If you'd asked me a year ago if I was going to write a sequel to this fic, I wouldn't have been able to give you an answer. By then, I was reaching my peak in terms of creativity, and I knew I was going to need to recharge my batteries. Since I have now done so, I'm ready to push on and give the long awaited sequel to the incredibly popular fanfic, Meet the Suzumiyas! If you haven't read that fic yet, please go read it now.

I desperately want this fic to be superior to the last, largely because I've realized that the first one was a lot more flawed than most people said it was. While there was a lot there that I think I did right, there were also bits that could have been improved. The biggest flaw in the last fic was the prose, as it was rather sloppy in places, especially in the beginning. My goal is to improve the prose while keeping everything else that everyone loved from the last fic. Let's hope I succeed.

Without further delay, I give you the sequel!

Life with the Suzumiyas

It's warm...and comfy. It feels so good. There are few things in life that are more satisfying than sleeping in a nice, comfortable bed. Sometimes I feel like I could stay like this forever. Unfortunately, I knew that this would end. I was tempted to check my clock, but that would involve opening my eyes. I wanted to keep them closed for a long as possible.

I heard my door open, followed by the sound of approaching foot steps. Oh, no. Already? Can't you give me five more minutes? I'll do anything.

The next thing I felt was someone climbing onto my bed. I then felt this person lay right next to me. Her breath tickled my ear as she spoke. "Good morning."

I was surprised by the gentleness of this greeting. In the past, she would wake me up in the most violent manner possible. Today seemed different. What could she be planning?

"I just wanted to snuggle with you for a few minutes before my parents wake up."

Snuggle? Right now? Man, that's sounds awesome! Now if only I could respond...

"Not getting up? Never mind. No snuggling for you."

"Mmm...I'm up..." I said with all my willpower. There are no way I was missing out on an early morning snuggle.

I felt her warm, soft body move in close to mine. It felt so good that I began to wonder if we were made to fit like this. I felt her nose brush gently against mine. "Open your eyes dummy."

Okay, fine. You win. I complied with her wish and slowly opened my eyes. Before me was the most beautiful creature I've ever had to luxury to wake up with...then again, who else have I ever woken up with?

"Idiot. What are you mumbling about?"

Before my eyes was my girlfriend, Haruhi Suzumiya. Damn it felt good to call her that. "Good morning."

"There we go," she said as she moved in to give me a gentle kiss.

"I think this is my favorite method of waking me up."

"Mine too," said Haruhi with a giggle. We held each other tightly for a few minutes, enjoying the sensation until she looked at the clock and frowned. "I have to get up."

No. Stay right here. You're not going anywhere.

"Dummy. My parents are going to wake up any minute."

Don't care! I'm not afraid of them. Holding you for a few more minutes is totally worth whatever horrors await when your father catches us doing this. Hell, let's skip school and do this all day.

Although I could tell that she liked my idea, she resisted. "No. I have to get washed up." She pinched my cheek as she climbed off the bed. "You better be up when I'm done."

Boooo! You suck! Just for that I'm going back to sleep.

"You better not, or you'll get a penalty."

"What kind of penalty?" I asked with a grin.

"Not the kind you're thinking of. Pervert." She then walked out of my room.

Despite my desire to go back to sleep, I was unable to. I sat up and gave a large yawn before rubbing the sleep from my eyes. I so wasn't in the mood to go to class. School was going to be a pain these next few weeks since tests were right around the corner.

It was July 6th, and I could tell that it was going to be an incredibly hot and beautiful day. I opened my window and took a deep breath of fresh air. Next, I picked out some socks and underwear along with my usual school clothes. I was sure to note that it was definitely time to do my laundry today. Great, I love having more crap to do after school. No doubt that bastard was already going to have me busy with some stupid chore today.

After Haruhi finished washing up (I was able to sneak a quick peek at her in only a towel), I took my turn to wash up. Once done, I got dressed and made my way down to the kitchen for some breakfast. I was greeted by Haruhi's parents, Oruki and Naru-san.

"Good morning, Kyon-kun!" said Naru-san with a sweetness that rivaled the richest honey. "Breakfast will be done soon."

"Good morning," said Oruki with about as much enthusiasm as a slug. Good morning to you too, sir.

Haruhi had already beaten me to the table and was impatiently waiting for her food. "Come on, mom! We're going to be late!"

