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Blaine wasn't very surprised when Nick and Jeff seemed to support his plan immediately. Still, he was quite grateful as well. The other guys proved to be a little more difficult to convince.

"Why should we serenade the competition?" a younger Warbler asked, clearly confused. "Are we trying to catch them off guard so their performance won't be as good as they planned?"

"No, we're not serenading the competition," Wes replied. "Sorry, Blaine, but that's one of the most ridiculous idea you've ever had."

"But Kurt's coming here after Sectionals!" Nick exclaimed. "It'll be like our welcome for him!"

"Kurt's coming here after Sectionals?" David repeated, and Blaine shot Jeff a dirty look. If he hadn't told Nick… Then again, he must've been quite an idiot himself for believing that Jeff would keep something like this from his best friend. "So that's official?"

"Yeah, it is," Blaine confirmed. "Well, his dad's going to look into everything and handle the transfer as soon as possible. If everything goes right, Kurt should start here some time next week."

"But he's still competing?" Wes asked curiously.

"As far as I know, he is," Blaine responded. "His friends don't know yet. And the reason he's only transferring here next week is because he didn't want to bail on his friends right before Sectionals."

"At least we can see for ourselves if he's possible Warblers material," Thad remarked, shooting his fellow council members a questioning look.

"The song is rather inappropriate to serenade a potential new member with, though," Wes said, turning back to Blaine.

"Then again, Blaine will probably sing the song to the guy anyway even if you don't allow him to," Trent butted into the conversation. When Wes shot him a slightly annoyed glance, he just shrugged.

"We'll get back to you on this," Wes decided after a few seconds. When Blaine walked out of the rehearsal room, past Wes, the council member said, "I'm starting to regret letting you keep both those solos, to be honest."

Blaine just smiled back uneasily, because honestly, what was he supposed to say to that?


Saturday arrived sooner than Blaine had expected, and he was currently torn between feeling nervous about the competition and feeling happy about seeing Kurt again. That, however, led him to thinking about telling Kurt's friends about both their relationship and Kurt's transfer, which made him nervous again.

When they arrived at the venue, Blaine shot Kurt a quick text to wish him good luck. After all, Wes had made it clear that once they entered the venue, their phones should be turned off because they needed to concentrate. They were all herded towards their green room, where Wes made some last-minute announcements and gave them a pep talk.

Far too soon, they were finding their places in the audience, ready to see what the Hipsters would perform. Blaine looked around the audience, but couldn't seem to find Kurt or any other New Directions members, which was kind of odd – after all, apart from the Warblers, they must be the only group of teenagers all dressed the same way.

The song the Hipsters performed was nice to hear, Blaine thought, but it wasn't really show choir material. The Hipsters were a choir, yes, but Blaine failed to see the 'show' aspect of their title. They stood even stiller than the Warblers were used to standing, and that was saying quite something.

Suddenly, Blaine saw something moving out of the corner of his eye – Rachel came walking in hastily, and Blaine's eyes followed her to where she was headed. He'd now found New Directions, but Kurt was probably sitting in the middle of the group.

When the song ended, Blaine clapped along politely with the rest of the audience, before being herded out by Wes. This was it.

As they entered their greenroom, it was in a flurry of movements, and soon enough, they were on stage, waiting for the curtain to open. Eventually, it did, and while the rest of the Warblers started harmonising, Blaine tried to find Kurt. Again, he had no such luck.

Only when they were almost at the first chorus, Blaine caught his boyfriend's eyes, and he could just feel his smile widen. Kurt eyed Blaine curiously as the latter sang Teenage Dream as he had never sung the song before. The rest of the Warblers seemed to notice Blaine's extra energy; they, too, started moving less stiffly. At the end of the song, everyone was clapping much louder than they had for the Hipsters, which, Blaine supposed, was great. He grinned when he saw that Kurt had jumped up, and some other New Directions members had followed his lead.

Then, it was time for the next song, and while Blaine wasn't sure if Hey, Soul Sister was a good song to serenade someone with, he made sure to glance at Kurt every now and then. He'd never appreciated the role of the lead singer as much as he did now; besides, he loved the stage, he realised now. Smiling broadly, the Warblers finished, and now, nearly everyone in the audience got up to applaud them.

"That was amazing," Jeff remarked the second he stepped back into the greenroom. "If we don't win this thing… the votes were rigged, I'm telling you."

"Who could've known about the extra impulse Kurt's mere presence could give Blaine here?" David added, grinning. "No, great job, everyone."

"Fantastic job," Wes said. "Now, we've got about twenty minutes before New Directions has to perform, so if you want to get a drink or need to use the restroom, you can do so now. In fifteen minutes, we're going back to our seats."

Figuring that the bar area would be his best bet to run into Kurt, Blaine made his way there. He hadn't counted on all the other people from the audience going there as well now, leaving Blaine to look around frantically for any sign of his boyfriend or another New Directions member.

