Tonight was the night. He had decided to end it all. Kurt wasn't interested in him. Everyone hated him, all apart from the jerk jocks anyway. He was alone. He didn't deserve to live. Not after all the hurt he caused. So tonight, when his mum and dad were out at a friend's house, he'd get his dad's gun and end it. End the people's suffering.

But before that, he had to get through school. It being his last day, he thought it would be good to do one nice thing for as many people that he hurt as possible. He stepped in front of slushies, took the blow from locker shoves and turned up on time to classes. People began to wonder what had gotten into him. But he wasn't stopping at that. He had one last thing to do until his 'Bucket List' was completed. He had to apologise to Kurt Hummel. So at the end of the day he walked to the choir room. He wasn't going to sing or anything like that, he wanted to apologise not deafen the kid, but he hoped his apology would be enough.

He hoped when he walked in that it would only be him and Kurt in the room, but unfortunately everyone was there and waiting for Mr Schue. They all turned to him, looks of shock, disgust and fear decorated their faces. Best get it over with, he thought to himself.

"Uuhh... Kurt...umm...and actually all of you... but mostly Kurt..."He started to apologise but he was so nervous the words he needed wouldn't come. "I... uhh..." He was cut short but a crowd of angry Gleeks.

"Look if you're here to call us names or try to lure us into a stupid jock prank, then you can forget it! Leave us alone Karofsky!" Mercedes screamed.

"Right, I know, but that's not what I'm hear about" He was nearly there he just needed a few seconds to elaborate before the soprano himself stepped up.

"What then? You here to try and kiss me again!" He paused to let what he had said sink in. The rest of the gang started to scream at him even louder than before and some had to be restrained from punching him. "Look Karofsky! I don't want you! At all! Stay away from me and the rest of Glee!" He looked angry, and it upset him to know that he put that look on his face.

"You think I don't know that!" His booming voice silenced everyone in the room. "You think I don't know that the only person I even remotely care about hates me! Well I do! And it hurts me more than anything! All I came here to do was apologise! This is exactly the reason that I'm gonna-" he stopped, eyes wide. He couldn't believe what he'd just nearly told them. He searched for an escape but they were surrounding him.

"That you're gonna what, Karofsky? Beat the crap out of me? Huh? What?" Kurt was practically screaming.

"Kill myself..." He muttered, so quietly in fact that the whole club nearly missed it. But they didn't. Kurt moved closer to him and began to apologise. "Don't" Karofsky silenced him again, yet this time in hushed tones, "Don't apologise, you don't care, you've made that more than obvious. Just, leave me alone. I'm putting you out of your misery. Be happy or something." With that he turned and left. All of the Gleeks too shocked to stop him.

As Karofsky left the school, with some random kids patting him on the back for being nice and helping them out, he asked himself why he even bothered.

The news the next day told Ohio that Dave Karofsky, troubled teenager killed himself. They gave no reason. The Karofsky family didn't want people to know that their son was a gay. He left no note. Just a sentence on a piece of scrap paper. My Apologies, Kurt.