"Don't be rude to your mother!" said Oruki. "You should be happy as it is that you're even getting a breakfast. It's more than what I got when I was your age."

Ah, the sounds of a typical, Suzumiya household morning. It's hard to believe that I've grown to find this normal. I rested my head on my hand as I listened to Naru-san hum the opening theme to a legendarily popular mecha anime from the mid-nineties. Yup, life was good. Other than a few minor complaints, I really couldn't imagine how my life could get much better.

After Haruhi and I finished our breakfast, we walked out the door towards school. Walking there was especially enjoyable now that Haruhi and I held hands. The warm softness was enough to sooth my soul. Being with her like this was enough to make wonder why I didn't decide to start dating her sooner. Damn I was an idiot!

I noticed someone walk up next to us. Turning my head, I realized it was Kunikida.

"Good morning you two," he said pleasantly. "Great to see you two in positive spirits."

"Good to see you, too," I said. Of the two guys I occasionally ran into on my way to school, Kunikida was definitely the less annoying one. He was never much of a conversationalist, but that's part of why I liked being friends with him. He wasn't intrusive, and he was a good listener. Wish I could say the same about Taniguchi.

"Does your club have any big plans coming up?"

"You'll see," said Haruhi. "I have a whole bunch of things planned for the whole Brigade this month!"

"Like what?" I said, feeling left out. You never discussed all of this with me.

"It's more fun when I leave you in the dark," said Haruhi with a wink. "The last time I gave you a sneak preview of my plans, it took all the fun away when I revealed them to the others." She must have been referring to the time when she first revealed her plans to go to Kyoto a couple months back.

"Well, if I'm not busy during summer break," said Kunikida, "don't be afraid to ask for help."

"Don't worry. I'm sure I'll find something for you and your buddy to do." I love how she expects both Kunikida and Taniguchi to come running to help her at a moments notice.

I sighed as our school came into sight. I figured that whatever craziness Haruhi was planning was going to be par for the course for the SOS Brigade. After all, we've gone through plenty of hairy times already. I was sure that I was ready for anything that could be thrown at me.

I couldn't possibly be wrong, right?

Classes were as uneventful as ever, and everyone was gathered in the clubroom. Koizumi and I were trying a children's card game that he recently picked up, Asahina-san was cutely brewing her latest batch of tea, and Nagato was sitting in the corner reading a copy of One Thousand and One Nights in what appeared to be Arabic. When I looked at Haruhi, I noticed that she appeared frustrated. After five minutes, I found out why.

"This computer has become way too slow! What's wrong with it?"

"Have you been updating your anti-virus software or defragmenting the hard drive?" I said.

"Of course I have, but it's still too slow."

"It's possible that the hardware in the computer is wearing out," said Koizumi. "Like all machines, computer performance degrades overtime."

Haruhi shot up onto her feet. "That's it! We're upgrading!"

Upgrading? What do you mean by that?

"We're going to replace this computer with a better one!" said Haruhi with a little too much enthusiasm.

How are you planning to...oh, don't tell me. Haven't you tormented those guys enough?

"Come on, everyone! We're going to the computer club's room!" She then marched triumphantly out the door with the rest of us in tow. I placed a hand on my face, feeling bad for our latest victims.

Seconds later, Haruhi burst through their clubroom door, her infectious energy flooding the room. "Good afternoon gentlemen!"

The Computer club president immediately hung his head in exasperation the moment she entered. "What do you want? Please tell me you're not here to make our lives miserable?"

Haruhi scowled at his response. "What makes you think that I'm going to do that?"

Probably the fact that every time you come here, you force them to do something against their will.

"Look, just tell us what you want," said the president.

Haruhi pointed to the computer the president was working on. It was obviously a much newer model than the other computers in the room. "We need your latest computer!" she said, smiling like a kitsune.

"Forget it! You've taken enough hardware from us! We need this computer for our latest project!"

I wonder if they're working on a sequel to that video game we played against them.

Haruhi appear undeterred by his words. "Are you sure? If you don't, there's a chance that a certain set of incriminating photographs might suddenly show up in the hands of the school officials."

You still have those photos? Are you going to hang those photos over this poor guy's head for the rest of his life?

Surprisingly, the president smiled smugly back. "Go ahead and do it! I'm not afraid of you! It'll be our word against yours, and you don't have a single bit of creditability anymore! All of the school officials know about your reputation!"

