They're playing a song of my favourite band, she thought. I just love this store.

She bought the latest album of her favourite band. While she was on her way out, a guy who was rushing in the store bumped her. "Lam-"

"Aw, sorry," he stood up as she stood up. She picked up her things and he helped her. He was surprised when he saw her necklace hanging around her neck while picking up her things. It was so familiar. He's too stunned to see it.

"Thank you," she said as she bowed. He faintly smiled while still staring at the girl's necklace. Then she left.

Who was that? Why does she have that necklace? he thought. Then he shook his head and came back to Earth after hearing something crash. "NIAHAHAHAHAHA~!"

"Oh, no!" the guy shouted. "Lambo!"

Yes, I remember that I was catching Lambo. I was running so fast that I bumped that girl,he said to himself.

"Niahaha~!" a very little kid with cow-patterned jumpsuit shouted. "Catch me, DAME TSUNA!"