He couldn't even make his way through the people quickly, as various people complimented him on his performance. Still, he felt glad that they'd liked it enough to keep him standing so they could tell him just that. Most people moved along rather quickly, but Kurt was still nowhere to be seen.

That was, until another person tapped him on the shoulder and said, "You were great up there! Really, amazing."

Blaine could've kissed him, or even just hugged him, but figured that that might not be the smartest idea, considering the fact that they were in public. So instead, he settled for a, "Hey!"

Kurt smiled back. "Hey."

"Shouldn't you be in your greenroom right now, preparing for your own performance?" Blaine asked, and Kurt sighed.

"They're fighting again," he replied. "Rachel found out recently that Finn slept with Santana last year – they weren't together at the time, but he told her earlier this year that he hadn't slept with Santana – and Artie and Tina think that Brittany and Mike are cheating on them with each other. To top it all off, Quinn's completely stressed out because the last time she was on stage for a competition, her water broke right after."

"Uh." Blaine frowned. "Explain that to me later, okay?"

"Of course," Kurt promised, before smirking. "So, I'm your teenage dream?"

Blaine laughed awkwardly, ducking his head, before nodding. "Of course. What did you think?"

"I don't know," Kurt responded, shrugging. "Just – you know. Since we're not exactly at that stage…"

"That doesn't mean you don't make me feel like I'm living a teenage dream," Blaine said. "Anyway, are you ready to drop the bombs later? The Warblers kind of already know. About the transfer, that is, though I wouldn't doubt that the other thing is also common knowledge at Dalton by now."

"You can't keep anything a secret, can you?" Kurt asked, sounding slightly exasperated. Still, he was smiling.

"My friends are just too curious," Blaine retorted.

"We should tell your parents, too," Kurt suddenly said, and Blaine stilled.

"They're not around right now," he replied. "They'll be back from wherever they are around Christmas."

Kurt nodded in understanding. "Okay," he said. "Then we'll tell them when they're back."

Knowing that there was no way of getting out of this, Blaine consented. When Kurt suddenly realised that he should really be getting back to the greenroom, Blaine quickly wished him good luck and watched him go, before making his way towards his own greenroom.

Once everyone was seated again, the final Glee club of the day was announced, but no one was on stage. According to Wes and David, this was a typical New Directions tactic – whoever had a solo would come in through the back, and then the rest of the group would either follow or be standing behind the curtain already.

They ended up being right – Sam and Quinn came in through the back, singing a sugary sweet version of Time Of My Life that Wes scoffed at. He admitted, though, that it was a smart move to make those two sing this song.

When they reached the stage, the curtains opened, and rest of the group was standing there, moving along. After the song ended and the group had been rewarded with as much applause (if not more) as the Warblers had gotten, it was time for Santana to sing a solo. Blaine felt momentarily confused; he'd really gotten the impression that Rachel usually sung the competition solos – and duets, and basically anything – but she wasn't singing any kind of solo today.

The song was good, though, and Mike and Brittany's dance moves were amazing as well. They were definitely tough competition for the Warblers. The audience made it very clear that they loved them as well, much to Wes' chagrin.

"There's nothing we can do about it now," David reminded his friend when they walked back to where the greenrooms were.

When they all made to head into the Warblers' greenroom, Blaine shuffled on his feet uncomfortably. "I'm just going to… go there," he said, nodding towards where he suspected that the New Directions members were at the moment.

"We'll come," Wes decided, instantly herding all the Warblers out of the room again. "We don't want them to maim you or anything, after all."

"You're not helping, Wes," Blaine pointed out. Soon, they stopped at an open door, and Blaine peeked in.

"Blaine!" That was Rachel. The girl got up from where she was sitting (as far away from both Finn and Santana as possible, Blaine realised) and stalked over towards them, the rest of the group watching curiously. "What are you doing here?" Then, she noticed the other Warblers. "Did you decide to come over and congratulate us already? You were alright, you probably beat the Hipsters, but we were better, even though they wouldn't let me sing."

"No, Rachel, that's not why we're here," Blaine replied cautiously. "May we come in? We already performed, both groups did, so we're not really competition anymore, right?"

"Fine," Rachel stepped aside, and the Warblers huddled in. "Then what are you here for?"

Some of the other New Directions members had gotten up from their seats as well, either to back up Rachel or in order to hear what was being said.

"Well – " Blaine started, unsure of how Kurt wanted this to happen.

"There are some things we need to tell you," Kurt saved him, suddenly standing by his side. "Though, if what I hear is true, the Warblers already know most of what's going on."

"Let me guess," Santana interrupted. She was one of the few people who'd stayed in her seat. "You two are actually doing the dirty and those other prep school boys have walked in on you one too many times."

Blaine stared at the girl, trying to figure out whether she was serious or not.

