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"grandfather" the blond hair girl begin to say a bit scared

"what is it, shara?" her grandfather asked he knew something was up

"Um, you see Monica was running and she broke your pot" the blond hair girl held her breathe she knew that her grandfather was gonna reprimary her little sister

"I see, you better clean it up befire anybody got hurt as for Monica I'll talk to her later" her grandfather turn around and stare at the sky.

"What are you thinking?" the girl place her shoulder on her grandfather

"Nothing you better clean up why don't you invite Micah over?" he asked and walked off

"You know Shara seems to look like Shana" a voice appear which kinda shock Well

"Hazel, please don't shock me like that" Well carry on looking at the sky hoping Hazel would leave but instead she stayed.

"Please tell me you still fell sad that Shana left you" Hazel asked him

"Grandfather, I don't why I can't go around the world I mean come on I know how to fight"

"Shana, please your only 14 years old"

"I still don't see why I can't!"

"Everytime, I see Shara she always remind me of Shana, she left us at the age of 14 she would always get what she wants even if I don't allow her" Well sign and sat down on a nearby chair.

"Shana was always a good fighter, she like a tomboy and never seem to care what other thinks of her" Hazel laugh a bit.

A smile was then form on Well's face "I'll wait for her until she returns well, that is or if Shara gets marry".

A/n:I'm done it's a bit sad if you ask me but Shana is an OC I made up so Shara doen't really have a sister please review.