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Benjamin POV

I was taken away from my daughter. My wife. My life. I must get them back… that is what I thought to myself when the police took me. They didn't give me a trial; they just threw me onto a ship and sent me to Africa to find diamonds in the mines with the other murderers and rapists of England. I was neither of these though. I didn't know why they believed I did. Mrs. Lovett, our dear family friend, and the woman I would have taken to be my bride had she not become married to the pie shop owner, Albert. He died a year after Lucy and I were married. Leaving Mrs. Lovett with a business to run and no man to help her. She ran the pie business underneath my barber shop and family home. We were all very close with each other and Mrs. Lovett would be given everything we owned if something happened to us as long as she took care of Johanna. I missed that woman almost as much as I missed my daughter and wife. But first I had to get out of this hellhole.

After around 15 years of near death experiences which didn't seem to be accidents, they decided I had reformed myself enough to be sent back home to England. I went on a small vessel with 5 other men and a crew to steer the ship. Soon enough there was a violent storm. Our small ship was no match for this hurricane. The ship was soon destroyed. As I sank under the waves, a thought occurred to me: I will never see my daughters face. I will never kiss my wife again. I will never look into Mrs. Lovett's beautiful dark eyes again. And at that thought, I regained my will to live. My strength. I kicked to the surface and found a piece of my ship floating. I gripped it with all of my might and waited for the storm to pass and for a ship to find me.

I floated on that piece of ship for days. I grew incredibly thirsty and hungry. I wondered if I would have been better off if I would have sunk to my death. It would have been faster that way. I wouldn't have had to drag it out for so long. I forgot who I was. All I remembered was Johanna and my Lucy. She was beautiful with yellow hair. I knew that much. My name didn't matter. All that mattered was getting back to them. I needed to see them. To tell them I loved them. To hold my baby daughter in my arms and know that she would have a father at last. Wait. I must remember that she isn't my baby daughter anymore. She is… how many years have I been floating here? Not years I must remember. I was in Africa for years. How many? How long? While in my thoughts I noticed something on the horizon coming in my direction. As it came closer I tried to remember who I was. Benjamin Barker. That was it. But he didn't feel like who I am. That man died on the boat back to England. The object on the horizon became a ship and I waved my arms trying to catch its attention. A young boy onboard saw me and threw down a rope. As they pulled me on board he told me his name as Antony. This young man had saved my life. He asked me my name. The answer wasn't my birth name. it came to easily to my lips. Sweeney Todd. He wasn't afraid of death. He had spit in deaths face and walked away. Was it fate that the ship had rescued me was headed to London? I know that not. All I know is that I am Sweeney Todd, my Lucy has yellow hair, my daughter is Johanna, and I live in Fleet Street. That is where I would go. Lucy wouldn't leave Mrs. Lovett or our home.

We arrived in London after about a week on that ship. Antony stood next to me as I looked onto the port. "There's no place like London." He said to me. I looked at the dismal London in front of me and responded "is there no sunlight here? London as I knew it was a beautiful sunny and light place. This is all… dark. Dreary. Not like my home." Antony looked at me peculiarly and said "Mr. Todd, have you not heard the tale of the barber? Stolen from his family and sent away? According to the storytellers, London has not seen the sun since that day." Could this boy know what happened to me? I was amazed. "Antony, what was this barber's name?" at that point we docked and Antony and I had to depart. "Mr. Todd sir, will I ever see you again?" I liked this boy and I owed him my life, so I responded "If you wish, you can find me on Fleet Street"

We departed and I walked through the depressing streets of my once beautiful town of London. This town wasn't mine anymore. It used to be a sailor came off a boat to wives and daughters awaiting their husbands. You saw a face on the street and you gave a joyous hello. Now these paved roads were nearly empty. The faces you saw were filled with worry and apprehension. No one awaited these sailors when they docked. I realized in the 15 or so years I was gone, London had undergone the worst change imaginable to me. I must find my Lucy. I must find my daughter. I didn't want this London to have made them damp, dark, and cold.

I arrived to Fleet Street. I found Mrs. Lovett's store. The upstairs seemed dreary and abandoned from the ground. I walked in and saw Her. Was this my Lucy? No. it couldn't be. This woman had beautiful dark eyes and raven hair. Not my Lucy. This was Mrs. Lovett. She didn't notice my arrival at first and seemed to be signing to herself. She looked at me and seemed shocked to have a customer. The smell in the shop was absolutely revolting. Something similar to mildew and rotting meat. She sat me down in a chair and served me some ale and a slightly rotten looking meat pie. She kept singing to herself about the worst pies in London. I took a small bite.

The taste of this pie… if you could call it a pie. There was nothing pleasant about it. It had a gritty texture. As if there were bits of sand it in. the taste… I had eaten rotten raw fish in Africa. Their taste was much more pleasant than this pie. I put it down trying to keep my face plain as to not hurt this angel's feelings. I gulped down my ale. It did next to nothing to get that taste out of my mouth. I looked down at the pie and a roach crawled out. She came over to me and took my hand. It was the first pleasant touch I had from another person in years. She took me into the back. This was the part of the building that was living quarters, along with the upstairs that was also my barber shop. Lucy, my daughter, Mrs. Lovett and I shared this small abode. We were comfortable, happy. Until that fateful day. Mrs. Lovett gave me some gin and said "I am sorry about that. I have the worst pies in London. Times is hard and I can't get much." I noticed she didn't recognize me. That could be a good thing. I said to her "If times is hard, why don't you rent out that top part of your shop?" she looked at me with tears in her eyes and said "sir I do beg your pardon. You have heard the story of the bride, the baby, and the barber have you not?"