He's right. Given Haruhi's antics over the last year, it would be next to impossible to get any school official to take what she has to say seriously. I had to admit that even through she was my girlfriend now, seeing her put in her place was kinda nice. She's made these guys suffer enough.

Realizing that she no longer had the leverage she once had, Haruhi started thinking about a different strategy. "How about a trade instead? I'll give back the other computer for that one!"

"Are you kidding me? You can keep that outdated piece of junk. She doesn't hold a candle to this baby." He then patted the computer tower.

"Well, what would you trade for that?"

"If you think you can swindle me into giving up our computer, you're sadly mistaken. You don't have anything that I'd want!"

"You tell him!" said one of the other computer club members.

I could see some frustration building up on her face as she continued to think. Suddenly, I saw a flash of insight on her face as she grinned. "Are you sure? I can think of something you might want."

The president raised an eyebrow. "What's that?"

She then leaned towards him uncomfortably close, enough to mildly piss me off. "How about a date with one of my members?"

Almost everyone in the room was floored when she said that. "Wh...what?" stammered the president.

"That's right! I'm giving you the opportunity to pick any member of the SOS Brigade to go out with on a date...except for him." She pointed at me when she said that.

This is crazy! You can't just make anyone in the Brigade go out on a date with someone without their permission. Also, did you just say that Koizumi is in the running? I don't think either of them swings that way. And finally, why didn't you make an exception for yourself? As unlikely as it is, if he picks you, I'm going to kick his ass!

The president appeared flustered for a few seconds before recovering. "One date? I hardly consider that a fair trade!"

"Five dates!" said Haruhi. "How does that sound?"

He paused a bit, looking undecided.

"Don't do it!" said another computer club member. "It's not worth it!"

"Come on," said Haruhi as she wrapped her arm around his shoulder, pissing me off even more. "Think of this as an investment in your future happiness! Maybe you two will really hit it off and be happily in love!" If I wasn't so annoyed, I might have remarked on how good a salesperson she could be.

After mulling it over in his head for a minute, the president finally went with the deal. "Fine then. I accept."

"Alright!" cheered Haruhi. "Who's it going to be then? Is it Mikuru-chan?"

"No!" reacted the president. "That would be way too awkward after what had happened." I spotted his eyes move up towards Nagato. He nervously scratched the back of his neck. "I...I'd like to go out with Nagato-san..."

"Deal!" said Haruhi with great satisfaction.

"Hold it," I said, grabbing Haruhi's shoulder. "Don't you think you should ask Nagato if this is okay?"

Haruhi narrowed her eyes a bit before relenting and looking at Nagato. "Are you okay with this? If you're not, that's fine. I'm sure we can figure something else out."

Nagato looked up from her book and at the president. After a brief pause, she answered. "I accept."

I was taken aback by her answer. Did she really want to go through with this, or was she only doing this because Haruhi wanted her to? I looked at the computer club president, who appeared almost joyful at her answer. Did he develop a crush on her over the last six months? It was common for Nagato to spend time in the computer club whenever she wanted to, so it was definitely possible.

With the deal made, the president asked that he be given the chance to remove some important files from the computer before reformatting it. After doing that, I was forced to bring the computer into the clubroom and set it up. When I finished, Haruhi happily gave it a test spin. Before long, it was time for all of us to go home.

Unfortunately, Haruhi forced me to stay behind for a task. "I need your help bringing the old computer home."

You're taking that computer with us? Doesn't it technically count as school property?

"Well, since it's belonged to the Brigade for this long, I figured it was okay for me to take it home."

What makes you think that's okay? The computer was originally paid for with school funds. If you take it home, it's considered stealing.

"Look, I was hoping to give this computer to my parents as a gift. Are you saying that it's wrong to do something for them?"

Great, now you're trying to make me feel bad. "Why do you feel the need to give them the old computer?"

"Are you kidding? You've seen them! The two of them are still stuck in the nineties! It's time for them to move into the twenty-first century!"

She does have a point. I'm not even sure they know how to use a computer.

"Besides," she said, "I could use it for Brigade related activities during the summer."

"What about the computer in your room?"

