Another chapter


Gin and the other Bellators were about to enter Hueco Mundo when a small group felt a group following them.

"Commander, do you want a small recon group to go check it out," one of his sergeants asked.

Gin closed his eyes and opened them. He smiled as he looked at the sergeant. "No, I will deal with it." Gin looked at Jiro and nodded. "Go ahead and get the group set up camp. We will be right behind you."

The sergeant bowed to Gin and proceeded to enter Hueco Mundo. Gin changed his eyes and the Jiro and his group did the same.

"Come out; come out where ever you are," Gin said in a sarcastic voice, "Rukia."

Rukia jumped out of a tree.

"Renji, Kira, Hisagi," he went on, "I know you're here also. You would not want her to travel alone."

The other three jump from the trees behind Rukia. She slowly stepped to Gin. She was more determined than afraid of him.

"Where is my Byakuya? Where is my brother?" she yelled at him.

Gin looked at Jiro. Jiro looked at Rukia then backed at Gin. He nodded and whispered to him. "We do not have much time."

Gin smiled and looked at Rukia. "I took Byakuya away and have him in hiding. He is safe and being well taken care of." He started to leave when she called out.


He stopped and walked up to her. Now he was annoyed. "Rukia, let me cut to the chase," he said as he invaded her space, "We are going to Hueco Mundo to find Seiji Kuchiki and kill him. He is the one threatening Byakuya. Now you should go and get your family to safety because I do not know what or who Seiji done with your families and the Kuchiki estate. You know how Byakuya feels about the family affairs. Now we are going to take care of this threat and you will take care of the family."

Rukia looked at Gin. She gave a nervous smile.

She has learned that although she does not care so much for Gin but she does know that he loves and care for Byakuya. She learned that Gin would kill anyone that threaten or try to harm Byakuya, even her.

"Okay, I will trust you." Rukia relaxed as Renji placed a hand on her shoulder.

"I am depending on you and your friends. If I fail, you will have to protect Byakuya and our children." Gin walked closer to her and hugged her.

When he looked back, she had a shocked looked on her face. He leaned and whispered in her ear.

"Also, you are going to be an aunt again. That is why I hid him. He will find you if I fail to put an end to this. You are going to have to be strong for your division. Ukitake and Kyoraku are with Byakuya. Like I said, it is up to us."

Gin looked at Rukia again. She smiled and nodded.

Then Gin looked at Renji, Hisagi and Kira.

"You three were trained by me and Byakuya to become great captains. Make sure you help Rukia."

Gin stepped back and looked at the Group. They all bowed to him and flashed away.

Gin turned to his Uncle Jiro. His eyes turned red and his speed and power amped up.

"Let's go," he said as the group entered Hueco Mundo.


Kichirou sat at the head of the table as Aizen stood behind him. Keiji and Keiko sat on either side of Kichirou and across from each other. Ryota, leader of the other members of ex-Bellators that followed Kichirou from the King's realm, sat at the other end of the table.

"Aizen, tell the others about your encounter with my son, Gin," Kichirou said as he motioned Aizen closer to the table.

Aizen proceeded to tell of the encounter with Gin. He told them of Gin power that he felt and also of Gin hatred for his father and his love for Byakuya and his children. "Gin on a mission and he has all of the Bellators with him and blessing from the king."

"The deeper he and his group come into Hueco Mundo, the stronger their Bellator energy will grow. We have to prepare for them. The prophecy of your son is becoming true. If Byakuya is at his full potential and of course your family made sure that Gin would be at his full potential, and if Byakuya is with child now, your plan has gone awry," Ryota said as he stood. "The child he will carry will be the next king and with the Bellator blood running through its vain, that child will break all boundaries and will have a strength that cannot be contained. It is important that you kill Gin and your family before he fathers a child."

Kichirou smiled and told Ryota to prepare for battle. "They will be soon." He bowed to Kichirou and left the room.

Keiji and Keiko were left with Kichirou and Aizen. He leaned forward as he spoke to them.

"You know the two of you have been loyal to me for a long time. Before Gin and Byakuya became an item, you were with me. Although you failed, you continued to be loyal." Kichirou gave a smile that made Keiko uneasy. "Imagine when I heard of your plan to kill me and take over."

Keiko stood and yelled, "We never had a plan like that! We would never betray you."

Suddenly a katana appeared through her heart. It slowly lowered to her hole in her stomach that made her a hollow.

"How dare you, Aizen. You were in on this also," she started to disappear as she realized that Aizen's loyalty to Kichirou was stronger than she anticipated. "Trader," she yelled before she vanished.

Aizen quickly appeared behind Keiji with his katana at his throat.

"You and Keiko thought you could out smart me? You are nowhere near my intelligence. You never were," Kichirou said as a sadistic smile came across his face.

He nodded to Aizen to complete his action. In a swift motion, Keiji head fell of the body and rolled to the feet of Kichirou. His body fell to the floor. As his body disappeared, Kichirou laughed as he looked at Aizen.

He held out his hand and called out to Aizen. "Modoru," he said as Aizen turned into a katana.

"Well done, my spirit sword. Well done."