A smug grin was plastered on the tall young man's face as he began to laugh. It seemed almost blatantly stupid how many people kept underestimating him. The Zokugaku Chameleon's Linebacker was not someone most people would think of as intelligent; and those people would be wrong. Habashira Rui sighed inwardly as he glanced around at the group of delinquents, sitting on their precious motorbikes, waiting for Eyeshield 21 to appear. Raising a fist in the air to gather their attention he had to speak loudly or his team-mates wouldn't have been able to hear him above the revving of engines.

"This time Zokugaku will be the one to win; we're going to kick some serious Devil-bat ass!" Hearing yells of agreement and excitement from his comrades he smiled. It wasn't often he could get them to follow his orders without having to threaten them; but give them a new target and they were easy to direct. Just like a set of throwing knives aimed at his enemies. Feeling something tug on his arm he yanked the rope in his hand, stopping Deimon's manager from struggling. Though she was quite weak he'd had to wrap the rope around his arm as well as his hand; just to keep her still. Glancing down at her with his deep amber eyes he wanted to frown. Instead he raised a brow at the young woman, as if asking her what she could possibly hope to accomplish by struggling against him.

If the truth were to be told; he hated doing anything underhanded. Most people assumed because he looked like a delinquent and drove a motorcycle that he was a sick and twisted individual. Being the Captain of a team from Zokugaku, especially the Football team, only seemed to solidify this idea in people's heads. What he really enjoyed though, other than fixing and riding his bike; was Football. But it was a pain in the ass just to get his team-mates to practice. Every day he had to make some sort of threat or prove his strength by taking a guy down.

The fact that they had lost a bet, when they lost the game against Deimon, made it even harder to force his team to practice. They complained about always being busy because of Hiruma's orders and used this as an excuse to slack off. That, and the fact that he hated Hiruma's underhanded tactics, was the only reason he had agreed to this little game of hide and seek with Eyeshield 21. Though it was an obvious ploy by Hiruma; but to what end he didn't yet know. It seemed as though there was a small piece of the puzzle he was missing. Looking back down at the complaining young woman he thought about everything he knew of Deimon for a moment before speaking, hoping she might divulge important information.

"Eyeshield 21 seems to be everyone's Hero. Of course he'll have to come and save you, otherwise he'll be seen as a coward. But when he does arrive we'll be ready for him; and the reign of that Demon's terror will be over." Pouting the woman looked away from him, refusing to comment. Some of the guys nearby chuckled when Habashira hissed. Everyone in Zokugaku knew that the football captain hated difficult women. Thinking back to the times he had seen her with the team he had a strange thought. Deimon had a short secretary, a freshman if he remembered correctly, but he didn't remember seeing the boy when they'd had a match against Deimon. In his mind he could see the height and physique of the chocolate eyed secretary. Comparing that to Eyeshield's body he began to formulate an educated guess. Tugging on the rope slighty, to get the Manager's attention, he glanced down at her then back at the open space ahead.

"Why do you protect Deimon's secretary so fiercely? He looks a lot tougher than you seem to give him credit for..." Eyes wide the young woman stared at him, as if he had grown a second head. Blinking she looked thoughtful before she opened her mouth to speak.

"I didn't think it was possible for a beast like you to speak without cussing." For the second time that day Rui wanted to pinch his fingers against his nose and sigh. The woman might have been too intelligent for her school; but she was obviously in denial about a lot of things. Instead of putting his face in his hand, like he sorely wanted to, the leader of Zokugaku just scoffed and shook his head, rolling his eyes.

"Besides, Sena needs me to protect him from bullies, people like you. He's not strong enough to do anything on his own without my help." Making a snobbish noise, something between a scoff and a no-nonsense sound; she closed her eyes and turned away from him. Rolling his eyes the exasperated teenager sat down on his makeshift chair and began to rethink his plans. He sat quietly until one of the look-outs whistled, the signal that they had spotted Eyeshield.

"Boss, that's the signal! Eyeshield's here!" Standing the green haired male began to grin, his long lizard-like tongue darting back and forth. Everything was beginning to fall into place, just as he had girl beside him shifted, pulling the rope, and his eyes flicked over her for a moment before they darted back to the open space in anticipation. The look on the manager's face was one of hope, and it looked quite comical.

From where the older teen stood he could see a small form rushing toward them at high speed. Wearing a red uniform, one that was glaringly obvious, Rui could see the sun reflect off of the green eyeshield that gave the other high schooler his famed name. As he came closer the Zokugaku's captain began to grin. Though he had only seen the other on the field once he was certain that his equations where right. The famous Running back and Deimon's Secretary had the exact same body.

As the Deimon's member came to a halt a few feet before them the teen seemed really nervous. He could tell because the boy was stiff, hands still at his sides, and head slightly tilted down. Moments passed in silence and Rui's brain seemed to click, a new plan forming in his mind. He didn't want to just catch Eyeshield and return him; he wanted to keep the boy. If he was right about the teen's identity then he would be able to get a lot more than freedom from his blonde rival.

