Author's note: I hate those "see if you can guess who the speaker is!" nonsense. The characters talking in this fic are Winnowill and Tyldak, with the latter's verses being "like this" because I've yet to master HTML on this site. Grr. Nobody in particular is saying the last two lines.

Disclaimer: Characters, the particular event (pretty story!! *Melts*) all property of the good Richard and Wendi Pini over in Warp Graphics.

Notes: I have no idea why I wrote this, aside from my bizarre fascination with Tyldak and his amazing story. And to all the people out there waiting for the next chapter of "StarSeekers": have patience, do you have any idea how hard it is not to slip to romance when Aroree and Tyldak are speaking? (go ahead, hit me, you know you want to)

1 The Night of Change

"Here, destroy me if you must!

There is no pain that is too great

There is no fate too cruel, no fate

I won't endure to win this joy at last!

Here, take my body, take my soul

Do as you will! I'll welcome it

Whatever obstacles I'll meet

I'll face them! This one thing, for me is all!"

Tell me, does he understand

What he so passionately wills?

This vaunted power in my hands

It cannot shake the doubt I feel

No, I will not! Nor threats nor tears

Will make me do this horrid deed

It is not failure that I fear…

But rather… what if I succeed?

"Please! I've suffered long enough!

All that I ask for is the sky

I'll pay the price, however high

I'll face the task, however tough!

I know you can – I've seen you do

Why do you lie? Escape? Evade?

Do it now, I'm not afraid!

My dream is good and real and true!"

I have the strength, I won't deny

But why must you ask this of me?

You say all that you want – the sky

No longer ours! Can you not you see?

Live upon this earth, but live!

You ask me all you are – to kill!

Even if you I can forgive…

I won't forgive myself! And still…

"I have no place upon this world…

My soul is up there, with the stars

Up there, where all wonders are

Enough! Now all my pleas you heard!

Make your decision, healer wise!

Your so-called death – or mine, the true!

Here I am now, here before you

This is the price for power over lives!"

Then very well, I'll do my best

Yes, just this once! This time, the one

Remember it was you who asked!

Remember when the deed is done!

You gave yourself and I accept

Fly then, you fool! Fly and be cursed

For what you made of me – in fact…

You'll get your pain… and much, much worse…

"I wished to fly free – now I'm both free and bound"

I had mighty power – and hunger I found

"But I fly – and for that, my soul to you I pledge!"

Very well! Be the first, and soon all will be changed!

With flesh and with power, a boon and a toll

On the halls of Blue Mountain a shadow now falls…