They're Other Half

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Author's Notes : I don't own Degrassi: The Next Generation. This story came to me when I was watching a marathon of all the Degrassi episodes on Teen Nick. I'm not sure if I'm the only one who noticed that after Ryan Cooley (J.T.) left the show. The Degrassi die with him...

Anyway I thought what if Ryan didn't really leave the show but took some time off and came back. This is what could have happen if he did that.(a girl can wish)

The story will first take place a few years after the second movie 'Degrassi Takes Manhattan. And of course R.R.


A 29-year-old Liberty Van Zandt watched the road while laughing at her 12-year-old son Samuel JT Johnson who was telling her about the pool party he went to last night. Liberty glanced at her son when she came to a red light, and still couldn't believe that he was really sitting beside her, and thought how she got to where she was(raising her son), as she started down the road.

After dancing with Toby at Spinner and Emma's surprise wedding. Liberty decided to date him, and by the end of college they were living together in a small house in their hometown. She took a job at her dad's office and Toby became the new computer teacher at Degrassi. For about a year everything was going for them, that was until Kendra Mason the new math teacher and Toby's first love came into the picture. At the end of that year Toby told Liberty he was still in love with Kendra (who return his feelings) and understanding his feelings Liberty step back and moved back in with her parents.

At 24 she threw herself into her work and for a while it worked. But when she got a call from Emma telling her that JT's grandmother passed away. Liberty found herself remembering another funeral she went too. Although she let her friends believe she'd moved on. Deep down Liberty knew she wouldn't be able to ever move on. JT Yorke was her first everything;( her first crush, first best friend, her love, her real kiss, her first time, first heartbreak and the dad to her only child). Even when she had boyfriends(even Toby) she always found herself imagining them as JT, which she knew it wasn't fair to them so she always ends up ending the relationships before it got too far.

Asking Emma when the funeral was Liberty went to show her respects to the woman who was like a second grandmother to her. Coming home from the funeral Liberty found her dad,mom and some woman waiting for her. The woman was a college friend of her parents, her name was Sally Paw, she own a private practice law firm in Seattle, Washington and after been shown Liberty's work as a lawyer (practice of law) by Liberty's parents, Sally offer a job to Liberty who after hearing 'Seattle' agreed the to take the job.

Settling into her new apartment in Seattle. Liberty took a month to get use to her surroundings (the law firm and places to eat and shop) and then got on the phone and started looking up the Johnson's (her son's adopted parents) name in the phone-book.

And after 3 days of calling all the Johnson's in the book. (there was 500 of them)

Liberty finally got in-contact with the right Johnson's family and was shock to find out from Rose (Mrs. Johnson) that they had sent updates about Samuel (her son) since they got the chest she sent him. Liberty didn't have to think too hard to know who made sure she didn't get those updates about her son (one hint it rhymes with tad).

It was pass midnight by the time they hung up and before they ended their call. Rose invited Liberty to have dinner with them Saturday and gave her the directing to their house.

Although she was scared shitless. Liberty found herself pulling up to a two-story house and a fence-in yard that Saturday.

Getting out of the car Liberty found there was a little boy between ages of 7 or 8 in the yard playing with a puppy dalmatian(next-door's puppy). When the boy look up at her, Liberty thought she was going to break down when she realized this was hers and JT's son.

Besides the Van Zandt's eyes and having light brown skin Samuel was a clone of JT. Liberty watched as Samuel came up to her and introduce himself as Samuel JT Johnson, and asked her nicely if she was his mom. Too speechless to say anything Liberty nodded yes, and when he smiled at her with tears in his eyes, she pulled him into a hug while crying along with him.

After mother and son had their cry, Mr and Mrs. Johnson invited Liberty inside and told her that Samuel has known about her and JT since he was 5 years old. When she asked if he knew about JT's death they told her that her mother sent a letter telling about his death.

After dinner Samuel showed Liberty his room (which was messy) he told her he was a straight A student but when he gets bored he likes to clown around in class. The time she left that night Liberty promise Samuel she would visit again.

For 2 years Liberty visited Samuel, she watched as he grew into looking more and more like JT(with her smarts). And in the process of getting to know her son Liberty became good friends with Bob and Rose( Mr and Mrs. Johnson).

Sometimes when Rose was in the city she would stop by Liberty's office, and they both would go across the street to the café and sit and talk through Liberty's lunch break, while every Sunday after church Liberty and Bob would race to see who would finished the crosswords in the newspaper(Liberty would buy one before coming over). In a way they were a family.

But a week after Samuel's 11th birthday. Liberty found herself answering a call in her office one Monday from Rose asking her if she could pick up Samuel from school because her and Bob were stuck at the bank. After picking up Samuel. Liberty stop at McDonald ( they each got a cheeseburger with fries and one vanilla milkshake for her and a strawberry milkshake for Samuel) and took him back to her apartment to wait for the Johnson to pick him up. But they never came.

Falling asleep on her couch(Samuel was sleeping in her bed) Liberty was awoken from her heated dream(guess who she was dreaming about 0.0) with her phone ringing which she grab in anger, and was shocked to find that it was the police. Turns out while Rose and Bob were at the bank. The bank got robbed and not one hostage made it out alive. After telling Samuel the news(who cried himself to sleep for two nights)

Liberty got to work with planning the funeral services and making sure the murderers(that wasn't shot down) rotted in jail for the rest of their lifes. After the funerals and the case(which they got life with no chance of parole) Liberty was flabbergasted when she heard that the Johnson's had a new will made the year before and in that will they said if something should ever happen to them everything go's to Samuel (bonds, the house and 36,000) and if they both should pass before Samuel becomes of age they want his guardian to be his biological mother. After hearing that Liberty fainted right on the spot that day.

