Liddell often wondered why had her mother left didn't even remember the woman's face. Was her mother beautiful, elegant? Someone in the same appearance as she? The answers... There were none, Liddell was sure. In all of the eyars since her mother has abandoned her, there was no hope that her mother would come back. None.

But on days like this, where there was nothing but the emptiness of the world around her, she asked herself questions. What had she done to cause her mother to leave?

There were too many things that question her. Liddell was often told that she was arrogant; that was true. And there were few people who'd want to be a friend of her. Of course,other than Kitty. Kitty, the kind girl who had been but a timid bookworm. Liddell liked Kitty. She was nice, friendly, and so unlike her.

She closed her eyes and sighed quietly. Within moments, sleep came to her. Liddell dreamed of the time her mother left her once again. The soft touches, the warmth, the cold, the loneliness.

Under the cherry tree of Florin,she fell moon shone fully that night, and the winds moved to her favor.


Liddell felt someone shake her. With a quiet groan, she forced her eyes to open. In front few her was Loue, who had been the culprit for the shaking. He sighed, almost relieved.

"I leave you alone for one minute and you fall asleep on me?"

"I was thinking! Thinking makes me sleepy!" ...Of course, Liddell had never mastered the fine art of lying skillfully.

"What,may I ask,were you thinking about?"

"Nothing much, just some fond memories" she mumbled. Loue frowned, but let it be. She got up with a hand from Loue, and brushed the dirt off of her dress.

Liddell brushed past Loue, opening her orange pumpkin umbrella, and started twirling it as she walked away briskly. Yes, fond memories, she thought.