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Sorry for delay. Me and my friends are learning basic hiragana. I think it is hard for me because of my southern accent. But I am game. It is fun and may never use it but it is nice to immerse in another culture. Enjoy!


Gin was sitting on the ground in a meditative pose with his zanpakuto in his lap. Kyoshi and Jiro noticed that Gin training was going smoother than expected because Byakuya was on another floating island not far from their training ground. As long as his mother and grandmother were caring for him and their children, he put all of his efforts into this training.

"Dad," Gin called out to his father, "why do I have to do this?"

Kyoshi smiled and sat in front of Gin. "When was the last time you spoke with Shinso?"

Gin thought about the question. "It was 'bout the time Gina was born." Gin smiled because he thought about how he wanted to make sure that she was protected.

"Gin, your daughter is going on two. We taught you better than that." Kyoshi smiled as they started to drink water from his cup.

"Son, in the Bellator way, our sword is called a gladium spiritus or sword spirit. It is our companion for our life time. Since we are Bellator first and Shinigami second, we are introduced to our zanpakuto by our gladium spiritus. You were introduced to Shinso first. You needed it to get into the academy. Now it is time for you to meet your sword spirit. It has been with you since you were born. Your life took a different path but now it is the time to get back on the right path. You got a certain group of people dependant on you."

Gin did his famous smile as he thought about Byakuya, Gineri and Gina. He wondered if how they would react to him after his training.

"Gin, we will be here with you the whole time. You take as long as you need to accomplish your goal. We all are here for you. Don't worry about your family. The Spirit King has taken steps to make sure they are comfortable and protected. Your grandmother and your mother are with them," Jiro said as he motioned Kyoshi to him.

They both moved away from Gin as he started to take in a deep breath and slowly release it.

"What do you think?" Jiro asked his brother.

"I think the longest part will be them getting in sync. Once Gin realizes who his sword's spirit is, the rest should be easy," Kyoshi said as they both sat a few yards away from Gin. They watch as Gin went into his meditative state.


Gin slowly walked into an area that he was very familiar with. He continued to walk until he came into a clearing. He knew that he did not have to call her to come to him.

"Hello Master," a woman's sexy voice said from behind him. "Has another child come into the fold?" The voice gave a sarcastic laugh after her statement. "It seems that it is the only time you come to visit me."

"Outside of me, you are the most sarcastic bitch I know." Gin smiled as he turned to look at his Zanpakuto. "Hello Shinso."

He looked at her. Her small frame was very muscular and the feathers on her ankles and the wings on her back that were out stretched, told Gin that she had been exercising. She was kneeling in front of Gin as she spoke.

"I feel as though you have come for a different reason. The training, the workouts," she paused, "it's time for you to meet the one who brought me to you." She stood and smiled. "I have to go because he will be here soon. You two need to talk. Then the three of us will train together. I shall return."

Shinso disappeared in a flash. She left an image. Gin knew she was fast. Then the whole area went dark.

From his right, a spot light shown in his eyes. The light was so bright in his eyes that he placed a hand up to his face.

"Hello Gin," a voice said at a distance. Gin could tell it was a man's voice. He looked into the light and saw a figure walking towards him. It was in a white hakama with black accent. As the figure spoke as he continued to walk toward him. "It has been a long time coming. I am glad that it is happening now."

The figure walked up to Gin and stopped. He snapped his fingers and the whole area lit up. Gin looked up and saw the blue sky with clouds floating by. The ground was clear it looked as though they were standing on air. Gin brought his attention back to the figure. He noticed that his hakama had swapped colors. Instead of white and black, it was black and white.

Gin stared at the figure in his eyes when a flash of recognition came to him.

"You are Yoshio. The one from my childhood. You found your parents and they chased me away. I tell my children the story of you."

He looked at Gin and smiled. "Close your eyes and think back to that day," Yoshio said as he placed a hand in front of Gin's face.

Gin eyes closed and his memory went back to that day.

"I will slow down your memory so that you can remember that day. Now, look at the one I called Mama."

Gin mind went to the images to the woman holding him. 'It was his grandmother,' Gin thought as he recognized her. She was younger but he knew it was his grandmother.

Yoshio saw that Gin started to realize how much he remembered. "Now looked at the man who chased you. Again I will slow it down so that you can take in all of the surroundings."

Gin's thought went to the man that chased him. Again, he recognized the man. 'It was Mamoru, the Soul King's executor and leader of his tribe.' He was the one who chased me.

Gin opened his eyes and looked at Yoshio. Suddenly the question started to come into his mind. Yoshio held up his hand to stop Gin before he spoke.

"I know that you have questions but I want to explain what I am up to that date." Yoshio motioned Gin to sit. They both ended up facing each other. "This is the only time I will talk to you in this fashion, Gin."

"On the day that you were born, I, your spirit sword, was born on that day. We were supposed to grow and train together. I was supposed to introduce you to your zanpakuto. The day that your father took you away, he did not want us together. He separated us. He did not what you to grow into your role. He knew that you were going to become great and lead our tribe. But your main role was to protect the Soul King's child.

"Your father blamed you for the death of your mother which in turn he blame our tribe, the soul king. In his mind, he blamed the whole soul society. He was so in love with your mother that her death triggered his breakdown. She was his first love, his only love."

Yoshio stopped so that Gin could take in all of the information. He then continued.

"Before, he took you away; he vowed to destroy the Bellators and the Soul King." Yoshio leaned forward so that he had Gin's full attention. "The reason I went through the lost child act was because I knew you were Serengeti. I was the only one who believed I knew where you were. When we found out where you were, they wanted to bring you back but that is when Kyoshi and Aimi stepped in. They wanted to rear you in a loving home. They felt you were traumatized enough. The hold tribe held you in high esteem. So half of the tribe, with permission from the Soul King, made a town for you. Your grandmother help, they wanted to make sure that you were train correctly but they all wanted to make sure that you felt love."

Gin thought about the conversation he had with the boy when they sat up at night.

"They were going to tell you about your heritage when you made captain in the Gotei 13. They were going to tell you about me and your role. But you brought Byakuya; the one who you were going to protect. Add I guess the rest is history."

Yoshio smiled at Gin as he processed everything.

"Yoshio, so are you my gladium spiritus or what I call my spirit sword. What is the difference between spirit sword and a zanpakuto? I mean, my father told me what the difference but how do I fight with it? Is this what I need to train for now?"

"Gin, remember when I said half of the tribe came to the town made for you?"

Gin nodded yes.

"Well, half of them are spirit swords." Yoshio waited for Gin to speak. When he didn't, he went on. "That is one of the differences between a zanpakuto and a spirit sword. Another difference is that we carry a katana: our katana. I have my own but it is not like a zanpakuto. Remember, my power comes from you. When we are in battle, you call my name; I will become your katana. I work with Shinso. She is faster than the speed of sound. Some do not realize how fast she is or how deadly she is. We complement each other. Since she is about speed, so am I. Shinso is about sound, I am about light. I am just as fast and deadly. I don't have to have a lot of sleep and I am also on patrol a lot. I was able to train with other swords while you developed into your role as my master. I guess Nobou and Raiden are probably the best examples of spirit swords I can give you. They are real but when they are called upon, they are with Kyoshi and Jiro. They help to train me and I will help you through this.

Gin stood and took a deep breath. "This is a lot to take in at one setting but I am not in a rush." He had his back to Yoshio. "It is a lot at stake with," Gin stopped as he turned around and he saw it. Yoshio and Shinso were together kneeling in front of him. "I guess we should start training."