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Hey everyone. This writers block is not fun. But I got a direction on this story. After five. Chapter write ups this is a short chapter but going in right direction. Bringing some characters from 'Just get Better with Time'. Enjoy and yes, my birthday is on Cinco de Mayo. I may have a Chapter before then. LOL. Enjoy!


Seiji Kuchiki stood in a field next to a tree. He rolled his neck to relieve the tension that started to build up in his body.

Just as he started to think his meeting would start late, an open happened and out walked a two hollows, as Seiji Kuchiki says, Arrancar.

"About time you two show up," Seiji said as the two became visible to him. "I don't have all night to fool with you two." He paced as he looked at them "Did you two find that brat's soul?"

The first Arrancar stepped into the light. "No we haven't," the voice said as he tried to avoid Seiji's eyes. His red hair blew in the wind. As the wind blew his hair out of his face, the Arrancar freckled face had a patch over his eye. Well it covered the hole in his head. The green eye looked down at the ground.

"I told you that we don't have much time Keiji Kuchiki." Seiji stared at him. He removed his glasses so that Keiji saw the anger building in his eyes. His brown eyes became more and more like his father, Sosuke Aizen. "Gin's family has been here for over a year. I think they are not leaving anytime soon, so that means they have Byakuya and those brats with more people around protecting them."

"Did you say brats?" Keiji asked. Keiji did not know that his cousin, Byakuya had children. He was killed by his cousin's hands because he was responsible for Byakuya's miscarriage.

"Oh," Seiji said with a slight smile, "I forgot time moves slower in your domain. Byakuya has a daughter now. Remember Keiko when Gin came to you and told you Byakuya was pregnant? That was his first child; his son. Now he has a daughter."

"You mean to tell me that he has two children. If you would have followed my plan," Keiko was shouting before a hand appeared around her throat. Her Arrancar form had her hole over her heart. Her plan was to take over the Kuchiki family through Byakuya but Gin foiled her plan and in the end, shhe was sentenced to death by he family tribunals.

"Don't you ever speak to me in the tone again. Your plan got you and your fuckin' nephew killed. Luckily for me Keiji taught me how to swap souls with a living relative. I was so happy to meet my son that day. I must say I am glad that my son would give his life for his father." Seiji released Keiko from his grasp. "Besides he was the only one who was loyal to you."

Keiko looked at Seiji. She realized that she was fooled by Aizen. "One thing I can say is that you are very patient. All of those years standing by my side. When did you do the switch?"

Seiji smiled. "About the time Byakuya had the miscarriage. You were so obsessed in destroying him, you never noticed the difference. I was not the weak one the you thought I was." He saw her anger rise. He knew that she wanted to be in control but she lost that right.

Keiji looked at the two. "Both of you please stop. You can make out later. We do not have much time to find that soul is found. If I am to complete our plan we have to find that soul."

As Seiji ordered them to leave, he gave one more warning. "The next time we meet, your task had better be completed."

Keiji and Keiko disappeared in the opening. As it closed, Seiji looked around and did a flash step.

And few seconds later, Gin stepped out into the clearing.

"Not again," he sighed. He thought about the last time he was here. He found Aizen and Keiko plotting against Byakuya. Even in their death, the plot to hurt his husband still continues.

"Don't worry," a voice said from behind. Kyoshi placed his hand on Gin's shoulder. "Your family is here to protect Byakuya and the little ones. Let's get out of here. We got to start to execute our plan."

"Yeah, but this time I will kill them all with my own hands." Gin balled his fist as he and his father left area.