert tossed his legs to one side of the bed and began to gather strength to stand up. He found it odd to have to claw into the bed sheets and push himself up; exactly what had he done to make his whole body ache? Staggering in his bare feet, the long, plastic tubes sticking into his right hand clicked against the white floor. Panting a little he balanced his weight on one hand that grabbed at the plastic rail along side his bed as he gave a quick tug at the tubes. A sharp hiss escaped his mouth as the tubes clicked on the ground. He was just glad the heart monitor that would usually sit at anyone's sick bedside wasn't there to add onto the irritating loud siren. Was there a fire drill going on out there? It sounded like it. Loud footsteps and shrieks came from the hallway outside his door. He gave a small scowl; wasn't any one of them going to come in and save him? Pretty sure he didn't want to die a fiery death, he staggered towards the door across his bed, his bare feet going completely cold at the freezing floor. He opened his dried mouth and gave a small sigh.

"It'll be alright; just gotta tell one of the doctor's who I am and it'll all be alright," he mumbled tiredly with his cracking voice. With a tiny smile his sweaty palm grabbed at the chrome doorknob and gently twisted it. His smile turned to a confused frown as something, or someone, else from the other side was turning his doorknob.

"Finally. Hey get me out of here, I don't wanna die-!"

Gilbert's body suddenly froze stiff as he stared directly into Roderich's bloodied face.

"Gilbert . . . ," the brunette mumbled in a low voice, his dull eyes half-way open as he tiredly stared at the albino. Frightened by the white-gowned bloodied appearance, the Prussian took a step back.

"R-Roderich, w-what the hell is with th-that blood on y-!"

The brunette then fell forward into Gilbert's arms.

"T-take it. Take the gun," the brunette whispered barely audible above the fire alarm. Gilbert's arms shook as he grabbed on the Austrian. He flinched at hearing a heavy clack on the floor. His mouth opened.

"Kill Antonio."

A black pistol sat on the white floor, covered in bloodied fingerprints. Outside in the hallway, the noise became clearer. Nurses screaming in a panic, hoarse voices of officers calming everyone down.

"They're dead! TEHY'RE DEAD!" someone from outside screamed, " MR. RODERICH KILLED THEM!"

Elizabeta quickly dashed deeper and deeper into the woods' startled by the rustling sounds behind her. Whether it was an animal or not, it was following whever she went. Also, it was very, very large, for she could hear the loud footsteps it created as it pursued her.

"OOF!" she cried as she crashed against something hard, too deep in thought about the wild animal running after her. She fell back hard, rubbing at her aching nose. The camera she once held in her grasp rolled into the ground hidden in the bushes. Said thing that she had bumped into just stood quietly, watching her, "oh i'm sorry! I'm running an errand and-"

She looked up to see Mathias looking down at the girl with a blank expression, his dark shadow and military uniform hard to really see with the still rising sun in the horizon.

"Oh Mathias! I didn't know you were here!" she exlclaimed with a small as she pushed herself onto her feet and wiped at her uniform.

" . . . ," the tall Danish quietly watching the brunette.

"What are you doing here so early? Could it be that-?"

"Yeah, I came to help. Everyone is coming for the World Meeting, so might as well make myself useful while I'm here so close bye," smiled the blond. Elizabeta rose a brow, noticing what looked like a forced smile, almost as if Mathias was uncomfortable just looking at a strong stench hit the Hungarian. She covered at her nose as her face soured.

"Did you skip a shower getting here? You stink!" the girl laughed nervously.



The blond male took a dangerous step forward.

"Your uniform's green," the man said pointing at the brunette. Elizabeta noticed that one of Mathias's arm was behind his back, holding something.

"What do you have behind you?" she said, not helping herself to stutter. Mathias carefully stepped back, a faint dragging sound behind him.


"You h-have something behind you. What is it?" pestered the girl. There's no way the Danish could have come out here so fast and just to roam in the forest. Something was up, or more importantly the blond might be holding evidence behind himself, maybe wanting to be helpful to the other's during the world meeting like she was! Her eyes twinkled. Mathias could really help her!

"No," is all the man mubled.

"Oh come on Mathias! Maybe I can help you solve Vash's death too! No need to hied evidence from me! Did you find something interesting."

There was a faint glow in the blond's eyes at the accusation. Elizabeta then made her way behind the Danish where she saw exactly at what he was holding; Lili's decapitated head. With a smile now frozen in place she looked up at the Danis h blond. Mathias gave her a crooked smile as the sun now brightly shined on the man's uniform. Blood was all splattered on the dark green clothing. Fresh blood dripped on the ground where blond locks and blood from the decapated head mixed together. Mathias face also contained splattered blood that quietly slid down his face.

"L-Lili? LILI?" began to breathe the brunette as her whole body shook.

"Vash? I killed him. See?" smiled Mathias raising the head up into her face. Elizabeta stared right into the widened blue eyes of her friend that she had spoken to no less than fifteen minutes ago. Now . . now she was nothing than a bloody . . . a bloody head.

"M-murderer . . . you murderer!" screamed the girl running away. The Danish dropped Lili's head and, almost playfully, chased towards the Hungarian. With his now free hand, strands of blond hair still on it, he reached for a hidden axe and begun to chase the Hungarian down the deep forest. The brunette pushed past tree branches and kicked at any debris in her way.