A month later Liberty sold the Johnson's house and put the money in Samuel's trust fund. And called her dad up and asked for her job back in his firm. (which he said yes) and gave Sally a two week noticed, then went back to Canada with Samuel.

Liberty came out of her memories as she pulled into Glade Middle School's parking lot with her son trying to get her attention. "What did you say sweetie?"

"I asked if I could spend the night at Tim's Friday?"

"I wish I could let you... But I need your help with your grandmother, you know she's been depressed since her's and dad's divorce was final yesterday and until Danny get's back home from his vacation in Miami I going to need all the help I can get." Liberty rubbed her forehead when she felt a headache coming on.

"In other words : until grandmother is back on her feet. My new routine is school and home." James said folding his arms against his chest and gave a defeated sigh. "Since I don't want grandma to be sad, I'll help out." He looked over at his mother. "I can't believe that 'jack-off' did this to her."

"I told you not to call your grandfather that." Liberty saw a frowned come to her son's face and wish for one second that her father wasn't her father. "Samuel-"

"Don't call me that 'name'!" James had tears in his eyes as he stared back at his mother. "My name is James! I don't want anything to do with the name Samuel especially knowing I was name after that man."

Realizing what she did Liberty reach over her seat and pulled her son into her arms, who after being pulled into her arms started crying. Not breaking the hug Liberty rubbed her hand through her son's rich dark brown hair and kissed his head, letting him get his anger out.

After calming down James pulled back from his mom wiping his eyes. "I'm sorry mom I didn't mean to yell at you..I just hate that -"

"" Liberty said in a low voice, kissed his forehead. "I know your grandfather isn't your favorite person now but -"

"He never once showed I was apart of the Van Zandt's family..."

James remembered the day his mom introduce him as her son to her family(the Van Zandt), his grandmother and uncle welcomed him with opened arms but Samuel(his grandfather) he was a whole different story. James could still hear the same words Samuel said to his mom. Like it was just yesterday, "Why did you bring that 'mistake' here I thought you wanted to fix your life not make it worst.'" After hearing him say that(and his mom's very 'nice' words to his grandfather) James did everything he could to get Samuel's respect, but knew no matter what he did or say Samuel would always looked at him like he was a piece of gum on his shoe. He probably still be trying to win Samuel's respect if he didn't catch him cheating on his grandmother. And to think Samuel's first words to James after being caught was "You need to forget you ever saw that... I mean you wouldn't want to hurt your grandmother now would you?" James didn't want to hurt his grandmother, but he knew keeping it quiet would hurt her more. So he told his Uncle Danny who after being told had to take an early vacation from work(thanks to Liberty) so he wouldn't kill his father.

Shaking his head and leaning back into his seat James closed his eyes. "How could you name me after someone like that?" He said under his breath.

"Because it was the only way you could carry your dad's name."

Opening his eyes James looked over at her."What do you mean mom?" He asked not understanding.

Liberty sighed, her headache was getting worst. "I mean I didn't have a choice but to give you my father's name... Liberty glance at her wristwatch and saw that they were one hour early for James to be in class. Finally turning off the car(that was in park) Liberty turned back to her son. "Do you remember me telling you about your dad's faults right?" James nod his head yes so Liberty continued. "I was at the apartment your dad got us, deciding which color wallpaper I wanted for your bedroom. I found out that morning you was going to be a boy and I was going to tell JT when he got home and that I was sorry for treating him like I did. The doctor said because of my ambitious side I was already going through my mood swings. Realizing that, I went to my mother and told her what was going on and she said she would help us out and talk to dad and if he still didn't help she would. I was so happy. We had a chance to make it. I was going to be a mom and JT was going to be a dad and we was going to have a baby boy. But that all change when the time pass 10:00 p.m. And JT wasn't home from work." She pushed back her tears so her son wouldn't see them. "It's was 12:30 a.m. When I got a call from Jay who told me that he brought JT to the hospital for overdose on drugs. So after hanging up with Jay I called my parents, ask if they could take me to hospital to see JT. On our way there I thought about why would JT do something like this and realized I was the reason. Not one time did I tell him I was proud of him or that I could get a part-time job and help out since we was in this together. All I did was be demeaning and controlling, and kept putting him down. When we got to the hospital Jay told the truth about everything(about him pressing JT into stealing the drugs) after hitting Jay couple of times with as best I could being pregnant I went to the doctor who was taking care of JT. She told me that they had him on suicide watched for two weeks. Realizing there wouldn't be any income coming in for the apartment for two weeks I knew I would be homeless. But mom reminded me she was going to help us out." Liberty smiled at that memory but frown when she remember what happen next. "Overjoyed with knowing I wasn't going to be homeless and JT and I could be together as a family. I asked the doctor if I could see him. I was going to tell your dad I loved him and I would stick with him and we would get through this together. But she told me I couldn't see him because he was being charge with the pills he stolen. He had to pay 6,000 for the pills or go to jail. Not wanted him to go to jail. I beg my father for help and he said he would pay for the pills and make sure JT wouldn't get charge for his crime. Only on three conditions, and since I had no choice but to agree I said yes." Liberty tighten her hold on the steering wheel, she could hear her head pounding(she was still holding her tears back). "When I saw that smirk he gives people when he win's over on them. I knew I was going to regret those three conditions and I still do to this day."

James seeing his mom struggling with her emotions, knew this was hard on her. But this was the first time hearing about this and he needed to know. "Mom what were the three conditions?"

She stared back at those eyes that was so much like hers. "I was to break-up with your dad, move back home, and put you up for adoption and signed all rights to you to my father."

