Abidos was waiting.

He had promised Judai he would wait one hundred years for him to come, and so he would. It was a sad thought that Judai had to die to be able to come to Abidos' palace high up in the heavens, but at the very least it gave Abidos something to look forward to, in a world where everything always looked the same and nothing really happened.

Judai had promised he would come, had he not? And Abidos had promised he would wait.

He sat in his luxurious palace all day, servants constantly surrounding him and doing their best to keep him occupied. They did not succeed; Abidos was not bored, but he did nothing but sit still on his throne and think. Earlier, Abidos would have killed or banished his slaves for their uselessness but Judai had made him think differently. Judai had not said it aloud, but the whole point of his disobedient behavior was that Abidos' servants were afraid of winning over him, afraid that if they did they would be killed.

Judai had taken him by surprise to say the least. After a lifetime of duels where his opponents did not give their all, lost on purpose and lied to him… and then Judai had showed up and completely crushed him in a duel. It was shocking, but it brought him back to his senses.

"Dueling is only fun if you're giving it all you've got!"

The faint echo of Judai's words brought a smile to Abidos' face.

Abidos had taken the young boy's hand and begged him to come with him, so they could duel again and again. Perhaps Abidos could learn a thing or two from Judai; perhaps one day he could even win in a duel against him. It would be amazing.

But Judai had refused, at least for now. Abidos was not used to people not doing what he wanted them to, but for some reason it was okay when Judai did it. He had this aura of childlike innocence around him which made Abidos think the brunet simply didn't know how to behave around royalties.

Compared to 3000 years, another 100 was a blink of time. But it still was a long wait.

Meanwhile, back in Duel Academy, if you looked underneath the bed of the single student left in the Osiris Red dorm there was an old carton box filled with treasures belonging to that single student.

There was a medallion which once had been split in two, a gauntlet belonging to a tiger in human shape, several cards he had removed from his deck in order to replace them with new ones, even though he didn't have the heart to actually get rid of the old ones. And among all those things lay a headband in gold, complete with the Eye of Wdjat and wings on either side of it.

Despite what others may have thought, Judai did not forget. He would meet Abidos when he died, and he looked forward to it. He would meet Abidos up in the heavens, and Yubel would probably come too. Hopefully the two of them would get along.

Can you imagine the feeling of meeting an old friend again after 100 years?

A/N: I'm currently re-watching the first season of GX (in Japanese this time ^^") and it's so much fun because I keep finding plotholes and sidestories you can write fics about... other than that, I really like Abidos. And his voice. (You know it's the same guy who did Light in Death Note and Death the Kid in Soul Eater, right? :D So frickin' awesome.)