The 6th Mew mew

I guess I should start at the beginning my name is Emily Hanson I'm 5 years old, I have an older sister named Zoey, and my parents Lillian and Alexander Hanson I also have my godparents Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia. It was a nice cool day when my parents Lillian Hanson and Alexander Hanson decided to go to the park with me and my big sister Zoey Hanson. Zoey ever sense I can remember has always been over protective of me because she is 9 years old and I'm 5 but I don't care because she is my best friend no matter what happens. On my 5th birthday Uncle Derek came me a necklace it is of a wolf because they are my favorite animal in the whole world especially the gray wolf who i find fascinating what i did not know is there is a tracking device installed into the pendent so the way Derek can always find his Goddaughter no matter where she is. About two weeks later it was the middle of the night when Emily woke up to got to the restroom and when she came back she took a drink of her water and slowly drifted of to sleep not knowing that what she drank had tasteless and odorless sleeping powder that put her in a deep sleep. Soon after they picked her up and put put her in the van did Zoey wake up to go to the restroom which is right next to Emily's room so she decided to check on her but when she opened the door Emily was not there which started to scare her a little. So after checking the whole house she ran into her parents room and yelled "mom Emily missing." Which got both of her parents up and they double checked every were in the house. When they could not find her they called Derek to tell everyone that Emily was missing so that way they can try to find her.