"What about dad? Didn't he have a say in this?" James asked trying not to yell.

Liberty was startle a little with how much James looked like JT when he's upset. "Since he was on suicide watched he lost his rights to you." She explained. "After I told your dad I was going to put you up for adoption and watched him cry I went home that night and cried myself to sleep." Liberty stopped for a second (they were still painful memories). "After those two weeks your dad tried to call me but I was refused to talk to him. It was one month later at school that your dad pulled me to the side and asked me to change my mind about your adoption and told me that he was sorry about the drugs and that he wanted us to be a family. Turning back into 'the emotionless robot' I was known for back in high school. I told him he lost his chance with us being a family and that you already had adopted parents pick out. I will never forget the look in your dad's eyes after I told him that. It was a look of defeat. Not able to keep up my front I turned to leave but he stop me and pulled me into a kiss. In that kiss I could feel all his emotions:anger, sadness, Not once had he ever kiss me like that in public through our whole relationship. When I felt myself about to cry he pulled back from the kiss and stared at me. I knew he could read me like I could read him. Avoiding his eyes, I told him I need to get to class. Letting me go he step back so I could move and as I was walking away. He asked me if I felt anything from the kiss. Knowing I couldn't tell him the truth I lied. I told him I didn't feel anything in the kiss and that he shouldn't do things like that since we weren't together anymore. Getting angry he told me he guess our relationship's was nothing but a mistake. Once again putting up my front I told him he was right, that our relationship's was a mistake and we should forget we ever were a couple. Not saying anything he walked away. I didn't see your dad until your birth. I had to stay overnight at the hospital after your birth , they said they needed to make sure I wouldn't do anything stupid after giving you up."

A small smiled came to Liberty's lips. "Your dad stayed with me in the hospital the whole night. We talked like old friends and not like a teen couple who just watch their baby boy be given to his adopted parents, and as we were talking, a nurse came in telling me my mother sent her in there to finish your information on your birth certificate for Bob and Rose who gave us rights to name you. When I heard this I told her I gave my rights to you to my father which she told me that he already gave you the name Samuel for your first name and that Bob and Rose gave you their last name but you didn't have a middle name so without a second thought I told her to put down JT after your father. After the nurse put it down and left the room. I looked over to your dad and saw he had a real smile on his face. Not seen a real smile on his face since we were a couple I couldn't help but to smile too. With tears coming down his face he told me 'thank you' which I told him he didn't need to thank me. I told him you deserve to carry your father's name even though it was only your middle name." Liberty moved her glasses and wipe her eyes when she felt they were wet. "Your dad shocked me when he leaned over my hospital bed and hug me and when he did that I broke down in his arms. I cried so much I fell asleep still in his arms. The next morning I woke he was gone." Making sure her eyes were dry Liberty put her glasses back on. "When I got back to school I became the 'emotionless robot' again and drown myself in school work.

After his mother said that he saw she went quiet and had a daze look in her eyes. He knew she was thinking about his dad. Not wanting to interrupt her thoughts James looked outside his window and saw cars pulling up in the parking lot letting out kids. Looking down at his red backpack he unzip it and pulled out a mid-size box, he looked over at his mom to see if she was still lost in her thoughts (she was). Making sure she didn't catch him James slip the box in the backseat where she could find it later. Now sitting back in his seat an important thought came to his mind. "Will we still be able to visit dad Saturday?"

Liberty didn't understand why he asked that. "Why would you ask that? Of course we will be able to visit your dad."

"Well I thought with everything happening we wouldn't be able to go-"

Liberty place her hand on James's cheek and gave him a tender smiled. "Sweetie ever since we been here not once have we miss a Saturday with your dad and we're not going to start now."

"Even with everything with grandmother?" James didn't want to get his hopes up.

"I don't care if we have to drag your grandmother along with us. We're not going to miss a Saturday with him ok." She said still smiling.

Excited James reach over, gave his mom a kiss on the cheek and hug. "Good cause I wanted to tell him about the pool party last night," he said while getting out of the car. "And the prank I pulled on the Retract twins." And leaning inside the car window. "Are you picking me up later or is one of my aunts or uncles doing it?"

"Sorry baby but mom's got to stay late after work and clean up your- I mean Samuel's mess that he left when he gave me the law firm." Her headache was coming back ten folds. "You're being pick up by Jay and Manny-"

"Oh no mom!" James whined. "I always get stuck babysitting the 'demon triplets' can't Uncle Spinner come and get me?"

Liberty sighed. "You know Emma could go into labor any day now. So Spinner won't be able to pick you up." Giving her son a look that said 'drop it you're not getting your way today'.

Knowing that look all too well James step back from the car with his hands behind his back. "Since I know I'll be babysitting the 'demon triplets' how about we make a deal?" He asked rocking back on his heels. "I wont make a fuss about them if I can pick where we eat after visiting dad Saturday. What do you say... do we have a deal?"

She knew where this was going. "And pray tell where is this place you want to eat at?"

James gave his mom's an innocent look. "Well the Dot of course. No one can make chili/cheese curly fries like Uncle Spinner can."

Liberty shook her head, and gave a little chuckle. She knew he was going to say the Dot. The whole time she was pregnant with him she couldn't get enough of those greases chili cheese fries. And she didn't eat them unless Spinner made them. "Ok it's a deal." She said before starting up the car. "And since you don't have too long until you graduated can you give your teachers a break?" A all familiar smirk came to her son's face.

"Why mom whatever do you mean?" He asked still smirking.

