A/N: I find this really exciting: one of my first Star Wars fanfictions. :D
Like I said in my other one, I'm still new to this, so we'll see how this goes. This one spawned off the curiousity of just how Padmé and Anakin were able to keep everything all hush-hush and not have anyone have any idea that they were actually married. Granted, Obi-Wan doesn't seem to oblivious, but I digress.
I was also wondering what Ahsoka would think if she suddenly got the inkling that there was just something a little more going on between the two. That's where this came from.
Takes place during the Clone Wars series, as you can probably tell.


The first time is the most awkward of them all, considering the brief bits of conversation she overheard, never mind the fact that eavesdropping itself was one of her less promising qualities.

The fact that Ahsoka was eavesdropping on her master wasn't even the worst part—it was what she heard.

"Padmé?" He began, safe enough save for the fact that he shouldn't be so informal with the Senator.

So Ahsoka was about to knock on the door when he spoke again.

"Have you seen my pants?"

At that point the Padawan's not sure what to think, one hand poised to push the door open and the other against her mouth at Anakin's words. His pants?

'And why in the galaxy would the Senator know where they were'? is one of the more important questions.

"I did, but I don't see them at the moment, Ani."

Ani? Ahsoka mouthed to herself, glancing at the sealed door that was currently the only thing separating her from the two having a fairly odd conversation. She tried to suck in her breath quickly, fairly certain that Anakin ought to have sensed her standing there by now.

Of course, she wasn't too aware that he had more pressing matters on his hand at the moment—namely his wife standing before him wearing his tunic (even if she was swiftly removing it to put on one of her own outfits, mind you), though only he was privy to that information.

"I need my pants, Padmé."

"I don't know where they are, Anakin."

"But you saw them last."

"Yes I saw them, but that was last night." Ahsoka then slapped her hand against her mouth again to keep the fact that she was choking on her spit from being audible. Now, Ahsoka Tano was no fool, mind you, she knew that there were certain things that happened between two adults, thank you very much. But that knowledge didn't bring any comfort to the idea that her master had perhaps gotten a bit . . .involved. Especially considering he was a Jedi and the woman he most likely spent the night with was a Senator.

Never mind how Jedi were supposed to practically live a life of solitude—why was she even standing here listening to this exchange anyhow?

"Am I going to have to sneak back in and steal them from you?"

Sneak back in? Ahsoka frowned, glancing around the corridor, checking to see if anyone was witness to her infringement on privacy.

Ah well, listening to this conversation was much more interesting that watching Rex and Cody arm wrestle for the umpteenth time because of a lack of anything better to do. Mace Windu had yet to contact them with their next move so consider it a not-being-paid vacation, if you will.

"You're going to have to bit a more stealthy if you don't want to get caught, Ani." What that, Padmé's voice brought Ahsoka's attention back to something she shouldn't even have been listening to in the first place.

"Are you saying I'm not stealthy?" Anakin responded with a hurt tone, though his hidden Padawan could hear the smile in his tone. And he still hadn't noticed her how?

"Or subtle."

She could hear Anakin scoff at the woman's remark. The Senator's response was muffled by the scuffle of feet and the rustle of fabric.

Now Ahsoka knew she definitely shouldn't be listening, burying her face in her hands. Force give me strength.

"I can be subtle." Padmé hummed back at him as he said this. "Very subtle." He chuckled and Ahsoka wasn't sure what he's doing when the woman he's with makes a brief and strange squeaking sound. Ahsoka wasn't sure she even wanted to know.

Thinking that enough's enough she curled her hand into a fist to knock on the door and stop whatever's going on when they start talking again.

"You can be a lot of things, Ani. Subtle isn't one of them." The man in question let his breath out through his teeth.

"What about getting you off the Malevolence? Or that trip to Naboo?" He paused for a moment, and Ahsoka could almost sense him leaning over the woman. "The other night for instance?"

Padmé made a 'hmph' sound.

"So two out of three's not bad, I can take that."

Padmé hummed again.

"I can give you one of those, maybe. If you disregard the fact that you almost fell off the side of a building. And the Malevolence? I hardly consider getting shot at 'subtle,' Ani."

"But you'll give me Naboo." He said, the smirk in his voice obvious. Ahsoka shuffled quietly, debating leaving and staying to hear the rest of the conversation, biting her lip.

"Barely!" The Senator exclaimed, and her sudden footsteps echoed beneath the sealed door as the still strangely unseen Padawan held her breath. Another rustling of fabric was heard; straps and buckles clinking together. "There's a reason why you're missing your pants, Anakin."

