Everyday after practice Hiruma would hurry to the hospital. All of the receptionists and doctors there knew him, as did a lot of the patients. Considering the fact that he was the most terrifying person Dr. Kenichi had ever met it seemed that he was actually very kind to Kobayakawa Sena.

It had been at least one month since Sena had been admitted to Toriyama Hospital. Though his body was doing well hiw mind still seemed to be strained. When a male nurse had come into the room, the usual nurse was away sick, the honey eyed teen began shaking and couldn t stop until the man was ordered out.

Staring out the window, a book of football strategies open on his lap, Sena sighed. It was late in the afternoon and he had been waiting for Hiruma for thirty minutes now. Knocking brought him out of his thoughts and he turned toward the door.

"Come in." He knew it wasn't Hiruma, the blonde never knocked, but he was hoping it might be another of his teammates. Togano brought him manga, Monta told him all the crazy training they had done, and Mamori always came to coddle him. But as the door opened his body became stiff, his mind couldn t focus, and he began to tremble.

"H-habashira-san." No longer would he call the Zokugaku leader by his first name. The betrayal was still fresh in his mind and the pain was too much for his innocent heart.

"Sena... I came to apologize. One of my contacts was able to lure Hiruma away for a while, so that I could talk with you." The older teen could tell that this was hard on Deimon's running back. Spying a chair he pulled it away from the bed a ways and sat down, so he would seem less imposing. Insane didn t even describe the way Hiruma had become after Sena was put in the hospital. Only those who were thouroughly screened were allowed to visit, Juumonji was only allowed to be there with someone else; like Mamori. It was a miracle that Rui was even in the hospital, let alone speaking with Sena.

"I know you... probably don't want to see me. And I know that you... most likely hate me. But I had to come here. Not for your forgiveness, I do not dare ask that of you. I only want to say how sorry I am. I never clued you in to the true meaning behind my plan to capture you. It was stupid of me to think that I could continue to fool you, and my school. I just wish I could have protected you from this; that is all." Rising from the chair the elder teen smiled sadly then turned to go. For a moment silence rang through the room until his hand was on the door knob.

"thank you..." Whipping around he stared at the brown haired teen sitting on the bed. There was almost a look of peace on his face. Knowing that he would get nothing else from the Deimon s running back he sighed, smiled, then nodded. After that he was gone.

In the hall Hiruma waited, standing next to the door in case something happened. Of course he hadn't fallen for the fucking Chameleon's trick. What did that bastard take him for? Hearing the exchange he felt rage well up from the pit of his stomache. It took everything the demon commander had to keep himself rooted to the spot. Finally when he heard the door open he let out the breath he hadn't realized he was holding. For a moment he thought that Habashira might try to run, but as tense as he was to see Hiruma standing outside the door he knew it was futile to try and escape. Closing the door gently he turned to look at the blonde demon, his throat going dry. No one had ever been able to make him feel fear the way Yoichi did.

"So you heard everything then. That means you know I didn't do anything to him and I won't have anything to do with him from now on. You win Yoichi, at least make sure he's happy." A slight blush and curt nod was all that Rui recieved before the demon pointed a gun at him with a glare.

"Now get out. As long as Sena is here, even if you are on the brink of death, I will make sure they take you to another hospital. Consider this your only warning." Stiffly the leader of the Zokugaku chameleons turned around, began to walk, and didn t look back.

Finally, when he could no longer see the white Zokugaku coat, Hiruma s shoulders relaxed. Putting the gun he had hid at his side away he shouldered his backpack and walked into the room. For a moment Sena seemed startled but when he saw Deimon,s quarter-back he smiled brightly.

"Yoichi, you're late." Every time he heard the honey eyed running back call his first name his heart raced faster. Recently, since Sena had been away from school so long, he had been tutoring him. It was surprising what results one could get when your victim could not run away.

"Hey Sena."

At school Juumonji was getting more frustrated by the day. He was certain that Hiruma knew he liked Sena and only allowed him in the hospital with other team members. Biting on his lip he finished doing a few more laps before glancing over at the captain. For the last week or so he had been smiling, actually smiling not his usual smug grin, and the eldest Hah brother knew it had to do with Sena. Fortunately their manager had to do some personal errends that day and hadn t told anyone except him. She had politely asked him to bring Sena some of his things, so he wouldn't get bored. At first he had tried to play it as if he couldn t care less, but when she said she would ask someone else to do it if he wasn t interested he had panicked.

"No, you know what, it's cool. I forgot I have some classwork to take to him as well. It'll kill two birds with one stone." It took her almost a full minute of hmming and haing. Finally she thrust the stuff at his chest, barely giving him time to catch it. When she was gone he began to smile. It was his only chance to have a solo visit with Sena. Excitement flowed through his body like a drug and he almost began to grin like an idiot. Luckily he had practice at making a scowling face, otherwise Hiruma might guess there was something up.

