Okay so, update time, I am currently working on new chapters for my already uploaded pieces, such as this one, but I think I need a little inspiration boost to help me get out this writer's funk I seem to have caught a case of.

Now, for those of you have read some of my work, and liked what you've seen, I am offering up this opportunity to leave me a comment in the reviews for this piece, or a private message if you'd like, if there may be some story idea you'd like to see written out or a prompt you'd like to issue me, perhaps a scene you felt was missing from the show, whatever you like, the sky is the limit here. I like being challenged and pushed and I love really creative, imaginative ideas so really have no fear about being too freaky or bold, I love that sort of stuff and it helps me write more in general.

I don't mind writing M/F or F/M though my main specialty is M/M, but I am more than flexible about most themes, ideas, characters, etc. If I do happen to take on someone's idea or challenge then I will dedicate the story to you specifically, of course, and may steal from your well again if necessary, I make no promises.

And that's it, I thank everyone who has reviewed and or liked my work already, I really appreciate you, so this is sort of my way of giving back to say thanks.