It scares her with how much James favors his dad. "Don't give me that... I know that smirk. It's the same smirk your dad used to give when he was up to no good. Just give them a break...I mean between my ambition and your dad's joking and both our stubbornness you give your teachers seconds thoughts about their career choices.

"Hey I can't help they can't answer most of my questions." He shrugged.

"James." Flat tone in her voice told James she wasn't playing around.

"Ok mom I promise to be good."

"That's my boy."

James made his way to the front steps of his school before stopping and turning back to the parking lot where his mom's 2005 navy blue Subaru Legacy was still parked. "HEY MOM!"

Looking shock when she heard James call out to her. Liberty locked eyes with him who had a big smiled on his face, while the kids around him looked at him like he lost his mind. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!" With saying that James made the rest of the way up the steps, and into the school without glancing back.

Blinking a couple of times Liberty finally realized what he yelled out to her. "No one's said that to me since..." Liberty closed her eyes and took a deep sighed when the memory of that day came rushing back to her. Pushing that memory in the back of her head, Liberty pulled out of park and made her way to the street. As she hit the highway heading to work. Memories of her and JT came to the surface, even though there were bad moments there were still good ones. Good ones that she wish she could have made more with him. Wanting something to occupy her mind Liberty glanced up at her rear view mirror watching the cars behind her and something caught her eye in the corner on the mirror. Thinking her son forgot something Liberty pulled to the curb near the highway and cut off the car before she reached for the thing that caught her eye in the back seat. Sitting back in her seat Liberty placed the object in her lap and study it. The object turned out to be a mid-size box wrapped in colorful poke of dots paper with a silver background to it. But what caught her attention was a tag attach to the box saying 'To mom'.

With shaky hands but with care Liberty unwrapped the box to find two things: a small blue velvet rectangle case and a letter address to her. Picking up the letter she noticed it was in her son's handwriting.

Hey mom! If you're reading this then you found your birthday gift. I know you don't celebrate your birthday since you lost dad that day. But after finish reading dad's journal that Uncle Toby gave me. I found out things about dad and you that most didn't know. Like dad and you were a couple before high school...when I asked my uncles and aunts about that secret it was aunt Emma and Manny who knew all along about that secret,not even uncle Toby knew , I still don't understand why you didn't tell me...anyway mom the other stuff I found out about in dad's journal, I'll read the journal to you Saturday at dad's grave ... but for now just know that dad really loved you and wanted you to have the world. When I got to the end of the pages dad never got a chance to finish, I pass the last page in his journal and I found a compartment in the back. It had dad's birthday present for you. He left it at home that 'night'. Uncle Toby was given dad's journal as you know from great-grandmother the next day after dad's death. But did you know she told him to hold on to it...and give it to the person who should really have it. I don't how she knew I end up with dad's journal. Especially when she passed before I moved here? I added a piece to the present too. I hope you like it and I hope you're not mad at me mom? I just thought since dad couldn't give it to you I should...So HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

Your loving and funny son : James JT Johnson.

p.s. I might haven't told you, but l love that your my mom,...don't get me wrong I do love and miss 'daddy and mommy' but I'm glad I'm with you...I know dad's not here, and I know he watches over both of us...but sometimes I wish it was you and dad who raised me...I'm sorry to feel like that mom...I just do...

Once again Happy Birthday Mom.

As Liberty read the letter she noticed James wrote his first name(Samuel) down but then marked it out.

Reminding herself to pick up James's favorite snacks(strawberry turnover and strawberry wafers) and finally show him, the three family photo albums she got in JT's grandmother's will and some pictures she kept put away that had her and JT in them. Keeping that in mind she placed the letter in the seat next to her and opened the velvet case and her breath caught in her throat when she saw what was inside. In the case was a beautiful white gold heart shape locket with a sliver chain, it was the same necklace she was looking at in the mall three weeks before her birthday. Even though it was the same necklace she saw, it was different too, it had three birthstones(hers and JT's and James's) on the front and it had hers, JT's and James's names(Samuel) on the back. As she was studying their names she noticed of couple of folded piece of papers in the case. Putting the necklace around her neck(she had her hair in a bun) Liberty looked at the first piece of paper, and saw that it had JT's handwriting.

To my Libby

I know you probably don't want me to call you that but even though we're not together you will always be my Libby. Even though I said I moved on(yeah right!) I still love you...I know it's my fault we lost our baby boy (I had a son!) But I can't stop thinking about you. I tried to move on with Mia and Bella. But it's not the same. I miss you Liberty...I should of never listen to Jay or my stupid pride. I would be with you now... instead of up in the middle of the night crying while writing this letter.(notebook paper) I don't know what it is about you? Even when we met the first time in 4th grade in the lunch room, when you came up to me and asked if I wanted to trade my white chocolate chip cookie for your chocolate chip cookie, and after I agreed to the trade, I found I couldn't take my eyes off you the rest of lunch, I knew there something about you, I just didn't know what it was, but I wanted to find out. That's why when our class let out for recess I introduce myself to you...Sorry again for breaking your CD(that's something about me, always caring about what other people think, and you and I both know I don't do good when people laugh at me)...But I'm glad I was able to fix it for you...I hope you kept the second CD too...Right now while I'm writing to you, I'm listing to 'To the Moon and Back'.

