"Looks like your father's here to pick you up," Kagome told Ah-Un in a mock-motherly tone when she spotted the brilliantly white-clad figure approaching in the distance. Un, who was resting his head in Kagome's lap, yawned while his brother huffed and nudged Un impatiently.

They're like two completely different people, Kagome mused as she watched the two heads nip and growl at each other. Ah finally caught ahold of Un's ear and forced his brother into submission.

"Now, you two play nice," she scolded as Sesshoumaru finally reached them, stopping a few feet away and looking bored and indifferent to the world and everything in it. "And be good for daddy, no eating any tasty children until you've finished your vegetables or you'll spoil your appetite. I don't want any late night calls telling me you've been misbehaving, I raised you better than that, you hear?"

The woman has gone mad, Sesshoumaru thought to himself, his eyes widening a fraction. Kagome caught his gaze and had the distinct impression that she was making a fool of herself, but frankly she didn't care.

"Come," the taiyoukai commanded, and the dragon immediately obeyed.

"Could I...could I walk with you for a bit?" Kagome asked hesitantly. "These three aren't much company," she expanded, thrusting a thumb at the pile of slumbering companions behind her, "and Inuyasha and Miroku won't be back for awhile."

Sesshoumaru's gaze lingered on her for a very long moment before he abruptly turned away, shrugging lightly. "Do as you wish, miko."

Translating that to, 'sure, whatever, crazy-face,' Kagome scrambled to her feet and jogged to catch up to the already retreating lord and his pet. Both Ah and Un began making excited grunting noises when they noticed her following, Un extending his head to lick her face.

"Ew! Oh, er, I mean...thanks," Kagome plastered a fake smile on her face as she wiped dragon saliva off of her cheek. It felt like a slimy fish and smelled like one too. Awesome, she griped.

"How come they only do that to me?" The priestess huffed. "How come I'm the only one who gets slobbered on like some- some...dragon-popsicle?"

Dragon-popsicles, they'll set your taste buds on fire! Now miko-flavored for that extra kick, a fake advertisement ran in her head, at which point Kagome seriously decided that she needed to rent some self-help books from the library when she got home.

Sesshoumaru glanced at her out of the corner of his golden eyes, his stare intense and unnerving until they darted back to the path in front of him. "Perhaps you taste good, miko. I, unfortunately, can neither confirm or deny this hypothesis."

Kagome's mind short circuited for a moment, the gears in her head coming to a resolute halt before painfully clanking back into motion. "Uh…" She stammered, barely catching the minute smirk on his icy lips.

He's making fun of me! Well, two can play at that game, Kagome thought mischievously.

Raising her arm in silent offering, the miko innocently asked, "want a lick?"