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Mother sat on the patio with Gin as she watched Aimi and Byakuya practicing kido skills. Gin smiled as he watched his husband skills, which were already awesome, go to another level.

"Bya looks good out there. He looks as though he getting ready for battle. How much did you tell him?" Mother asked Gin.

"Grandmother, he is my husband. I told him everything. He wants to be able to fight beside me if needs be." Gin chuckled as he continued watch Byakuya and his mother.

Jiro and Kiyoshi came on the patio with Gina and Gineri in their arms. The two children were finishing up the last bit of sticky rice as they jumped down and ran to Gin.

"You two had a good time with your uncle and grandpa?" he asked as they both jumped into his lap.

They both nodded their head yes as they saw Byakuya and Aimi walking toward them. Gin knew that once the children came home, he would stop his practice and come to the children. They ran to Byakuya and Aimi, jumped in their arms and gave out kisses.

"What time are you leaving?" Gin asked the group left on the patio.

"We are leaving this evening. You think you and Bya can handle the children while we are gone?" Kyoshi asked as he smiled.

"Of course," Gin smiled, "we are going to one of the estate for a few days. It would be good for Bya and the kids. And yes, we are taking, I guess, one third of the town with us but I am not supposed to know that." Gin winked at them as Byakuya and Aimi came up with kids in tow.

"We need to get you two cleaned up to get ready to go. Give your Great-Grandmother a kiss and thank your Granddaddy and Uncle for taking you out to the market today," Byakuya said as he started to make his way inside.

Gin broke the silence as he stood. "Guess I will go and help Bya give Gina and Gineri a bath. Will you be here to see us off?"

"Of course we will." Kyoshi said as he walked and stood next to Aimi.

Gin smiled as he looked at the group. He disappeared into the house.

"It's time for him to train in our ways. He has revenge on his mind and before he goes up against Aizen and his team, he has to be on top of his game. Jiro, Kyoshi," Mother said as she stood, "when my grandson and his family come back, prepare to take him." Mother was walking into the house when she stopped. "If he protests, take him by force."

Byakuya and Gin watched their children on the bed asleep while they packed their clothes. Some townspeople came to help the carry their bags. Byakuya started to get the children ready for travel when caught sight of Gin whispering to one of his friends. He nodded and before he left, he took the last bag.

Ever since Gin found out about his parents and family, his mood had become more protective. He notices that Gin is very seldom out of his sight. Byakuya decided that since they are going on to the summer estate, he would speak with him. He knows he is keeping something from him.

Within the hour, the house was nearly empty. Only a few of the townspeople stayed to protect the home.


Mother, Jiro, Kyoshi and Aimi stood in a room that was dimly lit. Aimi paced back and forth as they waited for their meeting.

"Relax Aimi, all will be well. What is to come depends on him," Mother said as Mamoru walked into the room. He bowed his head as the group fell upon on knee.

The Soul King entered the room. As he situated himself in the room he nodded to Mamoru that he was about to begin. Mamoru sat and begin to write on his papers.

"Amaterasu, please tell me how are the plans going?" The Soul King asked Mother. He was the only one who called her by her real name.

She stood from her bowed position and began to speak. She knew that she could stand before him because of her position with the Bellators.

"In a week, Gin and his family will return from their Summer Estate vacation. When he returns, that is when his training begins. We will bring him home to train."

The Soul King looked at Aimi to ask her a question. "What about Byakuya? And their children?"

Aimi spoke with her head bowed. "They are well protected by us. The seal that you placed on him as a child has appeared. His Gigai form is starting to leak his true reiatsu. That is why everyone is here but if our strongest are going to go with Gin, it will be time for him to come home. Should we prepare his home for him?"

The Soul King looked at the group. The Bellators have been with the Soul Kings since his beginning. They have been with him before Shinigami existed. He nodded 'yes' and dismissed Aimi, Jiro and Kyoshi. It left him alone with Grandmother and Mamoru.

"You seem to be hesitate about Byakuya. Are you afraid for him or afraid of him?" Grandmother asked

The Soul King looked at her. He knew that this situation was going to happen one day. The Soul King let out a sigh.

"You know that he will find out. It is better that you tell him before Gin tells him," Amaterasu said. She knew that she could talk to him because she knew who and what Byakuya was. "Do you expect him to train to protect Byakuya and not tell him why?

"We are going to ask him to go to Hueco Mundo and stop Sosuke Aizen and possibly confront his biological father. What do you think his father will tell him? If he does tell the whole story, who do you think he will tell?" Amaterasu spoke in her matter of fact voice. "Byakuya has to learn that he was an experiment that you approved. After many attempts, it was a success. You wanted this 'being' to be like you so you would not be alone. And now that he has matured, what are you afraid of? I know how you felt when he was formed. I saw you hold him like a proud parent. I saw the concern you had when you found out that your child was in danger." She came close to him and kneeled in front of him.

"Amaterasu, you, out of all, do not have to kneel in front of me. You have been with me almost forever. Please stand."

She stood and smiled. "Your son's main concern will be his children. That may buy you sometime but you are the one that will have to tell him. Once his seal breaks, the seal breaks on the children also. They are half 'being' and half 'Bellator'. Those two children are what Aizen is after. And the soul of Gin and Byakuya's first child is what Keiji Kuchiki is searching for in Hueco Mundo. Once they learn what the mission is, Gin and Byakuya will both try to get their son's spirit from Hueco Mundo."

Suddenly she felt it. "Your son and his children have arrived."