Checking in at the hospital he was surprised when no one noticed him. It seemed that Hiruma had forgotten to tell the security he wasn't allowed to visit Sena alone. Signing the sheet at the front reception he chatted with the woman sitting there. She had been the one to see him bring in Sena the first night. Picking up his bag, and the things Mamori had given him, he hurried to the room they kept the running back.

"Knock knock, Sena it's just me." The doctor had told them a while ago that the teen's psyche was still a little damaged so they were not allowed to surprise him. Knocking and being loud at the door where good ways to let him know someone was coming to visit.

"Oh, hello Juumonji-kun, no Mamori-nee-san today?" Smiling he sat in the chair and scooted closer.

"Nah, she had a few important things to do today. But she wanted me to give you this." Placing the bag on the bed he smiled as his team mate sifted through it's contents. Grinning he pulled out a game boy and waved it at the scarred teen beside him.

"She knows I can t go without this for long. A calm silence fell and they sat in each other s presence.

"Um, Sena. There s a question I ve been meaning to ask you... He knew he shouldn t do it. It could break Sena, it could make Hiruma kill him, it could do a lot of things. But he did it anyway.

"Oh, what is it?" Taking a deep breath he just spat it out, hoping it wouldn t be unintelligable.

"Since you were with Habashira and all, does that mean you re That way? I mean you know, That way. As in batting for the other team?" Sena stared at him for a moment, his eyes not seeming to comprehend.

"If you're asking if I betrayed our team then no. I don't get the batting part though, there are no bats in Football." Juumonji felt his whole body shake with supressed laughter at Sena's confusion. Of course it was probably due to his botched question but the tension slowly left him and he decided to try again.

"I meant, are you into guys? Do you prefer guys over girls." That seemed to get through as the brown haired teen began to blush heavily.

"u-um I-i-i, uh. Y-yeah. Looking down his hands clenched the blanket and he closed his eyes tightly. Gently the scarred teen lifted the boys face and waited for him to open his eyes. Slowly he brought his face closer until they were almost touching.

"Sena. You don t know how long I have liked you. With your small body and cute innocence you make friends with everyone so easily. But I want us to be more than that..." Bringing their lips together he was slow and gentle, not wanting to spook him into running away. He could feel how tense the other teen was and began to regret his decision. Pulling back he could feel his heart racing. Looking down at the honey eyed teen he noticed the fast breathing and let go immediately.

"Sena, I uh, I m so sorry. I Shouldn t have come here today... About to leave he stopped when a hand touched his. Almost afraid he looked down apprehensively into those innocent eyes.

"Don t be sorry, if you like someone you like them. But I... I like someone else. Please, let's stay friends?" The last was almost a plea as those eyes began to fill with tears. Smiling he nodded.

"Of course we can stay friends, friends and team mates. I ll tell everyone you're doing good." After seeing Sena smile, and making sure he was okay, Juumonji left the room. Closing the door he leaned against it with a sigh. His heart felt like it had shattered into a thousand pieces, but he knew that it would probably end this way.

"Satisfied now?" Lurching away from the wall his blood ran cold in his viens at that voice. He should have suspected that the Demon commander would know Mamori s plans. So why had he been able to get into the room?

"Looks like I was rejected. Is that why you let me in? So I would know I had no chance?" Uncrossing his arms Hiruma sighed and leaned against the wall, nonchalantly of course.

"I wanted to tie up all loose ends, but only if it wasn't a threat to Myrunning back." Juumonji took note of the possesive way he talked about Sena.

"So, that's it huh. The whole thing was a plan so that you could have him for yourself. Sometimes you terrify me with your shrewdness. Just be sure to protect him. I don t ever want to see him in that shape again!" Storming off, or at least pretending to, he left the hospital only looking back once with a sigh of defeat.

Finally all of the obstacles were gone. It had been hard on him from the beginning of the whole mess. Though all of it was his own damn fault. If he had never felt the need to challenge his old rival nothing would have happened to his precious running back. The guilt he felt when he first spilled his guts to the chibi had only been washed away with that smile. From now on, that would probably be the only way to wash his sins clean.

Opening the door he closed it behind him, locking it quietly. Sena smiled at him, that bright sunlit smile that seemed to melt away the darkness in him. Walking over to the hospital bed he sat down and pulled the chibi into his arms.

"Sorry I m late, I see you had a visitor." Looking down into those eyes made him grin.

"It was only a friend. He brought me stuff from Mamori-nee-san. Ne, Yoichi?" The blonde ran his hand down the chibi s hair, feeling calm now that they were alone.

"What is it Chibi?" No longer an insult it was a good pet name for his running back.

"Will you, always be there to protect me?" Heart stopping he sucked in his breath for amoment, wondering if the honey eyed teen had heard him talking while he had been asleep.

"Of course, why?" With a cute grin his Chibi leaned forward and kissed him timidly.

"Because... I always want you to be..." A blush covered his ears, face, and chest as he replied.

"Then I always will. Now stop being cute before I ravish you."

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