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Author Note: Soooo this story was inspired by drabble night and encouraged by Velvet. It's going to be a collection of drabble type things, which will hopefully mean that I can update it every few days...hopefully. It's supposed to be slightly ridiculous, and slightly romantic, and slightly just 'what the hell'. Which is what most of my stories are like anyway, lol. Well, enjoy!

"Keh, your friend is back, Kagome," Inuyasha snorted, his eyes closed and his arms folded as they walked their path at a pace just a little too fast to be called leisurely.

Miroku chuckled as Sango groaned, shaking her head in a tired sort of way.

Kagome merely sighed and gave the sky an accusing look. Again?

She couldn't remember exactly when it had started happening, since at the time it seemed as though it were purely an accident, but it had been happening more and more as of late. Now, however, Kagome Higurashi had her suspicions that the universe was playing a very elaborate trick on her. One that she did not find funny in the least.

Neither did Sesshoumaru.

"Ah-Un, you need to stop following me," she admonished the dragon as it came trotting towards her. Both heads gave her a blank, hopeful look that said, food? Scratchies and food? We love Kagome, we follow her everywhere...food?

Rolling her eyes, Kagome pulled out two handfuls of baby carrots and offered them to her scaly friends. There was no use resisting ⎯ they knew she had them and they knew she would give in eventually.

"Maybe they wouldn't follow you so much if you didn't feed them, idiot," Inuyasha said, his tone gruff. He walked over to her and gave the dragon a disgusted sort of sneer.

"But they look so happy when I do," she whined. "Besides, they were following me way before I ever gave them carrots, right Ah-Un?"

Ah lifted his head and snorted at Inuyasha while Un took the opportunity to steal one of his brother's carrots.

"I wonder how long it will be before he shows up this time," Sango sighed, coming over to absentmindedly pat the giant lizard. They had figured out that the sooner they stopped moving once Ah-Un found them, the sooner its master would come to claim them. At times they were almost grateful when the dragon showed up; it forced Inuyasha to let them take a break.

"Who knows, I just hope he's in a better mood this time," Kagome grouched. "I mean, it's not my fault he can't keep better track of his pets."

"Miko, still your tongue," Sesshoumaru's harsh, biting tone assaulted her ears.

Beside her, Inuyasha growled.

Ahahaha, she thought nervously, her eyes immediately fixing on the imposing figure approaching her. I'm so dead. Deader than dead. I'm fertilizer.

"Sesshoumaru-sama," she bowed deeply, "I, uh, didn't see you there."

"Hn," was all he said, his eyes narrowing as he grabbed Ah-Un's bridle and sharply tugged them away from the girl.

"You got your lizard, now get outta here," Inuyasha spat, stepping in front of Kagome. "I don't know why it's always followin' us, but it sure is getting on my nerves!"

"Half-breed, your existence wears on mine," he said arrogantly. And with that, he turned on his heel and led the oblivious dragon away.

The rest of the group merely shrugged and started walking once again, but Kagome lingered for a moment, watching the demon lord and her unconventional friends disappear into the distance.