I remember for two years, I was a straight A+ student and was the only boy in the 5th grade to have a girlfriend...I believe if I had told you I was going to summer camp, instead of it coming from someone else. You wouldn't have got angry and hurt, that your boyfriend wasn't going to be there for the summer...and I don't blame you anymore for kissing Billy in front of me...(we do crazy things when we're angry, don't we). When 6th grade started you and I had change; you were more serious and wanted to become our class president, and I was so mad about how much you change that I made sure it was hard for you to keep our class in order...even if it got me into trouble it was worth it, then. We were at each other's throat so much that both Emma and Manny had to step in to make us talk to each other without yelling at each other... After we finally 'talked' we realize we were both hurt with how we broke-up, but we both knew we wasn't the same...we were growing up and wanted different things, (your goal was to be the student body president in high school and I wanted to just have fun), so that's why we agreed to keep our friendship to a low-key when we got to Degrassi...When I told you I pretended to be gay so you wouldn't like me and saw the hurt in yours eyes. I lost myself...I knew I still like you but my stupid pride got in the way(mistake 1). And then you went and change who you are just to show me you weren't boring(news flash you were never boring!) I still hit myself(fun) for not kissing you right there when we were face to face on that bench(mistake 2). Who knew I end up liking sewing(Thanks). You gave up a good grade for me when we both know grades are the only thing your father sees in you(the jerk).

When I asked you to tutor me so I could pass(I could have asked Toby)I wasn't too shock when you turned it in your favor(You look so cute in your hula dress). Thanks again for being there with me when Amber left for college, and being a shoulder to cry on afterwards. You didn't even ask questions when my mom gave her rights to me to my grandma and thank you for that too...

When you got new crushes(Sean and Chris) I felt so relief (mistake 3). But then I felt myself thinking 'what do they have that I don't?' When I realized what I was thinking I shook it off and occupied my mind 'Manny's new look is hot!'(mistake 4). After the 'shooting' (poor Jimmy)everybody was depressed about the whole thing(even me). But then you came up with that play(I'm not sorry I kiss you in the hot tub), to show everybody that there is life after tragedy and told Principal Raditch off(that passionate side is why I fell for you) I know I didn't have to stay in detention with you(since I back down)but I wanted to and I'm glad I did. When you took the bold move to kiss me in school(four-year crush?), when you did that I found for once I didn't care what anybody thought and kiss you back...Detention couldn't end any faster, and I got to admit I was so glad I was living with my grandmother who hadn't lived too far from the school, I know even then if it wasn't for my grandmother coming home, I don't know how far we would of went, but I knew right then that we weren't 9 or 10 years old kids anymore, we were teens...teens with strong feelings for one another...When you called your mother to pick you up after dinner(you was always a sucker for grandmother's vegetable lasagna), and we standing outside waiting for your mom. I found I was happy we were back together and I knew right then you were the one for me(corny I know, but it's true). As I saw your mom come up, you pulled me into a deep kiss and then told me right there you love me. But instead of saying those three words back to you, I said something stupid 'I too'(mistake 5). Even though you act like it didn't bother you, I could tell in yours eyes I hurt you... I'm still sorry when I let my angry get the best of me and hurt Danny(Stupid Pride: mistake 6). That night in my car(while it rain outside) on our 5th month anniversary I will never forget(our first time)...

The only thing I regret that night was not using my head(the one with the brain) and forget about my doubt in my manhood and use a condom that fit(mistake 7)

Don't get me wrong Libby I did(still do) want kids with you just not this young...I wanted us to finish high school, college and when we have our careers(me an actor and you a play-writer/lawyer) then we could start having little JTs and Libbys...But I guess I fuck that future up for us didn't I. It still kills me to know someone else will raise our son(mistake 8)

The locket I'm giving you...I hope you like it? I saw you looking at it in the mall(I was on a date with Mia:mistake 9) I knew I had to get it for you(I sold one of my rare comics) and had our's and our son's birth-stones and names put on it and there's a surprise inside the locket. That couple we met in the park sent my camera back to me just two weeks ago, well actually they drop it off at the school when they use one the pictures in the camera to find us(they never knew our names), it was Toby who told them who we were and the one they gave the camera to since he knew us, Toby gave it to me in front of Mia which wasn't happy to see me looking through all the pictures that the couple got film for you and me...but while I was checking over the pictures with Toby of you and I, I didn't care she was getting angry.

I have another gift for you but I'm sure you don't want it...But I hope you like it anyway...The next gift is a mix CD for you, the first song is 'Until You' do you remember that song...I hope you do.

When I heard that song, that night when we concede our son. Every word on that song is how I feel for you... Well it's 1:00 a.m. Today is your Birthday so Happy Birthday my Libby...I hope I give you this letter and these gifts and not chicken out...Oh well...If you never get this...Know That I Love You Liberty Van Zandt...and I always will.

Love forever yours : James Tiberius Yorke

Holding back her tears Liberty placed the letters on top of James's letter, and looked inside the box to find a CD case with a note on it that says 'Dedicated to Liberty'. Taking the CD out of its case and putting it in her CD player(her car as a CD player). Liberty looked back at the locket hanging over her neck and realized that JT said he had a surprise inside the locket.

Opening the locket(when she found how) Liberty let out a gasp when she saw what was inside. Inside the locket was two pictures on each side. On the left side was a picture of James and all her friends(Spinner,Emma,Manny,Toby,Jay,Kendra and all their kids and of course Danny) they were waving at the camera. Pressing play on her CD player Liberty looked back at the second picture in the locket and let her tears fall freely down her face when she heard the song fill her speakers.

Baby life was good

to me

But you just made it


The right picture was of her and JT on their 5th month anniversary they were leaning against a tree in the park with JT's arms wrapped around her midsection with both them smiling at the camera. I'm so glad that couple sent JT his camera back, Liberty thought as she found herself drifting back to that day.

I love the way you

stand by me

Through any kind of


They had just finished their big lunch which she made all JT's favorites(pepperoni pizza, red apple slices with strawberry yogurt dip and chocolate fudge brownies and a pitcher of sweet tea) herself. After being praise for her great cooking from JT. Liberty found herself in a tickle fight with him that turned into a heated make-out session. That was until JT reach for his camera(which he brought).

