I can't believe that I went into a mess like this. Why did I ever know that I was a Mafia member? Why is Kyoya-niisan a Mafia, too? And why, of all families, am I adopted by Kyoya-niisan's parents? Is it fate for us to meet? It's been two weeks after we started training. The Arcobaleno sure wasn't chosen for any reason. But Skull… I wonder why he was even chosen. Haha. Well, I'm sure that there's some reason behind it. He specializes machines and does a lot of stunts. Viper, or, Mammon, is quite strong, too. She is a real illusionist. Her power while training is somehow equal with Rokudo-san. Verde is… well he's mad. I can say no more about him. Fong is really kind! And cute, too. He's very gentle. I like him. Colonnello is cute! And he's really, really good at combat. Reborn didn't fight with us. I wanted to see him with an all-out battle like Kyoya-niisan told me. He said that they were no match Reborn in an all-out battle. He is really the strongest among the Arcobaleno. The Sky Arcobalenos, Aria, is a grown-up woman, and I didn't expect her to be, since all of them are babies. But I'm pretty sure that that orange pacifier is authentic. All of them worked hard at training, even Kyoya-niisan. Tsuna-kun was the one who worked really hard. The rest of the guardians fought to their best, too, even Chrome. But me… I don't even have the enough stamina to fight. Just one blow, my energy goes down. But I thank God because these past few weeks, nothing special happened. I mean, by Irie's surveillance, Shimon Family hasn't found our whereabouts yet. I hope Irie's calculations are right. I want to stay peaceful like this, like this with everyone. During the training, the first ever life-stake training for me, Chrome-chan saved me. I'm already friends with her. She's not that bad after all. But Kyoya-niisan said that I must not befriend her. He doesn't tell me why but I know why. It's because Chrome is under Rokudo-san, which is one of Kyoya-niisan's considered enemy until now. But I think Rokudo-san isn't bad like Kyoya-niisan says. Chrome means so much to him. But yes, he's still planning to take over the Vongola Family. Ryohei-san is just as everybody says. He is extreme all the time. But he's also kind as always. Kyoko-chan is very lucky to have a cheerful and protective brother like him. I can feel his brotherly aura during training. He's very kind. I got along with him and Kyoko-chan, too, well. Lambo is fun to be with, too. It's just I don't like kids. He's very annoying sometimes but he's cute. You need to catch him around. He runs very, very fast. Yes, he's childish. But I saw his adult form 10 years later in training. It's my first time to see how the 10-year Bazooka works. Either way, he's a crybaby. Yamamoto-kun is… calm indeed. He's a happy-go-lucky type of person. He's very outgoing. He's very fun to be with and always thinks of Mafia as a game. I don't know if he seriously thinks that way or he's just joking around. Well, the important thing is he's serious when he fights. He saved me as well when I was, again, about to die in training. He's got the sweet side. I bet Hinata will like him. Hayato-kun is the opposite of Yamamoto-kun. He is very high-tempered, and I proved that myself. During the training, we always quarrel about simple things, all because of his temper! Good thing Yamamoto-kun or Tsuna-kun always come between us to stop the fight. And, oh, Tsuna-kun! Tsuna-kun is really awesome. He's no-good without the Hyper Dying Will Mode but he's really cool when he's on it. He takes his fights seriously, but, still, he doesn't want to be a Mafia boss. That's what he keeps on babbling. I can see how Tsuna-kun learns so fast. In training, he's the one who works really hard. I say he is a perfect fit for a boss. No wonder Hayato-kun idolizes him that much.

Hikari was gazing at the stars. Recalling what happened during training makes her smile. She can't forget how his brother, Kyoya, fights so coldly. But she's fine with it now. She was calmly sitting on a bench until a man approached her and gave her a sundae.

"Here, I bought this for you," Hayato handed it to Hikari.

Hikari got the sundae and smiled. "Is this for free or I've got to pay for this?"

Hayato chuckled and smirked. "Yes, you have to pay for that."

"How much?"

"Just let me spend this night with you on your secret hill."

Hikari blushed and sniffed. "Well… it's not because you're special that I told you my secret hill. It's just I wanted someone to join me."

"How about your brother?"

"He knows this place."

"Why won't you let him join you here?"

"He wouldn't. He doesn't like to gaze at the stars."

"And why would you?"

"Because looking at the stars helps me remember memories."

"Oh," Hayato said. He sighed and stared at Hikari. "Well, staring at you reminds me of my world."

Hikari blushed and moved away from Hayato a little. "What are you saying?"

Hayato just laughed. "I'm just kidding!"

"Why do I even go out with you?"

"You've been going out with me for quite some time now since the training began."

"It just happened because you're the only one who asks me out and I have nothing to do so I agreed to go out with you. There's nothing special about it."

Hayato just sighed and smiled at her. "Yeah, whatever you say."

Hikari snubbed Hayato.

Neither Hikari nor Hayato spoke. They remained silent and looked up the stars. Sitting on the same bench while eating a sundae is very memorable. Hayato saw Hikari's free hand and held it. Hikari was surprised. Unable to execute a proper reaction, she laughed and took away her hand.

"It's getting late, Hayato-kun," she said as she blushed. "We should head back at our unit now. I would also be scolded by Kyoya-niisan if I don't get home soon."

"Okay, then," Hayato said. "Let's go home."

They started walking side by side and spoke no more. They have finished their sundaes and threw the cups in the closest bin found. Finally, they reached their apartment building. They stepped on the elevator and Hayato pushed the button for the 7th floor. She fetched Hikari to their unit: Room 702.

"Thank you, Hikari," Hayato said.

"No," Hikari replied. "Thank you, for the sundae."

Hayato smiled as Hikari smiled. She waved goodbye. She was about to enter their room but he held her hand and pulled her towards him. He kissed her cheeks and hugged her.

"Goodnight," he said.

Hikari blushed and became mad. She broke hug. "Whatever are you trying to do?"

"Give you a goodbye kiss and hug?" Hayato smirked. "And I did it."

"Go home, Hayato-kun," Hikari blushed, rushed into their unit and shut the door in front of Hayato. Behind the door, Hikari can't force herself to be mad; she smiled sweetly.

Hayato sighed and gave out a warm smile. His eyes are sparkling and says that he just had a good day.