"No!" Kurt exclaimed, his face adorably red. "We're not… doing the dirty, Santana. But yes, we are – we are dating, if that's what you were implying."

Santana just shrugged, not seeming to interested in the matter, but Rachel pursed her lips. Before she could say anything, though, Puck exclaimed, "Ha! I knew it!"

Finn groaned and reached into his pocket, took out twenty dollars and handed it to Puck. "Wait," Kurt said, alarmed. "You bet on us?"

"Pretty much, yeah. It was pretty damn obvious after the wedding last weekend," Santana said, handing Quinn ten dollars. "What? I'd really expected you to have tapped that already, Kurt."

Both Rachel and Tina were handing cash to Mercedes, and Sam handed both Mike and Artie some money. Kurt shot glared at them.

"I still can't believe you would do that, Kurt," Rachel said. "Especially since you know what happened last year. I know you 'met before the Sectionals competition was revealed', but you didn't have to jump in a relationship like that."

"We didn't – " Kurt started, but Wes interrupted him.

"We weren't too happy about it either, actually," he said, looking from Kurt and Blaine to Rachel. "But we're glad Blaine found someone. And they're no longer competition after this anyway."

"So why did you know?" Mercedes asked Wes before turning to Kurt. "Why did you tell them but not us?"

"I didn't tell them anything," Kurt replied, and Blaine's eyes widened slightly.

"I only told Nick and Jeff because they were planning on driving to McKinley to have a little chat with Kurt about… leading me on, or something. They told the council and somehow, everyone found out."

"We would've been happy for you, you know," Mercedes said. "Well, most of us anyway."

Rachel scoffed at the looks she was getting from her teammates. "I'm happy for them," she protested. "I just don't think it's smart. Who knows how it could've ended – you could've had your heart broken, Kurt, and all our secrets would be spilled and – "

"We don't even talk about Glee club," Kurt said. "Plus, everything worked out fine, didn't it?"

"Yes, it did," Rachel admitted. "We're going to win, after all. And next time, I'm getting the solos I deserve."

"You already did," Santana sneered. "You deserve none, so you got none."

Before Rachel got the chance to fight back, Kurt said, "There's something else I have to tell you." Instinctively, Blaine grabbed his hand, keeping his eyes on Kurt the whole time.

"What is it?" Finn, who'd been silent up until now, asked, sounding slightly suspicious.

Kurt smiled briefly before saying, "McKinley is not exactly… safe. I think we all know that, but… it's getting worse. For me, that is. I know you're trying to help, but you can't always be there, and it's not your battle to fight either. So I will be transferring to Dalton as soon as possible. I didn't want you guys to have to pull out of the competition because of me, so I stayed, but… I can't do it anymore. I'm sorry."

"What do you mean, you're transferring?" Rachel demanded. "You're – what?"

"Why didn't you say anything?" Puck wanted to know. "We would've helped you, you know we would've."

"Does this have to do with Karofsky?" Finn asked. "We'll – "

"No, Finn, Puck," Kurt said. "You don't have to do anything. You shouldn't have had to in the first place. So, I've made up my mind. Dalton is much safer for me. And it's not like I'll never see you anymore."

"Kurt," Mercedes said quietly, and Kurt shot her an apologetic smile.

"We'll need to have a goodbye party," Rachel decided and Blaine knew, somehow, that the final word had not been said yet about the matter. "Tomorrow. My dads probably won't have a problem with it, they know how hard being gay can be. And – "

"Guys, we need to – " New Directions' director came in all of a sudden, and he looked around the greenroom confusedly. "What are the Warblers doing here?"

"That's a very long story, Mr Schue," Rachel instantly replied. "We'll tell you on the way back to school. Have the judges made their decision yet?"

"Yeah, that's what I came here for," the director said. "To come get you."

"Fantastic," Rachel said, striding forward and grabbing Kurt's other arm, before turning to Blaine briefly. "We have a lot of things to discuss, Blaine Warbler. But first, we're going to take that first place trophy home."

As she dragged Kurt away, the rest of New Directions following in their wake, Wes clapped Blaine's shoulder. "That went better than expected, didn't it?"

"I think this was just the top of the iceberg," Blaine muttered back. "Now I'll be getting all those 'don't hurt him' talks and interrogations, and… so will you, probably. From what I hear, Puck's been taking his role as Kurt's personal bodyguard very seriously, and so have the other guys. Plus, if we happen to be invited to that goodbye party or if they decide to randomly show up at Dalton, we'll have to survive the combined craziness of them and Nick and Jeff, and all the others."

"But it's all for a good cause," Wes reminded him, steering him out of the room and towards the backstage area.

Once there, Blaine caught Kurt's eye, and they grinned almost simultaneously. Blaine couldn't help but be immensely grateful for the fact that his car had broken down when it had. It had proven to be a fun ride so far, and Blaine looked forward to see where this relationship would take them.

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