Craving Curves by WeasleyForMe

Fred is surprised to find how much Hermione has grown up since her days as the Gryffindor bookworm. He's even more surprised by how much he wants her. Hermione/Fred rated M.

Birthday Story for Preetoaka Raven Potter Weasley! Happy Birthday! Thanks to Clover Bay for beta reading this story!

The next morning, Hermione woke to the delicious smell of pancakes and bacon. Her stomach growled loudly, and she realized she was curled up in Fred's bed alone. Pouting, she climbed out of bed, and realizing she was naked she wrapped the sheet around herself. After padding out to the kitchen, she found Fred arranging plates of breakfast.

"What are you doing?" Hermione mumbled, rubbing her sleepy eyes.

Fred spun around wearing just his boxer shorts. "Hermione, love! It's early," he said noting the time. "I was just about to put a warming charm on this food and come back to bed. I wanted to surprise you later."

"Did you make this?" she asked as she gestured to the food, her throat still scratchy from sleep.

Fred burst into laughter. "No, I wouldn't do that to you again! I ordered it from the café on the corner and they dropped it off," he told her as he wrapped his arms lovingly around her. He ran his hands along her curves through his bed sheet and smiled. "You look cute," he whispered into her messy hair as he held her close.

Hermione leaned up and kissed his neck, her hunger forgotten. "Let's go back to bed," she told him with a wicked glint in her eyes, and Fred couldn't help but feel naked, exposed, and electrified by her gaze.

He let her lead him back to his bedroom, then the shower and then the bedroom once again before they ate a very late breakfast.

"London's Ineligible Business Owners" by Lydia Tafferton

Only a few short months after originally reporting on Fred Weasley's relationship with none other than Hermione Granger, Harry Potter's right hand girl, it has been discovered that Weasley and Granger are to be wed at the end of this month in a small ceremony at Hogwarts. This news means that the owners of Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, formerly London's most eligible business owners, are both officially off the market. In further news, George Weasley and his wife are expecting their first child, due around the same time as Fred Weasley's wedding. Congratulations to Wizarding London's favourite twins.

Hermione smiled as she remembered the news article that had been printed about them. Dating Fred was every bit of the romantic, whirlwind type of romance she had imagined it would be. And then some.

She was flooded with memories. After about six months together, he showed up at her flat one night with cookies that he promised he had baked himself, and a beautiful ruby ring. "I love you. Make me happier than I ever thought I could be, Hermione. Be my wife."

"Yes," she said, leaping into his arms joyously.

After he placed the ring on her finger and held her tight, he asked, "Does this mean George and I have to start behaving?"

And that was when she was certain there would never be a dull moment, not with Fred around. They belonged together.

Finally, they would be married. "Are you ready for this adventure?" he asked, holding out his hand to her on their wedding day. He smiled and his sapphire eyes sparkled in the warmest way.

She smiled brilliantly at him and grasped his hand. "Lead the way."

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