5D's Girls

They are the 5D's girls,
they've seen it all.
They've see one rise,
they've seen one fall.

A girl with red,
a girl with blue,
a girl with black,
a green-haired too!

One with a heart of gold.
One whose heart is very cold.
One whose powers can go mad,
and one who's pushy, just a tad.

They've all been in darkness,
the pit of despair.
But they rose above it,
with hardly a care.

One fell into darkness,
but was later revived.
But she still doesn't remember,
how she survived!

One had the power,
to blast all away.
That is, until,
she met Yusei.

One was a girl,
odd sort of few.
Heart like a tiger,
her hair dark blue.

One was a girl,
no older than twelve.
She beat the dark signers,
sang like a bell.

They are the 5D's girls,
and sometimes detest.
But you can't beat them,
they're the best!

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