I don't wanna

run away

Realizing what he was up to Liberty started running around laughing while he took pictures of her. Giving him a kiss she took the camera from him and started taking pictures of him. Laughing at his goofy and silly expressions.

Just wanna

make your day

JT stop their fun knowing that if Liberty was late she would be in trouble with her parents.

When you feel the world is on

your shoulders

Don't wanna

make it worse

After packing everything up and heading to leave. JT grab Liberty's hand, who stop walking when he did and looked back at him. "I want a picture of us together." She could hear the serious in his tone and nod ok and watched as he made his way to a couple not far from them, after asking them if they could take a picture of him and Liberty. JT made his way back to Liberty and leaned against a tree with his arms wrapped around her pulling her closer as the woman of the couple took their picture. Liberty never felt so safe in someone's arms then that day...

Just wanna

make us work

Baby tell me I

will do


Just after taking the picture it started to rain. Even though they were getting wet Liberty and JT thank the couple before making their way to the parking lot where JT's car was. Once inside the car JT put the picnic basket behind his seat. They both knew it wasn't safe to drive in the rain(which was coming down harder than before).

It feels like nobody

ever knew me until

you knew me

Liberty called her mom on her cell phone telling her that she was at Emma's for their 'sleepover'. JT took the blue blanket(they use for their picnic) and wrapped it around them while Liberty called Emma to tell her if her mom called say she was over there.

After doing that Liberty snuggle up to JT in the blanket. Knowing that they both didn't want to hear the rain pounding down on the roof, JT turned on the car radio which was playing dedicates. He heard an old backstreet boy's song before pulling Liberty closer to him and whispering in her ear.

"I love you Liberty Van Zandt."

When Liberty heard those three words come from JT for the first time she felt tears in her eyes and with blurry eyes Liberty turned her face to his, "You do ?"

When she saw him nod his head yes. She hug him and kiss him and leaned into his ear. "I love you too James Yorke you're the guy for me..." Locking eyes on each other they kiss and as their kiss became heavy they both could hear the next song fill the car speakers(Until You).

Feels like nobody

ever loved me

until you touched me

Feels like nobody

ever touched me

until you touched me

Moving his lips from hers JT started kissing and sucking on her wet neck tasting the rain on her skin. Enjoying the new feelings going through her body Liberty tug at his shirt until he let her pull it from him. Taking off Liberty's glasses JT kiss both her eyes.

"You're beautiful my Libby." Blushing and smiling Liberty wrapped her arms around his neck. "I want you JT... to make love to me." After saying that Liberty cover her mouth over his. Before either knew it their clothes was covering the car floor. Realizing where both their minds were going they made their way to the back seat(the front was too small)

Baby nobody,

nobody, until


Pulling out what she brought with her in her purse Liberty turned to JT to find he had one too. Looking at hers and then his Liberty wasn't sure which one to pick, that was until she saw the nervous in his eyes. Placing hers back into her purse, Liberty took his into her hand before kissing him. They will use his condom instead.

Baby it just took

one hit of you now

I'm addicted

You never know

what's missing

Till you get

everything you needed

I don't wanna

run away

Just wanna

make your day

When you feel

the world is on

your shoulders

Don't wanna

make it worse

Just wanna

make us work

Baby tell me I

will do


As the rain pounded on the only car in the park's parking lot got stronger so did the lovers in the car. Pulling Liberty into his lap and wrapped his arms around her waist, he kissed her. Kissing him back Liberty glided her lips over his, supple and seductive, then opened them inviting him to start what they started in the front seat. JT started to burn, a fire that kindled at the center and quickly spread to the rest of him.

He fit his mouth to hers more aggressively, tasting her, circling the inner softness of her lips, delving the deeper secrets within. She responded with a low sound, and then her tongue ventured forward to meet his. He let Liberty explore, and explore she did. Her foreplay becoming more emboldened with each passing second. Dear Lord, what was she doing to him? Maybe he was wrong about needing to move carefully. He was beginning to fear he was the one who was being swept along too fast. He tried to slow down, tucking her head under his chin while he caught his breath.

It feels like nobody

ever knew me until

you knew me

Feels like nobody

ever loved me

until you loved me

Feels like nobody

ever touched me

until you touched me

Baby nobody,

nobody, until


But even the innocent slide of his hands across her bare back became for him an erotic act. He spread his hands wide, palms rubbing against her warm wet dark skin, fingers exploring each ridge, and hollow from her nape to her firm little bottom. Soon JT knew that trying to slow down was impossible. He kissed her again, caressing her breasts with one hand while he held her to him with the other. The hunger roaring inside both of them radiated like heat from a furnace.

See it was

enough to know

If I ever

let you go

I would be

no one

Cause I never

thought I'd


All the things

you made me



looking for



Until You

Gently laying her on the seat JT left her mouth to trail kisses along her body. Liberty moved against him, arching, inviting him to continue his journey south. He obliged kissing her soft dark skin from her shoulders to her stomach, feeling her respond to each touch and kiss. Looking up, he saw her eyes were passion-glazed, her lips full and flushed with desire. "You're so breathtaking." after saying that he returned to her lips, kissing her deeply, deeper...

It feels like nobody

ever knew me until

you knew me

Feels like nobody

ever loved me

until you loved me

Feels like nobody

ever touched me

until you touched me

Baby nobody,


Liberty opened her eyes, she knew she was blushing. She had never known making love could be that wonderful. Yes it hurt but JT had taken such slow, thorough care with her, lifting her to a height of arousal she'd thought she might die from-and then keeping her there until she was mindless and virtually begging for release. And when it came,oh...

