One Year Later is Better then the Year Before

Chapter 1

One year since Rei's first Japan Grand Prix after he got into fourth place. Year round he worked with his racing and it's almost time for him to go to the next Japan Grand Prix that he has been waiting for. As for Kira she had finished her years at her art school and she was making her greatest debut into the world of art. She had sold her first paining and now she has painting in galleries all around Japan. She was making her living in art with Rei racing they had gotten their first house once her first painting was sold had he made enough form his racing to live well in a house. Not many would have thought a racer and an artist would be as happy as they are but here we are just before the big race with Kira having something to say to Rei.

"Rei you have to get first place today I have something to tell you"

"I was going to get first for you so I'll see you at the finish line" With that Rei was out the door going to his bike and all Kira could do was stand there and pray that he got through this race safe she didn't know what she would do without him. She took a deep breath and ran out the door and made it in time to see him take off. He took those turns as hard as ever and he looked wonderful doing it passing each person that came to view. She had to watch every turn and every straight drives he made not looking away for a minute afraid if she did that something may happen to him. Before she know it they were in their final lap and she watched as Rei pulled away from second and pulled into first just in time to cross the finish line in first place Kira ran as fast as she could to Rei who had his arms wide open waiting for her to jump into them. She ran into his arms and he spun her around and as he spun her she called into his ear above the crowd to tell him

"Rei I'm pregnant" In shock he stopped spinning for a minute to just start back up again after a few seconds yelling to everyone

"She's pregnant, She's pregnant I'm going to be a dad" and the celebration between the two went strong once they got home...

Thank you everyone for reading this first part of my five part story and sorry to those that likes long stories but this is a short one because I think that the person that made the story did great and I couldn't add more to it really because I would put it to shame so I mad this really short story of a time after they have been together for a year and its a nice story because of all that they went through together that nothing could happen to separate them so I want to give them good times. Hope you liked it If you did please review because I love to hear what people have to say about my fictions it makes me fell as if i can really do this so please read and review until tomorrow when I put up chapter 2 bye.