"What are you waiting for! Get him!" Sending his team-mates after the freshman made him feel a little queasy; especially since his buddies where on motorbikes and the lone teen was wearing cleats. They were in an old warehouse area that had been paved in concrete. Cleats had no real grip on the ground. Engines reverberated off of the old metal warehouses as they all sped toward him at once. Beside him the manager woman watched nervously, pulling against the rope to try and get a better look at what was happening.

Tires squealed as more motorbikes got up to speed and were set racing toward the small football player. But Rui noticed a change in the young man, something about the way he stood told him that he had thrown caution to the wind and was no longer afraid of them. Suddenly the teen took off, dust flying as his powerful legs bunched beneath him. Watching him dodging left and right the Zokugaku team's Captain had no clue what was on the young hero's mind.

A moment later and the young man stood before him, the dust beginning to settle around them. For a moment his mouth twitched between a frown and an amused grin. That was before the young man opened his mouth to speak. Then he began to grin. Recognizing the voice of the teen he was glad to see that his hypothesis was correct.

"Please return Mamori-san." Holding out his gloved hand the teen in the red uniform stood firm. Yanking on the rope he heard the girl give an involuntary squeak. Plastering an amused grin on his face he pondered for a moment. So many ways this could go, and so little time to decide the best course of action.

"We'll make a deal then; you come with me and I'll free the girl. My guys will set her down on Deimon's school ground, unharmed. I'm a man of my word; I'll even swear on my Bike if you want." As the group of his followers gathered they seemed confused or outraged, depending on their personality, but one glare from him silenced them. They understood his orders, and would obey them. For a moment he thought the other teen might refuse and try something; but a second later he was nodding his head.

"Alright, I'll accept your deal. Send Mamori-san back first and I'll come with you." As if to prove that he was being sincere the running back sat on the ground, arms and legs crossed. Seeing his determination Rui couldn't help but let a grin slowly spread across his face. Handing the girl off to one of his guys he nodded as they took her over to a bike and sat her down on it, untying her. Giving her a helmet the young woman looked as though she might refuse and run back to the sitting teen.

"Mamori-san, I will be alright. There are others who are worried about you, you should return to them." They were brave words coming from someone who was beginning to shake. But the young woman only smiled, nodded, and let the delinquents take her back to her school. As soon as she was gone from his sight the teen's shakes seemed to get worse.

"Eyeshield, as soon as my crew let's me know she's safe, you'll come with me without a fight; right?" Jumping up from his position on the ground the teen nodded, though it was hard to tell in that large helmet of his. The eyeshield he was famous for didn't help things either. Rui couldn't see his eyes or his facial expression, so he couldn't tell what the running back was thinking or perhaps planning. They stood in silence for a moment or two and it seemed like the teen was about to say something when Rui's phone suddenly rang. Reaching into his pocket the golden eyed teen flipped the phone open and brought it to his ear.

"Boss, we did what ya told us; the broad is back at Deimon." Nodding he turned to Eyeshield and threw the phone his way. The young man almost dropped it in his nervousness and confusion, something Rui thought was kind of cute.

"There. They'll let you talk to your Manager to let you know she's safe." Holding the phone up to his ear the teen seemed startled for a moment. A moment passed and he seemed to be thinking something over before he lifted his head to reply.

"They honored their part of the deal so I will honor mine. I won't run away." Pulling the cell away from his helmet he slowly closed the phone, cutting off whatever the woman on the other end was trying to say. Holding it out to the older teen he waited until the Zokugaku's Captain took it before he pulled his arm away. This made the yellow eyed teen surprised. It wasn't often that he was wrong about someone's character, and he was certain that the teen was a coward, yet here he was allowing himself to get captured. The kid had guts; something Rui could appreciate.

"Good decision." Turning he walked behind the makeshift seat and grabbed his bike. Kicking the stand up he rolled it over to Deimon's Running Back and inclined his head toward it. Swinging a leg over he straddled the bike, put the key into the ignition, and grinned as his beauty came to life. Revving the engine a couple of times he looked at the short teen and had to hide a grin. The way he was standing suggested he did Not want to get on the bike.

"We had a deal, so get on the bike." Eyeshield, who had obviously never ridden a motor bike before, gingerly came closer and slid onto the back. For a moment he sat squirming, trying to get used to the feeling. Habashira waited calmly for a moment before he turned to look down at the smaller teen.

"Arms around my waist or you'll fall off." For a brief moment he saw the teen hesitate. Slowly he reached around and held Rui's waist tightly. The yellow eyed Captain could tell that the other teen was shaking in his cleats, but that didn't stop him from squealing tires and peeling out of there with a triumphant whoop.

"Even you can't run as fast as my partner here." Turning to glance back at Eyeshield he gave a prideful grin before turning back to watch the road. He could feel the other teen hold tighter to him, either in fear or surprise, and did a short wheely before speeding off toward their destination.

They had successfully captured Eyeshield 21.