"That piece of junk isn't capable of doing some of the things I need this computer for." She then went and grabbed the box for the heater. "Look, if you're so worried about us getting into trouble, we can just put the tower in here. No one will ever suspect a thing." She then picked up and placed the tower inside the box, which just barely fit inside. "There, perfect!"

I sighed deeply and gave up. It wasn't worth fighting over this. Even though technically she was violating school rules, since she wanted to do something nice for her parents, I decided to let it slide. Haruhi then grabbed a large bag and placed the monitor and necessary cords in there.

I was forced to carry the tower all the way back home while Haruhi carried the rest. Truthfully, I was still upset with the deal Haruhi made with the computer club president. I guess you could say that I was protective of all the girls in the Brigade, and I definitely didn't think he was good enough for Nagato. I swear, if he puts his hands on her I'll...I better stop. I'm starting to sound like someone I really, really don't like. Besides, if there was anyone who didn't need my protection, it was Nagato. I just hoped that she was really okay with this.

When we finally returned, Haruhi announced her gift excitedly to her parents. Naru-san was ecstatic to discover that her daughter had done something so nice for them. Oruki, on the other hand, was very suspicious.

"How did she get her hands on a free computer?" he asked, looking quite concerned.

I scratched the back of my head. "She...made a few deals with the computer club at our school."

"What kind of deals?"

I reluctantly told him the truth (or part of it at least). "Haruhi obtained a newer computer with the computer club president in exchange for five dates with Nagato."

"That's...that silent one, right?" After I nodded, Oruki shrugged. "Whatever floats his boat. So why is this one here? Isn't it school property?"

Haruhi overheard this question and immediately answered it. "It was an old one that the school was going to get rid of anyway. I decided to take it off their hands a year ago and was using it in our clubroom until now."

You can't seriously believe that your father will fall for that. I know he's not computer savvy, but even he should be able to tell that's a lie.

After eying the computer for a minute, he eventually dropped the subject. "Forget it." I guess he wasn't in the mood to fight with his daughter over this.

After some more cheers from Haruhi and Naru-san, I was forced to set the computer up in an open spot in the living room. Haruhi was able to convince Oruki to use one of the tables he'd recently finished as a computer table. After everything was done, the Suzumiya household had their very own family computer. Even though this was a gift meant for Oruki and Naru-san, I knew having it here would come in handy for me as well. There was no way I was ever going to make the mistake of using Haruhi's computer ever again (she changed her password, by the way).

After I was finished, Oruki called for my attention. "It's time for you to mow the lawn."

I sighed and hung my head. "Okay."

"Oh, and we're out of gas for the one mower, so you'll have to use the other one instead."

You've got to be kidding me. How could you forget to get gas for it?

Oruki scowled at me. "It's none of your business why it doesn't have gas! Just go out there and get it done!"

I followed his orders and grabbed the push mower. I couldn't help but notice a small amount of anxiety in his voice when I brought up the gas. Did he not have the money to get any this week? Whatever, I'm sure he just forgot.

The rest of the day went by fairly normally. Once I finished my chores and homework, Naru-san had dinner ready for us. Wednesday nights used to be Hispanic night, but lately things have changed. Instead, we've been having typical Japanese cuisine every night for the past couple weeks. Naru-san gave the excuse that it was becoming too much of a chore finding new recipes for the various different days. When I brought up that the computer would give her access to all the recipes she would ever need, she thanked me but still appeared apprehensive.

Once dinner was over, I noticed Naru-san trying out the computer while Oruki watched television instead. I spent the rest of the night giving pointers to Naru-san on how to use the computer. I even showed her a couple websites that I thought she might like, mostly discussing various supernatural phenomenon. She appeared to really take a shine to the computer, and I figured that this would be a great way to cure some of her boredom. After I was satisfied that she could handle things on her own, I went upstairs, sneaked a quick kiss from Haruhi, and went to bed.

Over all, it was a relatively satisfying day. Sure, there was that stuff that happened in the computer clubroom, but that was nothing to be too upset over. Compared to some of the stuff I've had to deal with, that was nothing. I closed my eyes and quickly fell asleep, expecting tomorrow to be another relatively normal day.

Little did I know that the next two months would end up being among the most trying times in my life, possibly worse than those five weeks of hell not that long ago. It would all start as a result of what would happen the very next day...

I know this wasn't the most exciting chapter, but I wanted to build things up for a bit. In any case, I hope you all enjoyed it. It shouldn't be long before I update.