Fully convinced that by now she really shouldn't listening Ahsoka finally turned to leave and return to the bridge when her face ran smack into the chest armor of Obi-Wan.

"Master Kenobi!" His name and title came out in a shocked breath, the Padawan suddenly remembering that the only reason she'd even come down this corridor was to find Anakin and tell him that his former master was looking for him. "I was just…looking… for him." She muttered, hanging her head slightly.

"I'm sure," He responded in that voice of his, one eyebrow arched as he stared down at the sheepish female, keeping his voice down a tad. "Do you happen to know why Anakin is missing his pants, by any chance?"

Unable to form a coherent reason as to why she'd neglected to bring Skywalker back in a prompt manner, she could only mutter, "How much did you hear?"

"Only that last bit." He whispered back, his eyes flickering to the sealed door. "Hasn't he sensed you yet?"

"I was wondering the same thing. . ." She mumbled at the same time a low growl seemed to resonate from the room, her hand leaping to her hip, mirroring Obi-Wan's itching for his lightsaber.

"Give me my pants Padmé, I know you have them." Kenobi and Tano exchanged a look. A few clones started marching down their corridor, pausing in step to address to two standing off to the side exchanging a perturbed glance. The trio's stride halted abruptly as they also overhear a statement only one person was really supposed to hear.

"I would have your pants Anakin, but it's a bit difficult to find anything in this mess."

"It's not a mess! I know exactly where everything is!" The Jedi shot back indignantly, obviously flustered at the woman marching around his chamber. One of the clones removed his helmet, leaning in to speak to the bearded general.

"What is—"

"Shh!" Ahsoka hushed the soldier with a wave of her hand, turning her attention back to the unseen Anakin and Padmé.

"There's a layer of dust on everything." Padmé said almost incredulously, small pieces of metal clanking together as she shifted something.

"And you know perfectly well why." Anakin stated under his breath, leaving Obi-Wan to frown.

"Be that as it may, it's no excuse for you to go throw things around because you can't take the time to actually clean up after yourself." The Jedi heaved a sigh, and the groan of a mattress became audible to the five people outside his chamber who shouldn't even have been standing there in the first place.

"I do clean." He muttered, earning a muted scoff and eye-roll from his former master. "I am clean! I shower! I'm not covered in dirt!" He paused for a moment. "Well, not all the time at least. What more do you want from me?"

More fabric was moved around and there was a quiet cry of victory from the woman who was in a room she really shouldn't have been in. "I want you to put your pants on." Anakin's smart retort was cut off when she continued. "Considering the fact that I just found them. They're mostly dry now—put them on."

"Mostly dry?" One of the clones whispered to himself, earning an exasperated look from Ahsoka even though she really wasn't one to talk.

The mattress groaned again and at that sound of movement Obi-Wan decided that it was about time that he brought an end to this act and swiftly punched the consol next to the door, bringing it to open itself and expose whatever the hell was going on.

And it served to expose a shirt-less Anakin Skywalker wrapped in a towel with Padmé Amidala standing next to him holding out what one could quickly assume to be a pair of pants.

A moment of silence passed as the two turned and took in their muted audience.

"Oh come on," Anakin was the first to break it, snatching his clothing away from his secret wife without looking at her, trying to find something to hide behind so that he could dress. A few beads of water made their way down his face and throat from his soaked scalp as Padmé tried to offer a pacifying smile despite the pink creeping up her neck.

"Yes well, you couldn't leave well enough alone when I told you not to go near the beast."

"It's not my fault," the Jedi grumbled, giving up on looking for a hiding place and trying to level his gaze with his old master and new Padawan, shifting under their stare. "It came at me. It was either getting myself impaled or diving into a creek, so. . ."

He trailed off, wincing at the uncertain narrowing of Obi-Wan's eyes. "Now, if you could all stop looking at me like that. . ."

Even Ashoka couldn't bit back a grin at the story of how Anakin had found himself being flung into a lake, actually, on Naboo because he thought it would be funny to screw with the wildlife for lack of anything better to do.

At least, it explained why he was still practically soaked, anyhow.

Of course, had anyone but Ahsoka (and Obi-Wan, as usual) been paying any attention, perhaps they might have noticed to small reddened marks that adorned the necks of both Padmé and Anakin.

A/N: That's the first time she almost caught them. Some of the others I suppose you could say are almost a bit more. . .romantic? And some may or may not be just as awkward as this one was. :)

Why didn't Anakin sense them there? He was a bit. . .preoccupied. Had more important matters on hand at the time.
At least, that's my excuse.