Len Kagamine likes bananas.

No, scratch that, he loves them.

He loves his banana above all things.

No kidding.

But there might be something else he loves more than bananas.

Or should I say, it's a 'someone'?

Okay, I should stop and continue on with the story. . . .

The Vocaloid Household has been out of food and money ever since 3 days ago.

The only food left were: Leeks and Bananas.

Len was pleased that he managed to keep a bundle of bananas for him to eat while the others refused to eat any (meaning Leeks and Bananas) and suffered from hunger.

Well, they didn't actually refuse to eat, Len has been refusing to give his precious bananas to his so-called-close-friends. (They didn't want to eat Leeks because they think it's disgusting.)

Kaito, Meiko and Luka have been begging Len to give them bananas.

But did he?

Of course not.

He loves his precious bananas over anything.

They even tried to give their belongings just for his bananas.

But did he?

Of course not.

He love his precious bananas over anything.

While the others were begging Len for his bananas, Rin and Miku have been eating Leeks ever since.

But apparently, today, Rin got sick of these Leeks.

"Really, Miku, How could you like these!" Rin said as she threw her piece of leek back to the plate.

"It's really good, that's why!" Miku replied, while munching on her leeks.

"I really miss my oranges. . . ." Rin daydreamed for the 3rd time of the day. Oranges were the only thing that she could ever think of that day.


There was an akward silence when suddenly. . .

A Loud Grumble was heard.

They all looked at each other. (Except for Miku, who was still munching on her leeks.)

"Oh- Uh, Sorry." Rin managed to mumble after the loud grumble her stomach made and the blush she was trying to hide.

"You want Leeks?" Miku managed to say, while focusing her full attention to her leeks.

"No." Rin replied fast. She obviously didn't want to eat those green things ever again.

Len stared at her.

Rin's hungry and refusing to eat leeks?


Without hesitation, he got one of his bananas, walked to Rin and handed her his precious banana.

But then, he turned around and mumbled something like, "Need to pee" while blushing madly and went to the comfort room almost immediately.

Rin stared at the door he had just walked out from in disbelief.

After a while, she peeled the banana and started to eat.

She made a note to thank Len later when he comes back.

Now, I'm positive that there's someone Len likes above his bananas.


You must be an idiot for not knowing.

First time writing Fluff-stuff.

Sorry for anything wrong!

This was made really fast, my apologies. (And out of boredom, to be honest.)

Disc: I do not own Vocaloid or anything in this story.

Note: Please don't ask me why they're out of money and food. It needed to be, so that the story is made possible, okay.