Weird things happen when you're sick…

I blearily opened my eyes to see my room, like every morning. Except today, it wasn't morning. It was somewhere in the middle of the day. And Phineas hadn't thrown a pillow in my face. And I was sick.

"Oh yes, I'm horribly ill," I mentioned aloud, though I was quite alone. "Bedridden with the ibuprofen bottle resting at my bedside and a fabulous fever of one-oh-two, yep, that's me."

I laughed. "Ferb-ulous. It's a Ferb-ulous fever, get it?

"Oh look. There's Perry, wearing a fedora and sneaking through the bedroom. Oops! He saw me. Look, he's gone right back to being a mindless animal." I giggled gleefully at this.

"Hey Ferb!" said Phineas. I looked over, still giggly, to see he had materialized in the center of the room. Suddenly, Isabella was next to him, holding his hand. "We finally got together!"

I found this extremely funny and started pointing and laughing. Phineas went to kiss her, only to have his remarkably sharp nose puncture a hole in Isabella's head and cause it to deflate like a beach ball.

Abruptly, Candace floated in, hearts dancing all about her like a cartoon. "Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy, PLAID!" she said dreamily.

I roared with laughter at this, kicking under my blankets at the sheer hilarity of it all.

"Ferb," Vanessa called. I looked over by the window to see her dressed in a cat outfit, twirling her tail sexily. Behind her was an ensemble of mice, ready for their musical number.

"Rrrreow," I chortled, clawing the air.

Phineas was holding Isabella's airless head with a sad expression. "Izzy go pfft," he stated, looking depressed.

Jeremy burst in the door, strumming on his guitar and swaying to and for. "Oh Candace! I love you more than Francis! You don't wear pants-es, and sure can't dances!"

"Cuz you are Candace, you are Candace, alone!" sang everyone. Someone let go a bunch of balloons, which disappeared into oblivion as they went up into the ceiling.

"F-floating baby head!" I snickered, pointing, for there was a floating baby head making its way across the scene. I began to clap hysterically, so overcome with laughter that I could no longer remain laying down.

The Fireside Girls appeared at my bedside, all of them blushing with embarrassment and twisting nervously. "We love you, Ferb," they all said.

I could hardly take it. My laughs could not be contained, and tears were forming in my eyes. "Th… th—." I couldn't stop chuckling long enough to form words. My stomach hurt from all the hooting I was doing.

It was just so funny!

"Do you think he's alright?" asked Phineas, looking up at his mother with worry.

Linda shrugged, examining the thermometer. "Well, it looks like the fever's broken," she stated. "Don't wake him up," she warned as Phineas went to shake Ferb. "This is the first time he's ever smiled in front of me. We're going to make it last as long as possible."

*AN: Been a while since I wrote for P&F, although I have a bunch of stuff I never posted. I actually wrote this while I was sick and unable to do anything else but ramble about a cold medicine induced high, which is the above story. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this, so I hope you enjoyed reading.*