Here's a random little story for you. It's a short little one shot.

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It was painful. And it never stopped. A frail piece of innocence was left hanging onto itself. Nothing else was there except the pain. It was partly his fault, of course. He had thrown himself down here. Down into the dark pit. Huddled in a small corner was what was left of the soul of one Sam Winchester. For a whole year on Earth, no telling how long that equaled in Hell, he had been trapped with two angry angels.

Seeing them was bad enough, but hearing them worsened everything. They were brothers, why didn't they just hold onto that? It's what him and Dean did through the years where it was just them. When their father would leave for so long.

The innocent soul, battered by the debris of its past and the pain it suffered, held onto the memories. Clung to them for a shred of hope in its eternal darkness.

Being trapped gave him time to think. What if Michael and Lucifer had been like him and Dean? They were much alike. Dean and Michael always obeying father's orders, even when daddy-dearest was nowhere to be found. Always being the good little soldier. Sam and Lucifer rebelling and running off to be themselves, questioning their father's motives, questioning the orders... Though, that is where the similarities split off. He thought of how Dean came to find him. His older brother had come back for him, had never given up on him. Michael simply left Lucifer, his younger brother, alone and gave up.

That's when it happened, in the middle of his thoughts. As if his prayers of the last year had actually escaped the cage and reached God, wherever he was, warmth hit him. He felt a tug at his chest and if a great weight had been lifted, he let himself be taken from the cage. He was free from it, the torturous battles between the brothers that were so much like him and Dean it made him flinch.

As if he were breathing in a new life, as if something had been placed to keep him from feeling the pain and the torment from the cage, he felt blissful as he sunk into his original body.

Sam was whole again.


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