"!" the alarm clock started ringing.

"JESUS! CANT I JUST HAVE AN HOUR MORE TO SLEEP?" said a furious pink haired girl. Suddenly, she picked up the alarm clock and threw it to the wall. Needless to say, the alarm clock shattered right in front of her eyes.

"Oh god… not again! That was my 20th alarm clock! She said while getting out of bed."

"Ino is so going to kill me for that….. That alarm clock was a present from her! Wait a minute…" suddenly sakura looked at the wall clock.


Suddenly she jumped out of bed, combed her hair, changed her clothes and brushed her teeth at the same time.

"I can't believe I was late since the start of school! Principle Tsunade will kill me!"

And she started running towards Konoha high.

While she was running she spotted 2 guys ahead of her. "Hey move out of the way bastards! I'm late!" and she just kept on running on.

Hmm… what an interesting girl.. Thought the two boys.

Oh shit… thought sakura when she reached the front gates. I'm already 5 minutes late… better sneak in…. but just when she was about to reach the door of her classroom, a hand grabbed her by the neck and dragged her to the principle's office.

"Sakura!" roared a furious Tsunade. "Do you have any reason to be late?" said the principle with evil eyes.

I'm so sorry aunty! Please forgive me! I won't do it again…..? Said sakura while looking up to Tsunade. Principle Tsunade was the aunt of sakura. She asked the parents of sakura to make sakura transfer to her school because sakura was a delinquent. Of course Sakura's parents loved her but it just seemed like sakura was getting way out of control so they made sakura transfer to Konoha high. Tsunade was the only person sakura ever feared.

"One more time you are late young lady I will personally ground you myself!" scolded Tsunade. "I'm sorry auntie!" said sakura and ran out of the room.

Sigh…. When will that kid ever grow up… she thought to herself.

May I come in? Sakura asked when she reached the classroom.

Attention class! We have a new student! Said the silver haired teacher

Hello. My name is sakura and I hope that we will get along. Said sakura while secretly reading off a paper.

She went and sat beside a blonde boy.

"hi! My name is Naruto Uzumaki and I like ramen!. I hope we can be friends!" he said with a big grin on his face. "hi my name is Sakura Haruno. So… can u give me a tour of the school?" she asked.

"Sure! By the way do you know the history of out school?" he asked her with a serious look on his face. "Because if you don't know, it might be dangerous for you here."

"There is a history about this school?" She asked.

"Well, at first, three people made this school. Orochimaru ,Tsunade and Jiraya.

But then one day, Jiraya and Orochimaru got into a fight over who will marry Tsunade. Jiraya won so he got to marry Tsunade. But Orochimaru never gave up. After his pride got wounded, he made a school called sound high. And ever since then, there has been other high schools made by other people. Currently, there is Akatsuki high, sand high, sound high and last of all, Konoha high.(I know, the names are crappy.)

All high schools are enemies of each other and whenever students meet, they always get into a fight. So if I were you, I would be careful sakura-chan.

Suddenly Naruto said one more thing. "Oh yeah! Each school has a leader so you should always know their names. The leader of Konoha is Sasuke Uchiha. He always travels with a man whore named Sai.

The leader of the Akatsuki high is well, the Akatsuki gang. How stupid are they to name themselves after the school? Naruto said while laughing. Sand high is ruled by the famous Sabaku siblings. But even among the siblings, Gaara is the scariest so you better watch out.

The leader of sound high is Kabuto. He's most probably gay. So that's all you have to know! Anyways its dangerous sakura. Don't want you to get hurt.

Suddenly two black haired boys appeared in front of sakura.

Well, well, well. If it isn't the cherry blossom who bumped into us today morning. How have you been doing my dear? Said a boy who had spiky hair.

"grr… what do you want sauce-gay?" said a mad Naruto.

"Nothing to do with you foxy. Anyways, I hear your name is sakura? My name is Sasuke Uchiha. Want to go out sometime? Asked Sasuke while trying to act sexy.

Suddenly a high pitched scream came from somewhere in the classroom.

"get away from Sasuke you whore!" said a red haired girl.

"Karin, didn't I tell you to leave me alone?" said a mad Sasuke.

"but Sasuke-kun! The bitch totally tried to take advantage of you! Don't you think she should be punished?"

"Karin, don't follow me anymore and if you do, I swear I will kill you." Said Sasuke with an evil glint in his eyes.

Suddenly Karin looked at sakura and after seeing Sasuke leave, she held her hand back to slap sakura. but she felt a hand stop her from doing so.

"Sasuke will not be pleased if he hears about you doing this Karin." Said the boy that was with Sasuke awhile ago."

"Grrr…. Just wait you bitch! I swear I will make you pay!" and Karin stormed out of the room. As soon as she went out she started calling someone.

"Kill that bitch called sakura and bring her dead body to me. Understood? I'll pay you." Said Karin, her voice full of malice.

"…understood." Said the other voice at the end of the phone.

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