He quit. It was probably the best job he'd ever get but he quit. The job and the happiness he got from doing it didn't mean anything to him without Robin there to share it. He tried to call her, tell her over the phone because he knew she wouldn't come to see him. She didn't pick up. He tried to catch her down at the bar. She was never there. He tried 'accidentally' bumping into her down at the studio. She'd walk the other way. So he camped outside of her friend Ted's apartment. Robin never came but he convinced Ted to get Robin to talk to him.

So for two weeks, he waited for her. In the meantime he got a new job, it was only as a researcher but better than nothing. He got a new apartment because his old one held too many bad memories. And, more than anything, he planned out how to win her back.

So when she came over during the second week he was more than ready. Well, he was until she denied him. See, in all of his plans, she accepted him and they'd kiss and everything would be perfect, just as they were before. Never did he think she would say 'No'.

His mind went blank.

She looked upset, but nowhere near as upset as him. He'd explained that he gave up the job for her. He explained why he bought the new apartment. He explained the new job. But she wasn't having any of it. She told him that she couldn't be sure he wouldn't do it again.

And all through her feeble attempts to persuade him to let them stay friends, all he could think was, 'Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda.'.

She could stay with him. He'd just have to try a little harder. Beg her to understand. And she would, because she's Robin. It wasn't even like she had a boyfriend. She could.

A tear escaped his eye.

She would stay with him. Of course she would. He loved her, she loved him. He would do anything. She would.

She should stay with him. They were meant to be. They'd slowly rise to the top and be a man and wife reporting team. People would love them. She should.

Robin only looked down at the once strong and proud man. He was nothing but a defeated shell of the man he was.

"Don, please say something. Please."

"I love you Robin." With that he got up and turned to what was supposed to be their bedroom. "Coulda, woulda, shoulda" he muttered to himself as he dozed off into a restless slumber.