Craving Curves by WeasleyForMe

Fred is surprised to find how much Hermione has grown up since her days as the Gryffindor bookworm. He's even more surprised by how much he wants her. Hermione/Fred rated M.

Birthday Story for Preetoaka Raven Potter Weasley! Happy Birthday!

Fred Weasley couldn't take it anymore. He couldn't focus on his work, and he couldn't even focus on what his twin was telling him.

"Come on Fred, we need to sign some more documents. Earth to Fred? Pick up a quill and start signing," George said as he danced around in front of his twin trying to get his attention. "What's gotten into you anyway?"

Fred snapped his attention back to the task at hand along with his current tormentor. Hermione Granger handed him a stack of legal documents with a smile. Then she turned and bent to pick up her briefcase, and Fred audibly groaned at the sight of her creamy legs and curvy behind.

Several months previously, Fred and George had decided to further invest in their business by expanding their storefront on Diagon Alley. They planned to extend their product lines and would need more space to do so. After submitting an application for a loan from Gringotts, they began to worry over the annoyance of dealing with someone from the bank's business loans department. They were notorious for inflexibly enforcing regulations and denying loans for expansions.

The twins considered themselves exceptionally lucky to find that their loan officer and liaison to Gringotts would be none other than Hermione Granger, smartie-pants extraordinaire. Fred was dually pleased to find that she was rather easy to work with, and that she had also grown into a breathtakingly beautiful young woman.

Hermione on the other hand, was both pleased and nervous at having been assigned to Weasley's Wizard Wheezes as her first solo flight in her department at the bank. Luck and good timing had best described how she had interviewed for and earned her current position right out of Hogwarts. She had been able to take the place of a highly educated and experienced loan officer who was about to retire, and Hermione attacked her work vigorously.

But there was a nervous energy that was starting to get to her. Working in such close proximity with the twins she had harboured a crush on for much of her adolescence hadn't seemed like a big issue at first, but she found Fred and George to be as undeniably attractive as they always had been. There was something even more intriguing about Fred now, and she noticed it as she handed him some documents to sign. He seemed to give her an appraising, hungry look as he took the forms and began to leaf through them.

Both twins had matured physically and emotionally, as evidenced by George's recent marriage to Alicia Spinnet, one of the more studious and established women to recently come from Gryfindor House. They hadn't changed too much though. George kept his hair at a moderate length, and his blue eyes were as playful as ever. Fred had grown his hair a bit longer, and Hermione noticed he occasionally tied it back as Bill Weasley always had. She found the look very appealing on the twin who stood six feet tall, towering over her petite frame.

As Fred turned back to her, handing the parchments over, he gave her another long look complete with a slight smirk. Hermione tried to smile as she accepted the signed documents and bent to put them into her bag. She felt her cheeks grow warm as she took an extra moment to fiddle with the latch on her bag. She felt as though his eyes burned a sapphire-blue path directly to her very skin. It was with these particular gazes she felt she was bared before him, naked for Fred Weasley's evaluation.

As much as it frightened her, it was not completely unwelcome.

Hermione smoothed her skirt over her hips and turned to the twins. "Well that about takes care of the preliminary paperwork. I need to get back to my office and crunch some numbers and present this to my boss. You should hear from me again before the end of the week," she informed them, trying to avoid eye contact with Fred as much as possible.

"Sounds good, thanks Hermione," George replied as she turned and headed for the door. "Hey, what the hell does 'crunch some numbers' mean?" he asked Fred once Hermione was gone.

Fred was just staring at the exit.

"Oh wow, it's worse than I thought," George mumbled to himself.

"What's worse?" Fred asked after a moment.

George linked his elbow around Fred's neck. "It seems the little bookworm has struck your fancy," George said with a grin.

"She doesn't look like a bookworm anymore!" Fred announced, still surprised by the way Hermione had showed up to the shop the past few days. He glanced around to make sure there were no customers in hearing range. "Did you see her arse, George? That's not just Ronniekin's little friend in that body! She looks fantastic!"

George cleared his throat and lowered his voice as some school aged boys walked past. "Oh, I completely agree with you, but as I'm going home to Alicia in a few minutes, it would be ungentlemanly for me to elaborate…but yes, I did see her arse, and yes, it was very nice!"

Fred burst into laughter as his twin made an hourglass shape with his hands.

"Too bad she's way too smart to fall for the likes of you! See you tomorrow!" George said as he ducked quickly away from his twin and grabbed his coat.

Fred just rolled his eyes as he watched George leave, looking forward to seven o'clock when he could close the shop for the night. He hoped the end of the week would come quickly, bringing with it the return of Hermione.

Trying to get her off his mind, he decided to restock some Patented Daydream boxes. After a few minutes of falling into a daydream about Hermione sprawled out naked on his bed, he gave up, tossed the boxes into the stockroom and locked up early. He needed to get home and have a nice glass of firewhisky to forget all about the curvy brunette and her perfect, innocent smile.

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