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Well, as I promised myself, I have found a way to rewrite this story. This story happens right after the last chapter of 'Just Get Better with Time'. The second child has not been born. Thanks and enjoy!


"Gin, have you ever wished for something?" the boy asked.

"Well, I always wished the old man and woman were with me," Gin responded. "They loved me and I," Gin stopped.

"loved them," the boy finished the sentence for him. "I had a family once." The boy held his head down and started to cry.

Gin came and sat next to the boy. He put an arm around him and handed him some bread. "I got this from the market. Those guys tried to take from me but I got away."

They both sat in silence as they ate. Soon after the boy fell asleep. Gin made sure that the area was safe for them. He placed the cover over the boy and sat in the corner next to him.

The next morning Gin and the boy went to the market to see if he could find his family. The crowd grew as the market became busy. Suddenly a woman's voice screamed.

"There he is! There is my son!" The woman screamed as she ran toward the boy. He broke his grasp from Gin and ran toward her.

The boy ran into her arms and hugged her very hard. "Mamma, I want you to help Gin. He helped me find you. He took care of me and helped me find you. He is right over. . ," the boy pointed in the direction he came from. Gin was gone. The boy was sad that Gin was gone.

"Don't worry about him. We will come back later and look for him. But let's get you home and cleaned up." The woman hugged the boy again. She picked him up in her arms and carried him away.

Gin hid as he watched the boy and his mother walk away. She leaned and whispered in the guard's ear. The guard looked in Gin's direction and started to walk towards him.

Gin did not know what was going on so he ran. He picked up speed because he did not know what was going on. The guard saw him run and he tried to match Gin's speed. But Gin was faster.

The guard watched as Gin ran until he was out of sight.

Gin looked down at his son Gineri, who had fallen asleep in his arms. He kissed him on his forehead and placed him in his crib.

"That is the story of the mysterious boy that I met when I was boy."

Gin covered his son and quietly left the room.

He walked toward the kitchen to fix a cup of tea when he noticed the light was on. He walked in to see Kyoshi sitting at the table reading a book. Gin sat across from his father as he slid a cup of tea to him. Gin stopped it before it could spill on the table.

"Gineri asleep?" Kyoshi asked as he sipped his tea. He held a book in his other hand and was reading one of Gin's philosophy books.

"Yeah. Little man was tired. Spending all day at the hospital. Bringing Bya home because of the false labor pains. The picnic for Renji's promotion. Yeah, Little Man was worn out." Gin said as he sipped his tea.

Kyoshi smiled as he looked at Gin. "How is Bya doing?" Kyoshi went back to his book.

Gin took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. He knew his father was very level headed and his attention to detail was very good. Only Gin's attention to detail was greater.

"Bya was exhausted too," he paused, "He wants Gina to be here now. He feels like he is neglecting Gineri. He loves him so much," Gin stared at his cup tea. "He wants this to be the last one for a while."

Gin thought about the time he and Byakuya found out about his second pregnancy. They both wanted to ensure that Gineri would not grow up alone. They decided that they wanted a second child right away. They knew that they were taken a chance with Byakuya becoming pregnant before his six weeks check up but it was a decision they both made. That is why Byakuya resigned his leadership role with the Sixth Division and the Gotei 13 but the commander would not let him leave.

Gin finished his tea and stood. "I am going to bed. Since Gineri is going to be nine months in the morning, I got a little gift for him. Besides, I would not be surprised if Gina decided to show up."

Gin laughed and left the kitchen.

Kyoshi poured another cup of tea and slid it across the table. Aimi stopped it with her hand. She sat down and took a sip.

"He's gone to bed?" Aimi said. "Did he tell Gineri the story of the mysterious boy?"

"Yeah, he did." Kyoshi sipped his tea. He put his tea and the book down. He looked at Aimi as she tried to pull her sleeve down. "I see you have been contacted." He held out his arm showed the emblem that appeared on his forearm. "We have to tell them but first we have to make it safe for them. You know what is going to happen."

Kyoshi got up and sat next to Aimi. He placed an arm around her. "No one is going to hurt our children or grandchild," he paused, "our grandchildren. Besides, he has not contacted them, plus, we have to prepare."

Gin eased into the bed next Byakuya. He noticed that Byakuya was not in a dead sleep.

"You still awake beautiful," Gin whispered as he kissed Byakuya.

"You told Gineri about the boy from your childhood?"

"Yeah, I did and as usual, it put him to sleep. Do I need to tell you the story?"

They both laughed quietly. They looked into each other eyes and smiled.

"Byakuya Kuchiki Ichimarau, are you telling me my stories are boring?"

"No, they are not boring, but I don't want you to tell all of your stories until Gina get's here."

"Well since you are on bed rest, you better rest because your son does not know the meaning of bed or rest." Gin held Byakuya until he went to sleep.

Gin slowly closed his eyes. As he drifted off to sleep, he wondered what happened to the boy.