She had to admit to herself even though she loved him(still do). Not one time did she believe someone who joke a lot and had no confidence in himself(manhood) could be an amazing lover back then. But that night JT turned her into a believer. And to this day not one of her boyfriends has made her feel like that.

Still hearing the song play Liberty smiled as she remember what happen the next day.

It feels like nobody

ever knew me until

you knew me

Feels like nobody

ever loved me

until you loved me

Feels like nobody

ever touched me

until you touched me

She awaken in JT's arms, found herself watching him sleep, taking in every detail of his face and realized that she could look at his face forever and never get enough.

They both now were sharing the backseat with his arms heavy across her waist, hers tucked against his chest, their legs entwined. About to closed her eyes and get some more sleep Liberty heard him whispered her name, looking up at him she saw he was awake.

Staring at each they both started laughing for no apparent reason all Liberty remember thinking was it was amazing their relationship they had resilient, and always-surprising. After calming down JT gathered her close, rested his cheek on the crown of her head and rocked her in an embrace of pure affection. Their jovial mood slipped away as they gazed at each other and closed the distance from each other's mouth. What happen that night became a second that morning. They were going for a third time until they realized that they needed to stop(they were out of condoms) So getting dress and grabbing a bite at the Dot(Spinner see nothing, don't speak nothing, don't hear nothing) JT drop her off at her house after getting a long kiss goodbye.

Baby nobody,






Laughing Liberty remember she had to get in her house by going through her bedroom window. She never knew how JT made it look so easy... Sighing Liberty closed her eyes as she felt new tears fall down her face. Not wanting to come back to reality where the man she loves is gone...forever. Tightening her hold on the locket Liberty call out in her mind a prayer. Please I want him here

Knowing her prayer won't be answer Liberty let herself break down. I wish you were here with me...JT

Somewhere outside the gates of heaven

I wish...I was there with you too Libby...

A 25 years old James Tiberius Yorke watched the woman he still loves break down in her car calling his name. JT has watched over both Liberty and their son since he got to the front gates of heaven (he stayed on earth a week after his death he didn't really want to leave).

He wont go pass the gate until Liberty is by his side (In his eyes and heart it's not heaven until she was with him), so that is where he's been all this time, standing to the side, while others enter heaven. He already saw his grandmother walked through the gates to be with his granddad. He also saw James's adopt parents(he told them thank you for raising James). For years since his death he watched Liberty put up a front for everyone(so they didn't worry about her). He saw her try to move on when she made out with that Damian but when his name came out of her mouth she stop kissing Damian and told him they needed to find their friends(Damian was so lost in the heated kissing to noticed Liberty moan out her dead ex-boyfriend's name)

He watched her start a relationship with his best friend Toby(he was still mad at him for kissing her a day after his death), and wasn't surprise when it only last barely a year(they both were still in love with their first loves). He watched her meet their son(he cried along with them when they hug for the first time) and watched as she became a single mother(after the Johnson's death). He even cheer her on when she stood up to her dad(when he call James a 'mistake'). And cried along with her each night through high school and college when she was alone in her room away from everybody's eyes...


Keeping his eyes on Liberty(who was still crying) JT sighed when he knew who was behind him he's early today? "Joshua don't know what my answer will be."

Standing not too far behind JT was Joshua(elder guide) who look to be 25 with long silver hair and sky blue eyes ,Joshua might look young but he was centuries old (as he was born in the 1500's), he did know JT's answer. He gave him the same one every day since he got there 'I'm not going through those gates without my Libby'. But this time Joshua wasn't there for that. "Actually Tiberius I'm here for something else." Joshua said in a deadpan tone.

JT turned to Joshua when he heard the unusually tone in his voice. The whole time since JT met Joshua not one time as he spoke in that kind of voice. "You are? If you're not here to see me then what are you here for?"

With an emotionless face Joshua pointed behind JT. "That."

As JT turned back to the view of Liberty he found he was staring at a full view of the highway. Not understand what was going on JT kept his eyes on the scene in front of him. What in world is he's getting at- JT came out of his thoughts when saw a red sports car speed down the road on the left side of the highway with police cars behind it. He watch as the speeding car jump in front of a 18 wheeler to lose the police cars. JT felt a cold chill go down his back when he saw the 18 wheeler crossover to the right side of the highway into traffic(wrong way). The 18 wheeler at the last-minute made a hard turn so he wouldn't hit the on coming traffic. But because the trucker couldn't see his back he slammed into a 2005 navy blue Subaru Legacy on the curb that mashed against the stone wall beside it killing the person on in-pack. Realizing what he witness JT turned back to Joshua with angry tears rolling down his face. "Joshua tell me that didn't just happen!"

"I'm sorry Tiberius that was the reason I was here-"

JT cut Joshua off as he grip his pure white robe glaring at him."Bring her back! It's not her time yet! She has so much to live for..." JT step back from Joshua falling to his knees. "What about James...Without Liberty he has nobody..." JT lift his head up staring back at Joshua. "Why Joshua? Why now? LIBERTY NOT SUPPOSE TO DIE LIKE THIS!" Feeling a sharp pain go through his body JT grabbed his chest, it was pain he never felt before( even worst than when he was stabbed).

Joshua study JT and realized his 'father' was right. He's not completely dead. Half of his soul is still on earth with Liberty and now that she's dying he's feeling her pain...So it's true they are one of the few who has half a soul and is only whole when they're near each other...

JT didn't know what was going on. It felt like he was dying all over again. "Joshua what is happening to me? Why am I in so much pain!"

