Sasuke Uchiha was obviously pleased.

He was happy with the information that Sai had gotten him.

Unfortunately, Sai wasn't so happy about getting Sasuke Uchiha the info.

Actually, all that Sai wanted to do was murder Sasuke Uchiha.

Now, that bastard got interested in the girl that he liked.

Sai wanted the title 'king of Konoha high' for himself.

But Sasuke Uchiha was in the way.

So, Sai went to Sasuke Uchiha and acted like a lackey just to find out any weaknesses.

Unfortunately, he found none.

But he wouldn't give up trying so easily.

Because it was his fate to get the throne, no matter what.



Sakura Haruno had just gotten a letter.

Come to Akatsuki high by 10pm. Or else, we will destroy the thing that you love the most. Signed by the Akatsuki.

How dare they steal her stuffed toys! She just couldn't believe that they stole all her stuffed toys away from her. She couldn't sleep without them at night.

Inner Sakura kept grumbling.

"I can't believe those shitheads would dare to steal our stuffed toys! Let's break their necks when they get there!"

"….I'm in agreement with you on that one. I'm going to kill those bastards! Especially the bitch that took away my domo kun!"

"HELL YEAH! We have to torture that bitch slowly and break all the bones in the bitch's body!"

And so, the two scary women were planning revenge.

And the people who saw her burn were terrified of her.

Nobody came near her because they were too scared to.

Even the street thugs didn't seem to go near her. O.o

This was going to be one bloody battle.



Sakura screamed.

"who's the bitch that took away my domo kun!"

Then a black haired bastard, who looked the same with sauce-gay, appeared in front of her and dangled domo kun across her face. (Personally, I just like domo kun a lot :P)

Sakura started growling like a rabid cat.

Inner Sakura just fueled her anger by screaming things like 'you go girl! BREAK THEM INTO PIECES!' or things like 'THEY'RE TRYING TO KILL DOMO KUN!' (How…random.)

So Sakura locked away inner Sakura into a cage that she made by her imagination.

Then she turned her attention back to the bastard.

But the black haired bastard didn't seem to care.

So Sakura's anger worse. She started screaming in his face.

"GIVE ME BACK MY DOMO KUN YOU SON OF A #*%$#&^*^%%*$#*%$&^!"

And as she tried to grab domo kun away from him, the guy just threw it to another guy. He started speaking in a calm voice.

"If you beat all of us, then you will get your…stuffed toys back."

"Then if I don't?"

"Say bye-bye to all your beloved stuffed toys then."

As soon as Sakura heard that, inner Sakura took over.

Itachi was obviously amused.

He had heard about the pinkette and wanted her to come to Akatsuki high but they had to test her first.

Then suddenly, the girl attacked him.

She was what people would call wild. She lunged at him like an animal and started punching him in the face. But not for long.

Itachi didn't get into the Akatsuki for his good looks.

He got in because of his superb fighting skills.

As Sakura kept punching him in the face, Itachi flipped her over and got on top of her. (ooooooh… )

But to Sakura, he was just an enemy and she had more enemies to defeat aside from him.

She quickly punched him so that he would get knocked out for a long time.

Then, she turned her attention to a blue shark.

Or at least, that's what it looked like to her.

She grumbled, "You're next sharky."

The blue haired asshole didn't seem too happy about being called a shark.

He started swinging at her with this big knife that looked like it could make people into sushi. She got a graze on her arm. It hurt like shit.

"Ha-ha pinky! This knife's laced with poison ya hear!"

Sakura, hearing that, suddenly tore her shirt off and tied it around her arm. She knew that Itachi was easy to defeat because he didn't seem to want to fight her but this sharky wanted to KILL her so she was going to have a hard time.

"Thanks for the info fishy!"

And suddenly, she grabbed the knife away from him and hit him with the butt of the knife.

"Pinky! Wins! Sharky! K.O.!"

Then, she looked around.

There was this white haired dude that looked like a good fight. She needed to fight the strong ones while she had the energy to do it. So she lunged herself at him.

After fighting with hidan for a few minutes, she realized this guy was not normal. He couldn't feel the pain dammit!

She had no choice now.

She had to fight for her life.

Suddenly she was not a cat anymore.

She was a tiger.

She flew in the air and kicked his chin. But he just grabbed her leg and threw her back to the ground.

Making a fist, she gathered all the energy she had and slammed her fist into his head.

Then after she saw the dude pass out, she collapsed right beside him.



Hidan felt like he had seen a goddess.

There was a girl that could defeat him, a follower of jashin! It was a shock and yet a pleasant surprise at the same.

He fell in love with her.

Sakura Haruno who was just like a tiger.

And as he saw the fist flying towards him, hidan just accepted it.

He didn't care.

It was just too beautiful.

And he fell into the blackness.



Pein was obviously amused by the way things turned out.

He knew that Itachi had just lost on purpose but he couldn't believe that the pinky could defeat two of the Akatsuki.

Glancing at the henchmen, he said in an emotionless voice.

"Bring her to the Akatsuki base. And oh, give her back her stuffed toys."

Life was going to be a lot more fun.






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