"GREEN. BLOND. VASH! GREEN. BLOND. VASH!" sung the Danish as he wildly swung the axe in his hand, cutting at the air swiftly as he did so. Elizabeta ran as fast as she could to the Swiss and Liet's home. She dashed into the house locking the front door, ignoring the trail of blood that lied splattered all over the front lawn. She ran up the stairs on all fours as she began to tire out, working her feet and hands like mad and trying to register all the horror that was happening.

Oh god! Oh god! Mathias is the one! He's the one! He killed! HE KILLED!

Her breath hitched at hearing the front door being kicked open downstairs.


Elizabeta ran inside a room and slammed it shut behind herself. In the darkness she began to shove bookcases and chairs, the loud screeching wood scratching at the wooden floorboards. She got to anything within reach to block the doorway. She didn't want to meet the same end as Vash or Lili. Oh god, both of their eyes stood shot open with their mouths opened all the way . . they probably died screaming to death. Finished, she looked for a switch or cord to turn the lights on in the room. As she pulled on a beaded line coming down from the ceiling, the lightbulb switched on and revealed to her a room full of firearms. Without a second thought the brunette grabbed at the largest and most intimidating rifle she could spot. Checking that it was fully loaded, she stared quietly, scared and shaking, at the door. The quivering brunette lifted the rifle high up ready to aim at the Danish if he came throught the door. Nervously she glanced around and stared back up at the ceiling where she had seen the light switch to the room till she then, tilting her head, noticed another line, thicker and a rope this time, coming down from the ceiling. This must be . . the attic! She could wait him out and call for help on her phone! Perfect!

Soon faint footsteps began to quietly ascend the stairs. The Hungarian tossed the strap to her rifle behind her shoulder as she jumped to reach at the high piece of rope. How odd, why would it be so short and high up? She began to pant loudly, tears coming down her pale face as she desperately reached for the rope.

The footsteps became louder and slower, as if building momentum. Elizabeta ceased her jumping and grabbed at her rifle.

He killed Lili. She thought as she shook. She slowly walked backwards to the opposite side of the room towards a window.

Clack. Clack.

He decapidated her.

Clack. Clack.

I have to end his life. She swallowed hard, gently pulling the rifle up to her face.


The Hungarian waited for something, anything, that would tell her to shoot.

"Elizabeta? Elizabeta is that you in there? I got the message about Vash and came immediately! I saw you running inside so I followed you. I hope I didn't scare you!" laughed the Belgium's voice on the other side of the door. The Hungarian relaxed her tensed shoulders, overjoyed. Someone else was here with her besides the insane Danish!

"Oh Belgium," cried Elizabeta as a tear streamed down her face, "you have no idea how happy I am to hear your vo-"

A large blade of an axe gleamed in the sun's light as it crashed through the window. The Hungarian's eyes winded as she stared at the large object coming at her neck. On the end of axe was Mathias crashing inside the room, smiling devilishly with a dangerous red glow to his eyes. He opened his mouth and gave a loud howl. It all seemed to move ever so slowly, her death. She could only move so fast; Elizabeta raised her rifle, ready to shoot at Mathias in the chest when she just suddenly froze. Something about Mathias eyes told her not to look away, almost putting her in a trance. She opened her mouth, wanting to let a blood-curling scream out but all that came from it was her vocal cords cut in half, and her last breath as Mathias carefully whispered, "goodbye useless bitch." Hearing the breaking glass on the other side, Belgium began to scream as Mathias cut Elizabeta's head right off clean. Both parts of her deceased body landed in a bloody thud against the wooden floor, blood sprawled all on the ground. The Danish man gave a crooked grin as he walked inside the room, his glowing red eyes sparkling at all the firearms on display surrounding him. He gave an ecstatic shudder.

"It's Green. It's Blond. It's Vash," the blond whispered to himself as he dropped the axe and grabbed at a random rifle. He then turned to the wooden door where the woman's screams and loud banging can be hear. As the Belgium woman screamed, her older sibling kicked at the door, trying to open it.

"Elizabeta! ELIZABETA!"

"Green, blond, it's all Vash. Green . . . "

The door finally swung open as Mathias shoved all the furniture out of the way with one swift kick of the leg, the Netherlands and Belgium on the other side.

"Blond . . ?" grinned Mathias as he pointed a gun at Netherland's face.

"Mathias?" murmured the blond man as he stared at the decapitated body of Elizabeta and back at Mathias.


He began to shoot at the two nations, twenty rounds without a pause. The bullets pierced right through both siblings, their bodies jerking backwards. Their eyes stared confused and frightened into Mathias as the Danish laughed wieldly, both hands jerking as it held the powerful rifle.

"Blood, MORE BLOOD!"

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What you should know:

Body Count: 9. (Vash/Switzerland, Nurse, two soldiers and Edward/Estonia, Elizabeta/Hungary, Belgium, Netherlands, Lili/Liechenstein.)

Suspects: Antonio/Spain, Roderich/Austria, Ivan/Russia, Mathias/Denmark.

Definite Murderers Countries all know without a doubt: -None so far-.

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