Joshua walked calmly over to JT. He knew now was the time to tell him. "Tiberius you are dying." Kneeling down Joshua put his hand on JT's back that felt like it was on fire. "What I'm about to tell you I need you to be calm." When JT gave a small nod Joshua spoke. "The night at Liberty's birthday you wasn't suppose to die."

Even though JT was in so much pain he looked up at Joshua with shock on his painful face. "What?"

"Like I said you were not supposed to die that night. You and Liberty were not supposed to break-up. Both your futures were in the stars...James wasn't the only kid you two were suppose to have...Now understand what I'm about to say. There are a few people on earth that is born with half a soul and you and Liberty are two of those people. When you two are together you make one whole soul...And two people who make one soul will have spiritual powers as strong as five guardian angels put together. But both yours and Liberty's will be transfer into your kids who will change a lot of people's lifes for the good..." Closing his eyes Joshua's hand glowed until he couldn't feel hot heat on JT's back.

Realizing he was free of pain JT stood up letting what he was told sink in. "Ok. If I wasn't suppose to die then why did I?"

Standing up Joshua put his hands in his sleeves on his robe. "Just like 'father' has followers on earth so does 'he'."

JT knew who Joshua was talking about when he said 'father'(god) and 'he'(devil). "What do you mean?"

"I mean 'he' made two of his followers interrupt 'father's' plans for you and Liberty. Does the names Jason Hogart and Drake Lempkey ring a bell?"

Blinking twice JT spoke. "Yeah. Drake killed me...But I don't understand what's Jay got do with this? He's not a follower of 'he'."

"At first he was but because of Manuela Santos... He was saved."

JT couldn't help but to laugh. "That I didn't see coming."

"Well since he was saved 'he' can't control him...But Drake on the other hand...'he' promise him power if he followed his orders..."

"But Drake was stabbed to death in prison two years after my death?"

"Tiberius you know as well as I do...once you make a deal with 'he' nothing good will ever come your way. Only death... and 'he' thought it be funny to finally reward Drake by having one of his demon followers kill him the same way he killed you..."

"My death was quick but...Drake's wasn't ... he was-" JT tried not to remembered how Drake was killed. "That prisoner went through him like a piece of paper...I know he killed me...but no one should be killed like that..."

"Tiberius...Drake sold his soul to 'he'...He chose his fate."

JT was about to say something until he felt sharp pain in his chest return but stronger than before. Falling to his knees with fresh tears trailing down his face again, JT let out a painful scream. "AHHHHHHH! Joshua make it stop! Why am I dying again? My pain was never this painful! AHHHHHH!"

It's not your death you're feeling...It's Liberty."

When JT heard that the pain he was feeling was Liberty. He bite down on his lip to stop his screams and looked up at Joshua. "Please Joshua save her...don't let her die...please."

JT saw Joshua shake his head no, "I can't save her..." JT hang his head in defeat and saw that his light blue robe was drenched in his own blood. Is this what my Libby is going through?...I'm sorry Liberty I failed you again-

"But you can."

Ignoring that he was sitting in pool of his own blood JT bow his head. "Tell me what to do and I'll do it. Just don't let Liberty die! PLEASE! I'll even pass the gates if it will keep Liberty alive!"

"Do you mean that? Will you enter heaven so Liberty can live?"


Nodding his head Joshua wave his hand over JT's body and once he did the pool of blood disappeared from around JT's body. Then he kneel in front of JT placing his hand on his back(again).

Eventually JT felt the pain leave him again and once it did he noticed his blue robe was completely clean of any of his blood. Standing back up JT had a frown on his face. "Is Liberty alive?"

"She is still alive."

JT gave a relief sigh before making his way pass Joshua. "So what is it like on the other side?"

"That's something I can't tell you." Joshua said with a grin appearing on his face. "I can only tell people who are dead."

Stopping in his tracks JT looked over his shoulder. "But I am dead ? Remember I chose to go through the gates so Liberty can stay alive..."

"When did you do that?"

JT gave Joshua a look that said 'you can't be serious'. Seeing that look Joshua started laughing which was making JT angry. "You think this is funny!" Glaring at Joshua. "What kind of BS are you pulling!"

Joshua stop laughing when saw the anger in JT's eyes. "I'm sorry Tiberius but as I said you are no longer dead. 'Father' is giving you a second chance at life...but this time you'll have clear eyes to everything around-"

"But I already die on earth wouldn't it be kind of weird that I come back from the dead?"

"No it wont. Because you are going back before you were killed." Joshua earlier smile return back to his face.

Trying not to get too excited JT made his way back to Joshua who was still smiling. "I'm really going back...but how? And why now?"

Joshua couldn't help but to laugh at JT's excited and nervous expression. "Because you and Liberty's spiritual powers came together. And right now the world is froze in time while Liberty's soul is stuck between here and earth." Joshua placed his hands on both sides of JT's shoulders. "Now know that when you choose to do this I can't exactly tell you what time or year you will be put at. But that it will be before your death...So are sure you want to do this?"

JT didn't have to give it a second thought, I'm going back...I have chance to fix everything...I have a chance with Lib-

"Tiberius!" Joshua said giving JT a little shake. "What is your answer?"


Smiling bigger Joshua placed his glowing hand on JT's forehead. "Good Luck JT. You only get this last chance so make it count."

Feeling his head get heavy JT smiled at Joshua. "Don't worry I'll make sure everything goes right this time..." After saying that JT became sleepy. The last thing he heard before everything went black was Joshua saying. "Remember to always have confidence in yourself and you'll be fine..." Then everything went dark...

The next part will start the story...until then see you!