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Byakuya sat with Aimi as he looked at Gin playing with the children. They both smiled as the Gineri and Gina jumped on Gin trying to slow him down as he ran in a game of hide and go seek.

"They have gotten stronger since they've been here." Aimi was trying to get a conversation going with Byakuya. Ever since Gin been back from his training, Byakuya has been more observant than talkative.

"I want them to have a good memories," Byakuya stopped, "I mean good times with Gin."

Aimi continued to look at Gin and the children play.

Gin knelt in front of Gineri and Gina and whispered in their ear. He then pointed to toward his mother and smiled. The children ran to her and hugged her. They looked at their Poppa and said, "Daddy wants you to come and play hide and go seek with him."

Byakuya smiled as he looked at Gin. Gin nodded his head for his lover to come to him. Byakuya got up and kissed the children and went to his lover.

Gin smiled at his mother as he grabbed Byakuya's hand and suddenly, they disappeared.

Later, Aimi sat at the table with her grandchildren. They ate and talked about the fun they had with their Daddy. As they were talking, Aimi kept an eye on Jiro and Kyoshi as they were whispering to each other.

She knew that when they spoke to each other in low tones, there was a battle on the horizon. She knew that Byakuya's mind was this battle and how Gin is to lead this battle.

"Grandma, Grandma," Gineri called out. Aimi turned and saw Gina asleep on her brother and Gineri looking very tired.

Aimi smiled as she picked Gina up and then Gineri wanted to be picked up. She was about to pick him up when Kyoshi came and picked up Gineri. They carried them to the room and placed in their bed.

"When are you leaving?" Aimi asked Kyoshi as they placed the covers over the children.

"You always knew when a battle is near. We will be leaving within a week." Kyoshi spoke quietly as he kissed Gina then Gineri on their forehead. "Gin is talking to Byakuya. He is going to tell him of the plan."

Aimi and Kyoshi walked back to the kitchen where Jiro was pouring tea for himself. He sat at the table with two other cups for them. He looked at Aimi eyes which, he could tell, were filled with worry.

"Gin has made his decision. He will do whatever it takes to protect his family." Jiro reached out and grabbed Aimi's hand. "He knows that we will help him in anyway but you know that only he can challenge our brother."

Jiro thought about the last internal battle his older brother fought before he went mad.


His name was Kichirou and he was smart and strong. Jiro and Kyoshi admired their brother because he was going to battling for leadership of the Bellators. They knew his true motivation was for the attention of Akemi, who was Aimi's older sister and also Gin's biological mother.

Jiro remembered how Akemi was promised to the leader of the Bellators for marriage. Kichirou was in love with her and he was determined to kill his opponent. Jiro knew that Kyoshi and Aimi were friends and Kichirou used their friendship to get next to Akemi. He was in love with her and after a short time they spent together, she was in love with him.

The battle was fierce because Kichirou was going against a strong opponent but he knew that he was smarter. Instead of brute strength, their brother defeated him with his brain. He learned and taught his younger brothers about other ways to defeat an opponent using angle, speed and all the positions that a Bellator would use in battles.

At the end of the battle, Kichirou defeated and killed the leader of the Bellators and won the hand of love, Akemi.

End of Flashback

"Gin has a big task ahead of him but we have trained him to fight. He has met each of the challenges and succeeded. He has his family behind him." Jiro squeezed Aimi's hand to reassure her.

Gin and Byakuya's Island

Gin was kissing Byakuya's back when he saw the mark at the base of his neck.

"Bya," Gin whispered as he continued to kiss his back.

Byakuya slowly responded to him with a soft moan.

Gin moved his hair to reveal more of the mark. It had grown and was continuing grow from the base of his neck to the top of his hip line. The more he looked, the more it revealed itself to him.

"Bya, this mark," he paused; it is spreading across your back. It looks like a tree."

Byakuya began to wake and turn to his lover.

"Gin, I can't stop this transformation. I do not want to become a spiritual being. I just want to be your husband."

Gin saw Byakuya fight to hold on to his himself. His eyes began to switch back and forth from the beautiful grey eyes.

"Bya, it's okay. No matter what happens, I love you and your heart will never change."

Gin lifted his lover's face so that he could see his red eyes. "Let go, Bya."

Byakuya smiled as he allowed his true spirit take over and his eyes change to black sclera with a very light grey pupils like his father.

The two kissed a long time before they started to make love again.


Grandmother sat in the room with Mamoru drinking tea. They felt the spiritual energy change in the atmosphere. They knew that Byakuya has made the transformation.

"Now that Gin and Byakuya have accepted their roles, we should expect Kichirou to make a move now."

Kichirou's layer in Hueco Mundo

Kichirou sat on a throne as he stared out into the vast darkness. Suddenly the he felt a strong energy. An energy that came from high.

"It has happened. He looked at his lieutenant.

"Gather my captains. It is time to prepare for battle. My son is coming to try to kill me."

The lieutenant bowed to his commander and disappeared.

Kichirou was lost in thought when felt someone staring at him from behind. He smiled and called out.

"Sosuke, please come here."

Aizen came into the room and knelt in front of him.

"It is time for you to prepare. We should send a message to the Spirit King and his Bellators very soon."