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Gin looked out the door as he watched Byakuya play with Gineri and Gina. Aimi and Kyoshi also joined in the fun the Gineri chase them as Gina chased Gineri and Byakuya chased her.

Byakuya turned and smiled at Gin which he smiled back.

"It's amazing that Gina is a year old. My, My time," his grandmother said as she sat at the table, "time does go by fast."

Gin knew that his grandmother had key words to let him know that she was ready to tell him a secret or information that concerns his lover and his children. She was one of the oldest existing shinigami around and her knowledge has help Gin and Byakuya as well as other in their town.

It has been about two and a half years since the since the incident with Keiko Toshiko case and now it has taken a different direction.

"Gina is a year old and Byakuya is becoming stronger than ever. He can handle the truth. At night, we all hear you console him as he asks why your children are in danger. It is that moment of weakness that we all want to make sure that he is strong for the children." she said she took a deep breath. "Gin looked at his grandmother and was about say something when she said something that shocked him.

"Let's go to the place where you always go when you want to think," his grandmother said. She got up and did a flash step.

Aimi came in the room with Gin and told him to go. "Byakuya will be okay. He knows that you have things on your mind and he knows that you will tell him when you're ready."

Gin kissed his mother on the cheek and flashed stepped away. Aimi watched as Byakuya was holding his children as Kyoshi read them a story.

Keiji's Lab

Gin slowly walked down a semi-dark hall to a room labeled BK121. The room had a bed with a rotten mattress. It was a small room that was big enough just to turn around. Gin closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

"I know you would come here to remind yourself of what was and is at stake with your husband and children. And now the feeling is coming back." His grandmother sat in a chair across from the door. Her hands rested on the cane in front of her.

"Grandmother, I look at this room and think that what if I had not been in his life, what would have come of him?" Gin felt tears form in his eyes of that thought. He remembered how Byakuya broke down with the miscarriage. If their plan had gone through, he would have been lock up in this room being raped and beaten. "They were going to take his child and experiment on him. The lab is down the hall. He would have heard the screams from the child in this cell. Byakuya would have been out of his mind."

Their plan was to kidnap Byakuya and impregnate him. They were to take the child from him to make Byakuya give over control of the Kuchiki Family to his cousin Keiji and his group. Gin knew that Byakuya is strong until it comes to children. That is what Gin calls Byakuya's Achilles' heel. And Gin's Achilles heel was and is Byakuya.

"Gin stop!" his grandmother shouted. "Gin, this is not the time for you to lose focus."

"Grandma, you all are here and keep telling me that my family is in danger." Gin stopped and took a deep breath as he felt his anger rise, "Please tell me . ." Gin said as he stopped. He now knows that Aizen and his gang have not stopped their plan. "I just want us to live a normal life."

His grandmother smiled as she watched Gin. "The funny part of that statement is you and Byakuya never were slated to have a normal life. In fact, you two were never supposed to fall in love."

Gin turned and looked at her. He figured out this is why he wanted to talk to him away from Byakuya.

"Should Byakuya be here with me?" Gin asked with a sarcastic grin.

"No," she answered with a smile on her face, "Aimi and Jushiro are talking to him. And of course, when we are through, you will have to go to him."

Gin leaned against the wall with his hands folded across his chest. "Do tell me what I was slated for?"

"Gin, before I tell you this, I want you to know that Aimi and Kyoshi wanted you from the first day you came to them. If it was up to them, you would not have ever been trained to be a shinigami. You would have stayed in the village and become a great chef and lived your life. But as I told my son, you were not slated to be a chef. You had a job to do: Protect Byakuya.

"You never knew your parents but I remember them. They were great shinigami warriors called 'Bellator Animae Regem'(Warriors of The Soul King). They were a small tribe that only answered to the Soul King. They could go and fight anywhere. The soul society, the human world and also to Hueco Mundo even in the realm of the King.

"We," she said, "are task with protecting the king at all cost and defending our realm from enemies, both foreign and domestic."

Gin looked at his grandmother with a puzzled look as he begins to really process what his grandmother was saying. Now his mind was racing as he finally began to fill in the missing pieces.

"You said 'we'," Gin looked at his Grandmother. "I always trusted you but if you are saying 'we' then Poppa, Mamma, Uncle Jiro, . . ." Gin stopped. "Is my life all a lie?"

"No Gin," a voice came from down the hall, "your life was never a lie. It may have gotten off track but you were met to be here. You were trained to be a leader and protect Byakuya."

Gin turned to see a shinigami in a purple robe trimmed in gold. He walked toward him in a stoic way. It reminded Gin of Byakuya and the way he carried himself when they first started to date.

The shinigami stopped near them and bowed to his grandmother. Before Gin could say anything, his grandmother spoke.

"This is Mamoru. He is currently the senior security and the current leader of our tribe."

Gin looked at his grandmother then looked at this shinigami named Mamoru. He started to get very agitated of all the information that no one wanted to tell him.

"Okay, why do I feel as though everyone in my family know more about me and Byakuya than we do?" Gin took a deep breath to control his anger. "I want you, Grandmother, to tell me everything, I mean everything or I will take Byakuya and my children away and you all will never see them again." Gin held up his hand to Mamoru as he was about to speak. "I do not want to hear a word from you."

The silence was deafening as seconds ticked away. Grandmother cleared her throat as she began to speak.

"Gin, I will tell you the truth; the whole truth. But believe me; everything that we did was for you and your family."