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It had taken some convincing, but Scorpius had never doubted Lily's will. After some doing and a number of promises, Lily had managed to have everyone in agreement about the details of the wedding. In the same place Lily had fallen in love with Scorpius so many years ago, and the same place Scorpius had asked her to be his wife, the two had married with only their immediate family present. Of course, Sarah was there to walk with Albus, and James had quickly moved past Natalie and opted to watch his baby sister's wedding alone. He though it better than bringing a date who might get the impression he was far more serious about her than he actually was.

Though location and size had been obstacles, Lily's dress had been a far more difficult task to complete. She had wanted a simple and elegant green dress instead a traditional white wedding gown. No one had really understood, but it had hardly seemed to matter. After it was done, her choice is dress had gone mostly unnoticed, for her shining smile had taken the majority of the attention away from her dress.

Taking Scorpius up on his offer, Lily accepted a position in Romania to oversee the excavation on a historical site linked to famous wizards. With no job holding Scorpius back, he quickly gave Albus the majority of his things and Albus and Sarah moved into his spacious apartment. With nothing but a few bags, Scorpius followed Lily, but was more than happy to do so. It was an easy first year of marriage. Lily certainly had stressful moments, but Scorpius' arms had never been closed to her in the past, and never would be in the future.

"I've been moody all day." Lily said, sounding incredibly hopeless as she curled herself up into Scorpius' lap, letting his arms wrap around her.

"Lily, don't worry about it." Scorpius assured her as he reached up to stroke her hair softly. "It's just a bad day. It'll be alright." He promised as he pressed his lips to her cheek. Lily did not turn to him, and hardly appeared to respond at all, but Scorpius continued his kisses nonetheless. Once he spent a few moments on her neck, however, Lily moaned softly as she shifted to give Scorpius better access to the sensitive area of her neck. She could feel his lips grinning against her skin as he continued, his arms become tighter around her waist.

"You always knew how to make me feel better." Lily said as she pulled away and smiled at Scorpius.

"You've been feeling like this for a while though." Scorpius replied, concerned for his wife. He reached up to push the hair from her face and she smiled as she felt the close contact.

"Yeah," Lily agreed as she shifted so that she was facing Scorpius directly. "I talked to a Healer about that."

"You did? What did they say?"

Lily, smiled brightly, pressed their lips together before she looked into his eyes once more. "We're going to have to go home for a few days."


As soon as they had gotten to the Potter house, Lily and Scorpius had been flooded with people. Lily had quickly been swept away by her mother while Albus and Sarah had arrived shortly after, without even knowing Lily and Scorpius were in town. Sarah had left to join Lily, leaving Albus and Scorpius to catch up after months of separation. Though both had been more than happy to move on with their lives with the women they loved, nothing had really changed between them.

"We're going to tell my parents today." Albus said simply and Scorpius narrowed his eyes at him. "I proposed to Sarah."

"What?" Scorpius asked as he immediately broke into a smile. "That's great, Al," he said as the two men hugged. "I'm happy for you. When did you do it?"

"About a week ago." He answered, clearly far too excited to even try to conceal it. "We're going to get a house."

"Yeah?" Scorpius asked and Albus only nodded. Albus had wanted to ask Scorpius about how things had been for him, but Lily and Sarah had approached them. Albus quickly pulled his sister into a hug while Scorpius and Sarah also hugged.

"You're so tan." Albus laughed as he looked at Lily, who seemed to be shining as brightly as she had on her wedding day, but Albus had expected as much. He had never really expected Lily and Scorpius to fade, even just a little. They never had in the past.

"I missed you." Lily replied before she put a kiss on his cheek. Albus returned the gesture before he looked up at his parents standing near the wall of the room. They had been more than happy to simply watch their happy children. He had started to turn to Scorpius, but Sarah came to his side, wrapping her arm around his and peering into his eyes.

"Yeah?" Albus asked and Sarah nodded. "Mum, Dad, um…" Albus started but trailed off before he could find the words. After a moment, he took in a breath and smiled as he felt Sarah put her hand in his. "We're getting married."

In the excitement that had followed, Lily and Scorpius moved to the side, both content to watch Albus find the happiness they had already known for so long. Time passed and eventually, James was owled to ask him to come home for Albus' news and stay for dinner with the family while Lily was still near.

As Lily, Sarah, and Ginny became caught up in little details of the wedding, Albus and Scorpius had left through the back door to find time to simply talk, since they had spent so little time together in the recent months.

"So," Albus said as he looked to Scorpius. "What were you guys going to say tonight?"

"What are you talking about?" Scorpius replied and Albus only rose an eyebrow.

"I mean, you two didn't come home the exact weekend I was going to tell my parents about Sarah and I." Albus answered and Scorpius drew in a breath as he laughed and shook his head. "Tell me."

"Lily's pregnant."

Albus only smiled as he nodded and Scorpius let out a laugh. "But it's it fine, Al." Scorpius shrugged. "You guys just take the weekend. We'll come back in a month and tell them. You should have your own time."


"Thank you. You too." Scorpius answered and the two simply turned to look out at the table beneath the oak tree. Many things had happened over the course of their friendship, but neither had imagined something quite as complicated and satisfying as the two beautiful women inside waiting for them.